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The 5 Best Cat Beds for Savannah Cats

Everyone wants the best for their pet, right down to the type of bed they sleep in. It’s no different for Savannah cat owners. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know what the best cat beds for Savannah cats are.

The 5 best cat beds for Savannahs are:

  1. The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo
  2. Deep Dish Sherpa Cuddler by Best Friends
  3. Zakkart Cat Window Perch
  4. Furhaven Memory Foam Bed
  5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Additionally, this article will help teach you what to look for when selecting a new cat bed as well as where to put them. Let’s take a closer look at what you should consider when buying a cat bed for your Savannah.

What To Look For While Buying A Cat Bed

It’s important to remember that your Savannah is no regular cat and will most likely grow to be much larger than a house cat, with the exception of generations F5 and later. Savannah cats also have much more energy and rougher play styles that can ultimately result in the destruction of the expensive bed you purchased from the pet store designed for a house cat!

Common cat beds are not necessarily the wrong choice, as long as they’re made from tough and durable materials and have reinforced stitching. If you know your Savannah is rough with their toys, avoid soft plush beds filled with stuffing as they’ll most likely tear it open. Some beds have similar woven materials that many dog toys are made from to withstand being torn apart.

Do Your Research

Another thing to consider is what type of bed you are looking for. Do you want something traditional that you can just toss onto the bed or other areas your cat enjoys laying on? Or do you want a sturdier cat bed with its own frame such as a tree or even a “cat couch”? Either way, always do the research before purchasing by looking at online reviews.

When purchasing online be sure to read the details of the product carefully to ensure it’s the right fit for your Savannah. Check the dimensions to make sure it’s big enough as many online retailers may not highlight the fact their bed is made for kittens, and you may have an adult cat. Additionally, check the weight limits for furniture to be sure it can support your cat’s weight.

Take Some Measurements

Similarly, if you are looking to buy a piece of cat furniture equipped with a bed, be sure to measure the space in your home you are planning to set it up in. It would be a real shame to bring home a great piece of furniture just to discover it takes up too much space or doesn’t fit at all!

Another great bed option for Savannah cats are windowsill hammocks and beds that can be mounted on the wall. As with traditional beds, you want to make sure these are made of strong heavy materials and are able to hold your Savannah’s weight. Some cat hammocks can’t handle much weight and may use cheaper and smaller suction cups that usually hold it up using your window.

With a mounted bed be sure to reinforce it properly using the proper screw mounts and secure it into studs in the wall. Without a stud and screw anchors it is possible your mounted cat bed will not stand the test of time (and the weight of your cat) resulting in a very startling experience for you both, not to mention expensive wall repairs!

Think About Your Savannah

Whatever bed you decide to go with, keep your Savannah’s preferences in mind and not just the aesthetics. What may look like an ultra-comfy bed to you may be the exact opposite of what your cat wants. Some cats like big cushy beds to snuggle up in while others prefer a flatter surface to stretch out on.

Take note of your cat’s favorite spots. Do they like stretching out on the couch or a flat perch up high? Or do you often find them snuggled up in your laundry basket or inside a box? These things can help you determine what to look for.

You might want to buy a few cheaper items to offer your Savannah some variety and see what they like, and then spend some money on a better version of the one they like the most. But to give you some ideas to start with, let’s take a look at the 5 best cat beds for Savannahs.

The 5 Best Cat Beds For Savannah Cats

1. The Original Elevated Pet Bed By Coolaroo

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This is a classic favorite amongst pet owners for its simplicity, durability, and variety of sizes. While other brands make an almost identical design, Coolaroo seems to be a fan favorite with the most positive reviews.

This bed offers a lightweight yet durable steel frame that is elevated off the ground to promote airflow, accompanied by a high-density polyethylene fabric that helps keep your pet cool. Additionally, the elevation of this bed helps keep pressure off of your cat’s Savannah’s joints and other sensitive areas.

Because of the durable fabric and powder coated steel frame, this bed can also be located indoors or in your Savannah’s outdoor catio. Cleaning is a breeze by simply using a garden hose or even a wet cloth for light cleaning.

As these beds are designed for cats and dogs it comes in a variety of sizes as well as plenty of colors. Their smallest model measures 35 x 22 x 8 inches and supports up to 50lbs, while their largest model measures 51 x 31.5 x 8 inches and supports up to 100lbs. These beds are also quite cheap when compared to other brands.

While this bed is great for most Savannahs, if you have an older senior that is starting to have mobility problems this elevated design may not be ideal. If you are willing to provide a small set ofpet stairs to assist them, once on the bed the elevated design would help take pressure off their sore joints.

