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The 5 Best Carriers For Bengal Cats

When selecting a carrier for your Bengal it can be quite overwhelming as there are a lot of choices on the market, with varying costs, sizes and features. To help narrow down your options, we have compiled a list of the 5 best carriers for Bengal cats.

The 5 best carriers for Bengal cats are:

  1. PetLuv “Happy Cat” Premium Carrier
  2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel
  3. MOV COMPRA Wheeled Backpack and Stroller
  4. Sport Pet Foldable Travel Carrier
  5. Akinerri Airline Approved Soft Carrier

Additionally, we will discuss what to look for in a cat carrier before purchasing, as well as give you some helpful tips on transporting your Bengal safely. Let’s take a closer look at the things you should consider when buying a carrier for your Bengal cat.

What To Look For In A Cat Carrier For Bengal Cats

First, it is important to remember that your Bengal’s carrier is meant to keep them safe and minimize their stress during travel. You do not want a flimsy carrier that they can potentially escape from, which can cause them to put themselves in danger or become lost. Secondly, a flimsy carrier may not provide enough support to your Bengal, making them uncomfortable.

In order to minimize stress and ensure your Bengal is comfortable, you want to make sure that their carrier is neither too big nor too small. While a large and spacious carrier may seem desirable, it can actually cause your Bengal to feel less safe. Cats like to feel secure and not have to worry about being ambushed, and they generally like to feel snug and supported.

Size Matters

Additionally, a carrier that has too much space can also cause your Bengal to slide back and forth or side to side. This constant jostling around can cause them to become uncomfortable and increase their stress level as they can not stabilize themselves. Plus, your Bengal’s full weight shifting around while carrying them can be uncomfortable for you as well and make them harder to carry.

While you do not want a carrier that is too large you also want to avoid overly small ones as well. Your Bengal wants to feel secure but they do not want to feel as though they cannot move. The carrier should be large enough that your Bengal can comfortably stand up and turn around if they desire. Allowing them to have some movement gives them the opportunity to adjust and remain comfortable.

Make Sure They Can See Out

To ensure your Bengal is aware of their surroundings, you will want a carrier that allows them to see out of at least one side. Some cats can become very stressed out if they are unable to see where they are. Imagine if you where them, being able to sense movement but you couldn’t see anything around you!

Look for a carrier that has either a mesh screen or, if it is a hard carrier, you will want there to be some holes in the sides for them to peer out of. Try and avoid carriers that make your cat completely visible, as this may be too much for them, especially in a high traffic area such as an airport. You want them to be able to see, but too much exposure can cause sensory overload.

Essentially, your Bengal is Goldilocks, and you need to find the carrier that is not too big, not too small, and not too visible, but just right! This may seem challenging at first, but if you know your Bengal and their reactions to different stimuli it will help you immensely.  

A Large Opening

A last helpful tip in choosing a carrier would be to make sure the opening in which you will load your Bengal into is relatively large. A large opening will help you get your Bengal inside the carrier with less struggle. As you can imagine, some cats may put up a fight going inside a carrier and a smaller opening means more struggle, more stress, and possible injury to you or your Bengal.

The 5 Best Carriers For Bengal Cats

1. PetLuv “Happy Cat” Premium Carrier

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Do you have a fussy and unreasonable Bengal when it comes to the dreaded carrier? Well, you may be in luck with the PetLuv “Happy Cat” carrier, with its luxurious padded bed, multiple visibility points, and the option for privacy shades, locking zippers, and seat belt attachments.

The Happy Cat is available in two sizes, with the smallest measuring 20 x 13 x 13 inches, which offers plenty of space for a Bengal cat. The frame is made of sturdy metal and is covered with high quality canvas materials. Zipper entries all come with locking clamps and reinforced seams to keep your Bengal safely inside in the event that they try to escape.

Simple Loading And Transport

Inside the Happy Cat there is a removable and washable plush bed that will keep your Bengal nice and comfy throughout their trip short of long. The carrier is even sturdy enough that your Bengal can lounge on top of it in between travel, making it a great additional cat space. This familiarity with the carrier at home also makes loading and transporting even easier.

