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Bengal Cat Breeders in Ohio

If you live in Ohio and you’re trying to adopt a Bengal kitten or Bengal cat, your best choice is to go to a breeder.  These are people who specialize in this breed and really understand the personality traits and how to care for them.  If you’re hoping to find a Bengal cat at an animal shelter, you’re out of luck. They are an exotic breed and this makes it extremely unlikely one will ever end up there.

Finding a Bengal cat breeder in Ohio can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you.  We’ve spent hours researching to find all the different Bengal cat breeders in Ohio and below you can see our list.  Use the information below to research and feel free to contact the breeders if you have questions.

Breeder NameCityWebsitePhone Number
Koty KatzStowwww.kotykatz.com330-431-2536
Pouncing Paws BengalsUniontownwww.pouncingpawsbengals.com330-606-9669



Has This Breeder Been Pet Panthers Certified? No

How They Describe Themselves: A-Kerr’s Bengals is a well-established name in the Bengal and cat world. Libbie Kerr founded the cattery in 1989 with her husband, John, in Delaware, Ohio. At that time Bengals were a new and exciting breed and Libbie was at the forefront of their development. Her two sons, Jay and Theo were an essential part of socializing, and caring for the Bengal cats with their parents. Libbie is now retired from the everyday functioning of the cattery but enjoys her pet Bengals, Mira and Rose, as well as an occasional cat show.

Location: CardingtonAssociations: TICA, CFA, TIBCS
Website: AKerrsBengals.comPhone Number: 614-218-0812
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Koty Katz

Has This Breeder Been Pet Panthers Certified? No

How They Describe Themselves: KotyKatz, LLC cattery was established in 2000, after much research. As a breeder, I keep current on the standards of our Bengals through continuing research and by attending TICA and other cat shows. We still have a few of our original breeding Queens laying around the house as spoiled pets. The oldest of them, the wonderful KotyKatz Precious Trinket, is now 18 years of age. Her 5-generation pedigree is filled with many of the older, original Bengals created by the wonderful breed originators Jean Mill (Millwood) and Gene Ducote (Gogees). For me, these original Bengals are constant reminders of how far this breed as advanced over the years. It is absolutely AMAZING.

Location: StowAssociations: TICA, CFA, TIBCS
Website: KotyKatz.comPhone Number: 330-431-2536
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Pouncing Paws Bengals

Has This Breeder Been Pet Panthers Certified? No

How They Describe Themselves: Pouncing Paws Bengals is focused on providing high end Bengal cat or kitten pets and breeders with a goal to improve the Bengal breed by following the breed standard, responsible breeding practices and continual health screening. We will work with you to choose the right cat or kitten for your family, ensuring the right fit for both of you. We allow you to feel confident you have chosen the highest quality cat or kitten the Bengal breed has to offer.

Location: UniontownAssociations: TICA
Website: PouncingPawsBengals.comPhone Number: 330-606-9669
Facebook Page: Visit NowHave a Question? Visit Site

Additional Breeders

Not finding what you want with the Bengal cat breeders in Ohio? Sometimes this happens as most small catteries only have one or two litters per year. If you’re looking to adopt a Bengal kitten or adopt a Bengal cat, you have two choices. First, you can find out from the breeder(s) above when litters are expected and be put on a waiting list. Or, you can contact breeders in other states near you.