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The 5 Best Brushes for Savannah Cats

As a pet owner you always want what’s best for your cat, and that includes quality home grooming tools like brushes. Savannah cats, while they are short haired, still need regular brushing to keep their coats healthy. Regular brushing will also help reduce the amount of hair found in your home.

The 5 best brushes for Savannah cats are:

  1. Furminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool
  2. HandsOn All-in-One Pet Grooming Gloves
  3. KONG Cat Zoom Groom Brush
  4. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
  5. BV Double Sided Bristle and Pin Brush

In addition to exploring the best rated brushes, we will discuss what to look for when purchasing a new brush for your Savannah, based on their preferences and coat type. Also, we discuss why regular brushing can greatly benefit your Savannah’s health.

Brushing Your Savannah

All cats inherently shed their fur as it is a natural process of getting rid of old fur and cycling in a new coat. This is most prevalent when there are seasonal changes, even for mainly indoor cats. Another trigger for increased shedding is if your cat spends a lot of time in the sun, and this is referred to as the “photoperiod”.

As your cat changes their coat their fur goes through four different stages, similar to human hair growth. The first three stages are referred to as the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases, where your cat experiences new hair growth, achieves maximum length, followed by a resting period. The last stage is the exogen phase, when your cat’s fur begins to shed, preparing to start the cycle again.

Grooming Themselves

During this phase of shedding your Savannah will make efforts to groom themselves by licking their fur with their rough comb-like tongue. If you have ever had your Savannah lick you, you are familiar with this rough sandpaper-like texture. This is nature’s natural design to help your cat remove excess fur, dust, and other build up.  

Regular grooming will also help your Savannah spread their body’s natural oils throughout their fur, promoting healthy skin and a healthy coat. These natural oils are essential for maintaining your cat’s natural coat, which is why bathing your Savannah isn’t recommended unless absolutely necessary.

Just like humans, if you over wash your Savannah’s coat you are in danger of stripping those natural oils. This can lead to skin irritation and the overproduction of new oils making them feel greasy. If you have allergies, bathing often will not save you from them, as most people are allergic to their cat’s saliva, urine, oils, and dander (dead skin).

They Do Shed Less

Generally speaking, Savannahs shed less than other cats because of their shorter coats. However, routine grooming using a cat brush can be very beneficial. With regular brushing, you can help cut down on the amount of shedding during coat transitions and also help prevent hairballs.

As your Savannah grooms themselves they are also consuming their fur, most of which will pass through their normal digestive tract. In the event too much hair builds up in their stomach and cannot be passed normally, it will form a hairball that your Savannah will inevitably vomit up onto some surface in your home. Luckily, regular brushing can help prevent how much fur your cat ingests!

Other Benefits Of Brushing Savannah Cats

Brushing your Savannah once a week can help stimulate their circulation, massage their skin, help spread natural oils, as well as create a bond between you both. In the wild many animals, including cats, will groom each other as a sign of acceptance, and by helping your Savannah, it shows you care for them. A good brushing helps them feel relaxed and stress free.

What To Look For When Buying A Savannah Cat Brush

In general, when thinking about buying a cat brush you want to consider what your pet’s needs are, how long their coat is, how often they shed, and what textures they like. Most Savannahs have short coats as they are not bred to be long haired cats. This means you will not need to be concerned about brushes specific to long hair cats, which could be abrasive.

There are different brushes for different jobs and you may have to buy more than one brush. Almost every cat owner will have a brush specifically designed for removing loose hair, but you may also want a softer bristle brush for more gentle social brushing. Softer brushes smooth out your cat’s coat while also giving them a nice gentle massage.

Do Your Research

Like with any purchase for your Savannah, make sure you do the research and look at the reviews and product descriptions. Cheap prices don’t necessarily mean that the brush is low quality, just as higher prices don’t guarantee high quality. You want to look for something that is sturdy and has several good reviews with detailed information and photos if possible.

Cheap hollowed out plastic brushes run the risk of breaking easily or not lasting very long. You want the material to be solid, such as wood, metal, thick rubber, or high-quality plastic. If it looks flimsy it more than likely is, and you are better off selecting a different brush.

Think about the textures that your Savannah likes when selecting a brush as well. Slicker brushes are equipped with thin metal bristles designed to pull away loose fur, but some cats may not enjoy the rough feel. For cats that like a gentler touch, you might opt for a brush with thick rubber bristles that still collect loose hair while gently massaging the skin.

Picking The Right Brush

If you have a Savannah that is outside often or likes to lay in a sunny window you may notice they go through shedding cycles more often. For these cases you may want a brush that helps remove your cat’s undercoat. These brushes can be used once a month as an added measure to reduce shedding. Equipped with an almost blade-like comb it removes large amounts of undercoat leaving healthy fur intact.

