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Are Savannah Cats Good Pets?

Because Savannah cats are hybrid animals with both wild serval and domesticated cat parents or ancestors, many often wonder if they are good pets to have. This includes whether Savannah cats get on with kids, and if they get on well with other pets.

Savannah cats are good pets for most households, as they do well with other cats, as well as with dogs. They are also great with kids. Savannah cats, as a breed, tend to be very playful, energetic, and friendly cats, regardless of their generation.

Because of their personality and temperament, Savannah cats are therefore great pets to adopt. However, there are a few things you should know before you even consider adopting a Savannah. Below, we’ll cover the most important things to consider when adopting a Savannah cat.

Savannah Cat Basics

Savannahs are considered to be hybrid cats, as they have wild serval genes. First-generation Savannahs have a serval for a parent, while all other generations have domesticated cat parents and wild serval grandparents or ancestors. So, even later generation Savannahs will always have some form of exotic genes, making them hybrid animals.

Because of this hybrid status, many people wonder how a Savannah cat acts. Are they similar to regular house cats? Do they even look like a house cat, or do they look like a wild animal? For the most part, Savannahs do look like a mix of a wild cat and a domesticated cat. However, they are much larger than your average house cat and are sometimes even more than twice as big as them!

First-generation Savannahs are always going to be bigger and look more like a serval than the later generations. This is also true when it comes to their personality. F1 (first-generation) Savannahs have more personality traits akin to their serval parent than all later generations. While their personality isn’t too different, owners and breeders can tell the difference between generations.

Savannah Cat Personality/Temperament

Many people assume that Savannah cats are hard to train, bad to have as house pets, and unfriendly. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, Savannahs are actually very easy to train (thanks to their smart temperament), wonderful to have as house pets, and are considered to be one of the friendliest cat breeds.

In fact, Savannahs are so friendly that they make great companions to other cats and dogs. That’s right: Savannahs get along with dogs! As long as you give both your Savannah and your dog an introductory period to get to know each other, you should have no issues with your Savannah living in harmony with other dogs in the house. And the same goes for other cats, whether they’re a Savannah or not!

Savannahs are also an incredibly energetic and playful breed. They have a lot of energy. They’re always looking to play, always looking for friends to play with, and will spend their whole day running around if they can. If you’re looking for your Savannah to bond with your other cats or dogs, getting all the animals to play together is a great bonding exercise!

A Savannah’s Dog-Like Personality

Savannahs are so friendly and loyal to their owners that they’ve been dubbed a cat with a dog-like personality. You’ll know your Savannah cat loves and trusts you, as they’ll follow you around the house and be by your side often, much like a loyal dog would. Some Savannahs will also meet their owners at the front door in greeting when they return home!

A Savannah’s dog-like personality also comes out when they are being trained. While all cats can technically be trained, there are some cat breeds that are definitely harder to train for a variety of reasons. Savannahs, however, are actually quite easy to train, as Savannahs are incredibly smart cats.

In fact, Savannahs can even be trained to go on a walk on a leash (and a harness). As Savannahs are also incredibly curious creatures, they love going on walks. They can also be trained to play fetch, just like any dog would! As they love playing, they definitely love playing fetch!

Savannahs And Hunting

One trait that Savannahs get from their wild serval parent or ancestor is their superior hunting ability. While all cat breeds have some level of a hunting instinct, Savannahs really take the cake when it comes to stalking down their prey. They do have exotic genes in them, after all.

Because of their intense need to hunt, it’s highly recommended that Savannahs do not live in the same house as any small animals, such as birds, hamsters, or fish. These smaller animals are considered to be prey to Savannahs, and Savannahs will go out of their way to hunt them if they see them, especially if they’re in their territory.

So, Savannahs are great pets to have and can get along with both dogs and cats. However, they don’t get along with smaller, prey like pets. So, to keep every pet in your house safe and happy, keep these smaller animals out of your household. You don’t want to put those little guys in danger!

Savannah Cats With Other Pets

Because Savannah cats are great with other pets, they make good additions to households with other animals. Always ensure that you give your Savannah and your other pets enough time to really get to know each other at the beginning. This introductory period can take as little as a few days to a few weeks. It really just depends on each animal, so stay patient!

Savannah cats are friendly and very playful. They’ll be curious and want to meet any new pet that comes their way. To help make bonding process easier, try playing with all your animals once they’re used to each other. Savannahs love to play, so they’ll love finding a new friend they can always play with!

Taking all your animals out for leashed walks is also another great way to help your Savannah bond with your other pets, especially with your other Savannahs or other dogs in your household. Savannahs love walks, and they love exploring new areas with their owners by their side, so they’ll also love this bonding experience with other pets!

Savannahs With Kids

Savannahs are very friendly with people, sometimes even with strangers, which makes them good pets to have. However, Savannah cats have also been known to be great with kids, even smaller children, which is always a plus! Slowly introduce your Savannah to children as you would introduce them to other pets. Patience is key!

While they aren’t necessarily lap cats, many Savannahs do love to cuddle from time to time. They also love to play. If your Savannah cat can do these two activities with the kids in your house, it’s almost a given that your cat will bond and love them in no time!

Savannah Cat Needs

While Savannah cats are great pets to have, they can still act out and become destructive if they’re unhappy or not being treated in the way they want to be treated. They have needs that need to be met, just like any other animal. However, because of their exotic genes, when Savannahs act out, they can become very destructive.

Therefore, always ensure that your Savannah is being physically and mentally stimulated each and every day. Savannahs are very energetic and love to play. If they’re not getting enough playtime in, they’ll let you know by becoming destructive. So, put aside enough time every day to exercise your Savannah and play with them!

Of course, ensure that they’re getting enough to eat, have access to clean water always, and always have a clean litter box. They may be hybrids, but they’re still cats! In many ways, especially when it comes to their needs, you can just treat them like a regular (albeit rather large) house cat!

Cat Trees

While Savannah cats are very friendly and love hanging out with other animals and even people, they are still cats. Sometimes they just need their alone time. Even the most loyal, affectionate Savannah needs a space where they can go to be alone. Therefore, cat trees or cat condos are a great investment.

Every Savannah is different when it comes to being alone. Earlier generations tend to have more “loner” personality traits, but it really does depend on the individual cat. While they may be content just leaving the room or hiding under a bed, cat trees tend to be favorites for Savannahs, as it gives them some alone time while also allowing them to survey their territory from up above!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats are known to be incredibly playful, energetic, and friendly pets. They also love meeting new animals and can easily bond with both cats and dogs. Plus, they get along great with kids, even small children! Because of this, Savannahs are great pets to have and can thrive in any household.

However, it’s always worth remembering that Savannahs are hybrid cats. Because of their excellent hunting skills, it’s not recommended that they live in households with smaller pets (such as birds, fish, or hamsters). Savannahs will just consider them their prey and hunt them. Other than that, however, Savannahs make great additions to any home or family!