The carrier has an accessible opening on three sides and the top of the carrier, all able to fully unzip for convenient loading. Most opt to load their cat through the top zipper which is generally the least stressful for most cats. Each side of the carrier also has the option to have full visibility, or you can opt to have privacy flaps closed over top of the mesh windows.

Seatbelts And Wheels

Additionally, this carrier is great for the car and comes with seatbelt attachments so that you can secure the carrier while driving.This makes things so much safer for your Bengal and will give you peace of mind. Finally, there is also the option to buy attachable wheels for the Happy Cat, transforming it into a stroller for easy mobility.

One downside of the Happy Cat carrier is that it’s quite heavy. As it does come with heavy duty materials, including the metal frame, the added weight of your cat may make it more difficult for some. However, if you opt for the added wheel feature this problem solves itself.

An Important Note

This carrier does not pass TSA and Airline guidelines for carriers that can safely travel under your seat on an aircraft. If you opted to use this carrier to transport your Bengal on an airplane, you would have to pay the extra charges for an additional seat or have your pet stored elsewhere on the plane.


  • Plenty of room without being too big
  • Multiple visibility options
  • Built to last with reinforced seams and zippers


  • Heavier than most carriers when empty
  • Not approved for air travel under your seat

2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

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If you have an extra feisty Bengal who seems to be able to get out of any soft carrier, reinforced or not, then the Petmate hard covered two door kennel may be the solution. This carrier is made of a hard plastic with a front and top door made of sturdy metal. Both doors have locking pegs that can only be opened by squeezing the door pins together.

While made of hard plastic, this carrier is still comfortable and measures 24 inches long, making it spacious enough for a Bengal. It can support up to 20 pounds, making it quite sturdy even for your potentially hefty feline. Plus, the two doors offer visibility, and the two sides are also equipped with small holes. This offers both visibility and a well-ventilated area for your cat. 

Food And Water Hooks

You are also able to attach hooked food and water bowls to this kennel as the door is made of metal, making longer travel less of a hassle. This way your kitty can have plenty of food and water while in transit or on long road trips.

The Petmate carrier is also approved by most airlines for travelling under your seat. As always it is still better to be safe and contact the airline before any travel to make sure your carrier meets the guidelines of the specific aircraft you will be flying on. Most airlines will also list their required measurements on their website.

No Shoulder Straps

For some, this carrier won’t be ideal as it doesn’t come with the same luxury as many soft carriers and only has a handle with no shoulder straps. However, if you know your Bengal is an escape artist, this minor sacrifice may be worth it. If you are mainly using the carrier for vet visits, having straps is even less necessary as you won’t be carrying it for long periods.

Finally, if you do go with this carrier you will want to consider purchasing a bed that can fit inside. The carrier does not come with a pad or bed, and this could be uncomfortable for longer periods of traveling. With that said, it is relatively easy to find a cheap but comfortable bed to keep your Bengal happy during travel time.


  • Hard materials make it extra secure
  • Top and front loading
  • Airline approved while still being spacious


  • Does not come with a padded bed insert
  • Does not have shoulder straps

3. MOV COMPRA Wheeled Backpack And Stroller

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Your Bengal can travel in style with this rolling backpack style carrier by MOV COMPRA. Their large size version is a great fit for Bengals. It offers a snug and secure environment with plenty of head room to fully stand and stretch.

This carrier is equipped with several opening options for your convenience. The larger side and top openings are great for loading your cat, while the smaller opening is nice for checking in and being able to give your Bengal a little love during travel. Of course, use your best judgement when opening the smaller zippers as your Bengal could still try and escape.

Removable Padded Bed

Inside the carrier there is a padded removable bed that can also be washed to provide extra comfort for your Bengal. Additionally, each large zipper opening has a mesh screen for visibility and ventilation. The carrier can also be tipped and laid on its back for easier storage under an airplane seat, while still letting your Bengal sit comfortably.