Depending on what type of bed you are looking for this steel frame design may not be as versatile when it comes to finding a space to put it. If you want a bed that can be placed on other furniture like the couch or even a cat tree this isn’t the bed for you.  


  • Durable
  • Lots of variety of sizes available
  • Indoors or outdoors


  • Elevation not ideal for senior cats
  • Can’t be placed on other furniture

2. Deep Dish Sherpa Cuddler By Best Friends

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If you are looking for the ultimate soft and cuddly bed for your Savannah to snuggle up in, then the Deep Dish Sherpa Cuddler is for you!

This bed promotes a deep relaxing sleep for any Savannah of any age with big soft supportive front and rear walls for back, neck, and head support. It’s like the perfect little cloud for your furry friend to sink into for full rest and relaxation, while also being flexible when they feel the need to stretch out.

It’s made of a soft wool-like material that is 100% machine washable. As an added bonus the material is sewn using bar stitching which helps prevent the inner stuffing from shifting while being washed. Many similar beds are known for bunching up or the stuffing being shifted around, preventing the bed from keeping shape. 

With its flexible design this bed can be placed almost anywhere your Savannah likes to snooze. It also comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors and is available in small and jumbo sizes for any size of Savannah. Both bed sizes can hold up to 35lbs making it perfectly suitable for even a large Savannah.

This bed is excellent for senior cats that can use the extra cushion and support for their stiff and sometimes arthritic joints. It also doesn’t require a lot of effort to get inside the bed making it easily accessible.

While this is a great snuggle up bed it does not hold up well outdoors and wouldn’t be suitable for a catio or other outdoor enclosure. It is easily washed but may not stand up to the test of the outdoor elements.

Because it is made of soft material, if you have a more destructive kitty who likes to use their claws a lot it is possible that they might tear small holes in the bed. 


  • Comfortable with lots of support
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for even the largest Savannahs


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

3. Zakkart Cat Window Perch

* Check Price Here *

If your Savannah spends hours in front of the window or your sliding glass door this is the perfect bed and window perch all in one solution.

Unlike most window perches on the market, the Zakkart perch is mounted from the bottom, versus other models that have wires mounted above the perch. The triangular supports are made from solid iron, making it durable and it has the ability to support up to 40lbs. Because the supports are on the bottom it makes for easy access from all angles.

The top portion of the perch has a durable fabric that slides on and acts as an added support hammock, where you then can place the included tailored Sherpa bed. This makes for a soft lounging space that allows your Savannah to nap, sunbathe, and window gaze all at once. The bed itself measures 23 x 13 x 14 inches, leaving plenty of space for your Savannah to stretch out if they want.

It’s also user friendly and easy to set up and assemble. Once the frame is put together you simply mount it by attaching the included ultra-strong suction cups to the desired window or glass door area. No tools, screws, or nails are needed, making it easy to take apart again, leaving no damage or trace it was ever there.

As a bonus the included Sherpa bed is guaranteed to be free from the smell of chemicals, a common complaint for many other beds. It is slightly more expensive than other window perches, but it offers a lot of quality and space for your Savannah.

The company does specify that although the Sherpa bed is washable, they do not recommend washing it too often as it can ruin the texture of the material over time. They also recommend that, after washing and drying, the customer still fluffs the bed back into its proper shape. Instead of frequent washings the company suggests using a vacuum for regular spot cleaning and maintenance.

With that said, since the frame is both durable and versatile, you can always purchase a bed of your choice that fits the dimensions of the perch when the original wears out.


  • Strong and durable
  • Functions as a bed and window perch
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Quite expensive

4. Furhaven Memory Foam Bed

* Check Price Here *

While this bed is advertised for dogs, it is the perfect fit for a large Savannah cat that loves to stretch out.

This bed comes equipped with an L-shaped bolster, providing plenty of support for your Savannah’s head, neck, back, and hips, while the memory foam sleep surface comfortably supports the joints and other pressure points. Your Savannah will certainly never have to worry about an uncomfortable night’s (or day’s) rest with this highly supportive cat bed.

This supportive design is ideal for any Savannah, but is especially great if you have an aging senior who may be developing aching joints or arthritis. The memory foam contours to your cat’s body shape and offers better air flow, making a more comfortable and restful sleep. Just like in humans, healthy sleep habits promote overall health in Savannah cats.

Additionally, you can also select “cooling gel memory foam” which comes with an added layer for cooling.

Additionally, this bed features a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. Just unzip the cover, pull it off and pop it in your regular laundry. For most Savannah needs the medium-sized version should be suitable, measuring (including the bolster) 30 x 20 x 3 inches, supporting up to 35 lbs. It is also available in multiple colors to suit your preferred aesthetics.