When not using the undercoat removal brush, you and your cat can still enjoy social brushing time with a normal bristle brush. Some pet owners are also a big fan of grooming gloves, which are worn on the hands and have soft rubber bristles. This can turn your petting session into a grooming session, both helping maintain your Savannah’s coat while giving them a nice massage too.

If you are not sure what kind of brush your cat will like, try purchasing some cheaper versions with different textures. Most dollar stores carry cheap brushes that will still simulate higher quality brushes, and give you an idea as to what your Savannah’s needs are. However, if you want the best brush for your Savannah cat, try out one of the options below.

The 5 Best Brushes For Savannah Cats

1. Furminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool

* Check Price Here *

The Furminator is a highly sought-after grooming tool by all pet owners with furry friends. This high-quality, highly rated grooming tool comes in several varieties for any pet grooming job you may be faced with.

This nifty brush is created specifically to help remove excess fur from undercoats from short hair cats just like Savannahs. If you feel like your cat has been dropping fur by the pound even after a normal brushing, the Furminator may be for you. With its unique blade-like comb it gently removes loose undercoat fur while leaving your cat’s healthy topcoat intact.

Very Comfortable

This brush is also comfortable for both you and your Savannah with its tough rubber, ergonomic handle and smooth curved comb that conforms to your cat’s body shape. Additionally, this new model of Furminator also has a fur release button that makes removing fur from the comb even easier. Overall, this brush is built to last with proper use and care.

Used twice a month between normal brushing this tool can effectively reduce your Savannah’s shedding by up to 90%. Many customers say that after use it’s like they brushed out a whole other cat with how much fur it removes from the undercoat!

Not For Everyone

If you have a Savannah that does not shed very often or doesn’t have a thick undercoat, then the Furminator may not be the best choice. This metal blade-like comb is designed to specifically remove undercoat and could be too rough for your Savannah if their coat is thin.

Before using be sure to read the directions thoroughly and follow them directly, or else this comb may be harmful to your Savannah’s skin. If your Savannah likes a rough brushing use an alternative between Furminator uses, as the sharp metal comb can cause redness or small cuts if used too forcefully. With that said, if used properly this tool is an amazing grooming tool.


  • Good value for money
  • Great for removing hair from a Savannah’s undercoat


  • Comb is quite sharp and could hurt your Savannah if used too forcefully

2. HandsOn All-in-One Pet Grooming Gloves

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The HandsOn pet grooming gloves are rated number one amongst other similar pet grooming gloves and are revered by cat owners everywhere. These gloves come in a wide variety of colors and sizes that are just as comfortable for you as they are for your Savannah. Made from high quality PVC, nitrile, and nylon materials, and being latex free, they are hypoallergenic too.

With their specially designed soft but sturdy rubber nodules of different sizes they are the perfect grooming tool for removing loose fur, stimulating blood flow, and for an enjoyable petting session. As an added bonus for those rare occasions that you do need to bathe your Savannah, these gloves are perfect for deep and thorough scrubbing.

Ideal For Sensitive Cats

The soft rubber design of the bristles and nodules makes grooming a gentle experience for those cats that don’t like rough textures. You won’t have to worry about accidentally brushing too hard or irritating the skin.

The HandsOn all-in-one pet grooming gloves were designed with pets of all shapes and sizes in mind, including horses. With hook and loop straps you never have to worry about your gloves slipping off, and when you are done simply rinse them or throw them in the washer.

Some Cats Don’t Like Them

If you think your Savannah cat might not like the texture of these gloves, we recommend trying a cheaper brand first to see if your Savannah is a fan of the soft rubber texture. Some cats are picky, and it can take a few tries to find the right brush or comb for them.


  • Easy to clean
  • Provide lots of comfort for you and your cat
  • Unique way to brush your Savannah cat


  • Not all cats will like the texture

3. KONG Cat Zoom Groom Brush

* Check Price Here *

KONG is another highly trusted brand that offers high quality pet supplies of all kinds, including grooming tools. If you spend your time on Savannah cat blogs, you will often see the Zoom Groom brush praised for excellent functionality.

This soft, high-quality rubber brush is the perfect fit for a Savannah that needs an extra sensitive touch. While it may not look like much, the strong rubber nodules on the Zoom Groom will efficiently remove any loose hair from your Savannah’s coat, successfully reducing the amount of shedding.

Soft And Gentle

The gentle rubber is another great option for gently massaging your cat and promoting healthy blood flow and circulation.This makes for a happy and relaxed cat, and you have no need to worry about being too rough or accidentally scratching or irritating their skin.