Reinforced stitched straps with extra padding make carrying the MOV COMPRA comfortable, and it takes some of the pressure off your shoulders. The detachable wheels can be put on to make transport even easier. This way you can quickly get to where you’re going and pull your Bengal with ease.

Extra Storage

Additional storage pockets make keeping treats and other pet essentials like medications easily accessible so that you are not rummaging through another bag. You can even keep portable feeding and watering bowls in them for long car rides or traveling through the airport.

Because this carrier can be laid back and doesn’t have to remain upright, it is easier to fit under most airline seats. However, you still want to make sure that they are going to be approved for your flight. Overall, this is a spacious, practical carrier for your Bengal cat.


  • Functions as a stroller, backpack, and handheld carrier
  • Comfortable and well ventilated
  • Comes with added storage


  • May not be suitable for all airlines
  • Can be liable to tipping over

4. Sport Pet Foldable Travel Carrier

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If you are a fan of hard carriers but also wish they were easier to store, the Sport Pet foldable travel carrier may be the best option for your Bengal. This carrier is specifically designed to be able to collapse for easy storage, but it also comes with a large side opening for easy loading of your Bengal.

These carriers come in a triangular shape with collapsible side panels equipped with a locking mechanism for when the carrier is in use. When in use, this carrier can fit most cats, allowing them to have enough room to readjust themselves when needed. However, if you feel your Bengal is on the larger side, they do offer an extra-large model as well.

Easy Storage

When collapsed the carrier measures between 20-24 inches long and only four inches thick, making it easy to store almost anywhere. It is small enough to fit on top of a shelf or between a cabinet or other appliance. It takes up almost no space at all and can even slide under the bed or the seat of your car.

Made from a hard plastic material, it is also easy to clean up any messes your Bengal may have left on their way to the vet or during other travel. You can simply wipe it down when required.

The Sport Pet carrier also has the option for an included pet bed for extra comfort during travel. However, it should be stated that while the company says the bed is machine washable, this doesn’t appear to be true when you check the label of the bed. You may therefore want to consider picking up a bed pad separately.

Visibility And Ventilation

All sides of the carrier also have plenty of ventilation slots that allow your Bengal to look out and see their surroundings.

You should note that this carrier is not TSA approved for airline travel. If you plan on traveling a lot with your Bengal by plane, we suggest going for a different carrier. However, it is still a great choice for car travel and for going to and from the vet’s office.  


  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Large door opening for easy loading
  • Plenty of visibility and ventilation


  • Included pet bed is not machine washable
  • Not TSA approved

5. Akinerri Airline Approved Soft Carrier

* Check Price Here *

Trying to find a pet carrier approved for air travel that also satisfies your pets needs can be challenging, but thankfully the Akinerri offers both comfort and compatibility. This carrier is specifically made for air travel and has been TSA approved for virtually all airlines.

The carrier itself is made of a soft material with a sturdy frame so that it will not fold in or collapse on itself when in use. The dimensions measure 19 x 12 x 12 inches, long enough for your Bengal to lay comfortably as well as turn around if they need to. The back of the kennel is solid so your cat can feel safe up against it, while still having full visibility through the other sides.

Easy Loading And Extra Storage

It has two different options for opening, including a smaller opening in the front and a larger top loading option. The top loading option is ideal for getting your Bengal ready for travel, while the front opening is good for when you have to check on them during your flight. There is also a small pocket to store some treats or medication.

The inside of the carrier comes with a padded bed that will keep your Bengal traveling comfortably, but you can also remove the bed in the event you need to clean it or want alternative bedding. The included bed pad is hand washable but not suitable for machine washing.

Easy To Carry

Not only is this carrier comfortable for your cat, but it is also designed for easy carrying and can be attached to luggage. The carrier comes with hand straps as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

While this carrier is designed for air travel, it is also an all-round well-made carrier that can be used for any travel purposes. Whether it’s a trip to the vet or a long car ride, the Akinerri will keep your Bengal safe and content throughout their journey. It is also available in multiple colors and smaller sizes, and it’s collapsible for easy storage.