If you order through Amazon or Chewy be sure to double check that you are selecting the “memory foam” option. Many consumers have complained that their mattress was made of an egg crate material that is less durable as a result of selecting the “orthopedic” option.


  • Memory foam provides comfort and support
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Supports up to 35 lbs


  • Need to make sure you choose the memory foam option

5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

* Check Price Here *

This is ideal for any picky Savannahs that don’t go for the normal cat bed but would rather scratch up a good cardboard box and lay in it.

If your Savannah has a more destructive attitude or has refused every cat bed known to man, then the Ultimate Scratcher Lounge may be for them. Pretty much all cats love a good box or even just a square piece of cardboard. For some cats it’s all they will accept, but most boxes aren’t very durable. The scratcher lounge offers all the benefits of cardboard while also being durable. 

This scratcher promotes your Savannah’s natural instinct to scratch, which is a form of nail maintenance. Cats also will scratch or knead when they are stressed, and this scratcher lounge can provide a healthy outlet for that.

As featured on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell”, this scratcher has a strong backing to it and has been used by many Savannah owners. It is specifically designed for high energy cats who tend to tear and shred most toys or soft beds or those that suffer from a lot of stress. Additionally, it is perfect for large cats measuring 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches.

While this scratcher is made of cardboard and meant to be scratched it is also highly durable. Each layer of recycled cardboard is attached piece by piece with an eco-friendly corn starch-based glue. Additionally, this product was given the Eco-Excellence award, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious Savannah owner.  

There is a scratcher lounge out there for every Savannah with PetFusion’s many shapes and sizes. Not only can you find a great bed, but they have a large variety of other cat scratchers for any situation. This is great for Savannahs as anything that keeps them occupied and happy will keep them out of trouble, including not scratching up your furniture.

Because it is made of cardboard, even if it is high quality, it ultimately cannot be washed if it becomes dirty. It is suggested that you use a lint roller or a vacuum to clean the scratcher lounge when it gets too dusty or full of hair. If too much moisture or other grime builds up in the porous holes of the cardboard overtime, it can also start growing bacteria.

If you put this lounge out in your Savannah’s outdoor enclosures, be sure to bring them inside afterwards to protect them from inclement weather.


  • Ideal for more destructive Savannah cats
  • Durable
  • Ecofriendly


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Can’t be cleaned easily

Where To Put Your Cat Bed

Now that you have your Savannah’s new bed it’s time to figure out where to put it. The best course of action is usually to think about where your cat would be most attracted to it. Some cats take to beds right away, while others may take a while to come around to the idea. This is why it’s a good idea to observe your cat’s habits when it comes to taking their daily cat nap.

Observing your Savannah’s habits can help determine what type of bed they may like, but it can also help you figure out where to place it. If you know your Savannah likes to lay on the couch you may try and place the bed in their favorite spot. Maybe your cat really loves to stare longingly out your window and would do well with a window perch.

Use It To Shift Their Sleeping Spot

Perhaps you are instead trying to discourage your Savannah from laying in a place and want to entice them elsewhere with a new bed. Maybe they enjoy sleeping on the coffee table when you are not looking, and you want to break them out of the habit. Try placing their bed in an area both out of the way but also near their usual “no-no” spot.

Savannahs are cats and therefore naturally curious and will almost always investigate the new bed even if they don’t use it right away. They may need some coaxing by physically placing them on the bed or leaving treats on the bed. Eventually, your Savannah should start to prefer this new space over the old one.

Place It Outside

Another great place to put your Savannah’s new bed is in their outdoor enclosure. A nice cat hammock or elevated bed is a great addition to any outdoor space. Try placing it in an area that will get some sun, but not too much to prevent overheating. A good sunbathing session is great, but always ensure they can get some shade too.  

Another common place a lot of pet owners will put their cat’s beds are by the foot of their own beds. This way your Savannah can be close to you while also having their own space to stretch out, purr, and occasionally roll over without either of you disturbing the other.

Finally, if you are trying to prevent your Savannah from scratching the furniture and have purchased a scratcher bed, try placing it close to the things they have been scratching. For example, place it next to the side of the couch, armchair, or drapes if these are their favorite things to scratch.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a cat bed for your Savannah, always look for high quality materials, the right dimensions, and the best places in your house to put your cat’s future throne. The beds listed above are some of the best quality beds for the best prices, and the ultimate choice is the Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo.

Ultimately your Savannah will be the final judge as to whether the bed you selected is right for them. Be patient, as sometimes it may take a few days for them to warm to the newly added furniture. Others may love it right away and perhaps never leave!