The Zoom Groom also comes in a fun cat shape that is surprisingly comfortable for you to hold, and flexible enough to contour to your cat’s shape. Once you have gotten in a few long strokes of the brush simply remove the sheet of fur that collects and toss it out. Because the rubber is so good at grabbing the fur there is very little that gets left behind or flies off.

A Multi-Purpose Tool

As an added bonus you can also use the Zoom Groom to brush fur off of most furniture as well. Use it to clean your Savannah’s carpeted cat tree by simply running it along the surface and watch as the fur easily lifts off making it easy to remove. Out of all the brushes the Zoom Groom is the most economical only costing only around $5, while still being of high quality.

The only real downside of the Zoom Groom is that if you have a Savannah with a thick undercoat that sheds excessively, you will still need to purchase another heavy-duty undercoat brush. The Zoom Groom is great for removing the top layers of loose hairs, but it doesn’t really penetrate into the undercoat where a lot of loose hair builds up.

With that said, for the price, having the Zoom Groom around between heavier grooming sessions is still a great idea. It will still provide plenty of gentle massage time for your Savannah too.


  • Very cost-effective
  • A multi-functional cat brush
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not great for undercoats

4. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

* Check Price Here *

The Hertzko slicker brush is a much sturdier and well-built self-cleaning slicker brush than many other brands. Many similar brushes are made with very cheaply assembled plastic and flimsy metal bristles that break in a short amount of time. Hertzko’s high-quality comfortable rubber grip makes brushing a breeze!

These thin, slightly bent wire bristles penetrate deep into your Savannah’s coat, removing loose hair, dirt, and dander, leaving them clean and refreshed. The bristles are set tightly together and also help distribute your cat’s natural oils for a healthier and shinier coat.

A Very Practical Brush

When you are finished brushing all you have to do is push the fur release button and a lever pushes all the fur from the bristles. This makes for an easy cleanup and the fur comes off in nicely compacted mats ready to be thrown in the trash. The tightly spaced bristles also help any free-flying fur from escaping during the brushing process.

If your Savannah prefers a rougher brushing then this is the brush for them, as it will provide a nice deep scratch while not being too harsh. Some Savannahs may even want to rub the sides of their face on it too!

Be Careful When Brushing

If you have a Savannah with sensitive skin or that has sensitivity to textures, we wouldn’t recommend this or any other slicker brush. The wire bristles on these brushes do not have any type of rounded or soft tip cover, and they can be irritating to some cats. If brushed too roughly or with too much force, you can potentially give them “brush burn”.

Some cats just have sensitive skin that is easily irritated or is thin enough to be broken open easily. This would make the slicker brush too abrasive and could potentially cause your cat harm. Other cats simply do not enjoy rough textures even if it isn’t causing pain, and the bristles of a slicker brush may not be desirable.


  • Very effective brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Very well made


  • Not ideal for cats with sensitive skin

5. BV Double Sided Bristle And Pin Brush

* Check Price Here *

This brush offers a nice compromise between rough and soft textures with its double-sided design. One side features a soft bristle brush great for providing a massage and removing top layers of loose fur and dirt. The opposite side offers soft tipped pin bristles for deeper brushing and hair removal without irritating the skin.

Made with both cats and humans in mind this brush is also comfortable to hold and is built much like a human hairbrush with a soft rubber coated handle. The bristles and pins are made from quality fibers and metal ensuring they last long and prevent rusting or breakage.

Good For Regular Brushing

If you already have an undercoat brush this secondary brush is great for weekly or even daily brush sessions that will keep your Savannah happy. Depending on their mood the soft bristle side is great for Savannahs that like a gentler touch, while still offering the pin brush for when they are in the mood for a deeper, more stimulating massage.

As far as brushes for grooming purposes go, this model is probably the least productive in terms of fur removal. Many owners buy it as a secondary brush to their normal heavy grooming brushes. However, it does still remove surface fur and dirt.

This brush is still an excellent choice for just enjoying a relaxing brushing session with your cat. The brush does still promote a shiny coat while also providing a tissue massage for better circulation. Your Savannah will also just enjoy the physical feel and texture of this brush. If you are prone to allergies, this brush may be helpful in reducing your contact with your Savannah’s oils too.


  • Double-sided design gives you a choice of brushing style
  • Made with both you and your cat in mind


  • Not the most effective at removing hair

Final Thoughts

The best brush for Savannah cats is the Furminator Short Hair Deshedding Tool. It’s important to keep your Savannah’s coat healthy, while reducing the amount of fur that they ingest as well. Brushing also helps stimulate blood circulation, distribute natural oils, and it can reduce stress in your Savannah.