  • TSA and airline approved
  • Equipped with top loading and front opening
  • Soft and collapsible for storage


  • Straps may not be overly durable
  • Not the strongest zippers

Preparing Your Bengal For Travel

If you have ever owned a cat of any breed, you know how difficult it can be to load your furry friend into a carrier. For most, this is an absolute nightmare for them and their cat who is clearly stressed out about the whole situation. Learning techniques to make this process easier can go a long way to making travel easier for everyone.

Positive Association

Some people are lucky and have a very docile and well-tempered feline that has little to no issue when it comes to their carrier. Others have cats that, as soon as they see you walking out with the carrier, will bolt and hide, praying you never find them. For these cats you want to try and associate positive experiences with the carrier and make them more comfortable.

For most cats, their first experience of travel is very stressful and confusing. If they have been with your breeder, they more than likely were seen in-house by their vet and travelling home with you is their first carrier experience. As you can imagine, being placed inside of a strange box and then subjected to unfamiliar sounds, movement, and smells can be traumatizing.  

Familiarize Them With The Carrier

Once you have your Bengal at home you can begin familiarizing them with their carrier once they have had time to adjust to their surroundings. During this time, you can have the carrier set up and open in the space where your Bengal will generally be roaming around. You can also try and keep it next to their bed or cat tree.

The goal is to have their carrier become a part of their everyday life and surroundings until they are comfortable with it. Some cats may not take much time at all, and you will catch them napping inside their carrier, whereas others may take longer, especially if they had a bad experience in the past.

Using Familiar Smells

Other helpful things you can do is put their toys or bedding inside the carrier that already has their scent on it, or even a t-shirt you recently wore that those smells like you. These smells will make your Bengal more comfortable being in and around the carrier because it will seem more familiar to them.

Once you notice that your Bengal has become comfortable with the carrier and is laying in it freely, you can attempt to shut the carrier with them inside. You don’t have to do this for very long and the general purpose is to see how they react to being enclosed. If they seem to have a lot of stress, open the carrier and give them a treat. You want them to see their time inside as a positive.

Get Them Used To Movement

If your Bengal seems content in their carrier even once it is closed, you can attempt to pick them up and walk around the house. This will allow them to get used to being moved around, but since they are still in their normal surroundings it shouldn’t cause too much stress. Again, once done, reward them with a treat or their favorite toy.

Now that your Bengal is comfortable with their carrier, you can prepare for your first outing. Remember, before loading your Bengal you want to look over your carrier and ensure everything is in working order. This includes checking straps, zippers, and handles to ensure that your cat will be safe.

Double Check The Latches

Making sure that all the latches and other straps are working properly will help ensure your Bengal doesn’t escape either by themselves or because the carrier breaks open. Many people lose their cats in transit due to a faulty carrier or not knowing their cat’s abilities to escape.

Once everything has been looked over you can now load your Bengal into their carrier. If you have a top loading carrier this should be relatively easy as they tend to have larger openings. Make sure to securely close the carrier and recheck all latches and straps before leaving your home.

When in your vehicle, be sure to secure your Bengal’s carrier into a car seat and use the seat belt to keep the carrier from moving. Some carriers will come with their own equipment made to secure the carrier to a car seat. Either way, making sure the carrier is safely locked into the seat can help prevent injury in the event of an accident or your cat moving around in the carrier.

Final Thoughts

The best carrier for Bengal cats is the PetLuv “Happy Cat” Premium Carrier. Remember to keep in mind your cat’s specific behavior and how they manage stress when choosing a carrier. Consider their size and make sure you get a carrier that is just right for them, and you don’t want something too snug or too big.

Remember to introduce their carrier slowly and make it a part of their natural surroundings. You want loading time to be as easy and stress free as possible for you and your Bengal. Also consider what kind of travel you plan to do with your Bengal to find the right carrier for you. Pre-travel safety checks are a must and will ensure that your Bengal is secure during transit.