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The 5 Best Collars For Savannah Cats

When sharing your life with a Savannah cat you want to make sure they have all the right equipment for them, which may include a collar. While many Savannah cat owners will opt for a microchip instead, it’s still worth looking at your options when it comes to the best collars for Savannah cats.

The 5 best collars for Savannah cats:

  1. Rogz NightCat Collar
  2. Ruff Threads BioThane Cat Collar
  3. FriendshipCollar
  4. Beastie Bands
  5. TCBOYING Breakaway Collar

In addition to highlighting the best rated collars this article will discuss Savannahs and collar safety when choosing to use a collar with your cat. As a collar alternative we have also included two harnesses that may suit your Savannah better.

6 Collar Safety Tips

1. Microchip Your Savannah

As with anything that could potentially affect your Savannah’s health you always want to consult with your veterinarian and get their advice first. Generally, you will find that most vets will recommend microchipping your cat versus placing a collar on them. There are a few reasons for this, including safety, reliability, and comfortability.

Savannahs are notorious for being high energy cats, meaning that they are incredibly active and love to jump, run, and roughhouse. This can make wearing a collar problematic as it could get snagged, stuck, torn, or chewed off, making it useless. Collars for Savannahs have to be incredibly durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

In a lot of cases, cats that escape even with a collar on are often found later without it, usually because they snagged it on something.  Breakaway collars are a bit of a catch-22. They are the safest option but you also risk them coming off easier. Ultimately the best way to make sure your Savannah returns safely in the event of an escape is to have them microchipped.

Microchipping your Savannah in combination with a collar can significantly increase the chances of them being returned. If they manage to keep the collar on, people can recognize them as a pet rather than a stray. In case the collar is lost and they are brought to a shelter they will always immediately scan all incoming animals. Microchips are responsible for reuniting thousands of pet families.

2. Choose Breakaway Designs

Because Savannahs love heights and enjoy climbing, whether its indoors or outdoors, it puts them at a higher risk of getting their collars stuck. This can be incredibly dangerous and risks your Savannah choking themselves. It’s incredibly important that when you select a collar that it is a breakaway or stretch design collar.

Breakaway and stretchy collars are designed so that when a certain amount of pressure is applied the collar will give way or slip off. This will ensure that your Savannah survives their collar being snagged. However, keep in mind when selecting this type of collar that it isn’t so easy to break away that your Savannah can remove it themselves with ease.

3. Choose High-Quality Materials

Your collar should also be made of high-quality durable materials that will not easily fray or rip. Savannahs are strong cats and can easily chew or claw their way through several materials, making keeping a collar on quite difficult. Choose a material that has strong stitching, is heavily woven, or made of a leather-like or thick rubber-like material.

When buying a breakaway collar be sure to look at the fine print for weight limits, as some collars are designed just for kittens or smaller breeds of cats. A kitten’s collar is going to take significantly less pressure to release the collar than one made for a large adult cat. Some collars even have an adjustable breakaway clasp depending on your cat’s size.

While you want the materials to be strong and durable you also want to consider comfortability. A collar can be incredibly strong and long lasting, but if your Savannah finds it uncomfortable it may become useless. Some cats may even have allergies to certain materials and the collar can irritate them or cause hair loss and skin irritation.

4. Measure Accurately

Measure your cat’s neck size so that you can find an appropriately sized collar that fits snuggly but also comfortably. Many collars are adjustable. However, consider that if you have to adjust down in size significantly there is potential for a lot of slack material. This could ultimately make the collar bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Custom sizes are also an option through some brands. 

Now, for some cats it may not be the materials but rather the act of wearing something around their neck that is an issue, no matter how comfortable and well-fitting the material may seem. Some cats don’t take right away to a collar as it isn’t a part of their natural behavior and can actually be quite confusing. Cats are rather sensitive to pressure even if the collar seems lightweight.

5. Accept That Collars Aren’t For Every Cat

Because of their sensitivity you might even witness your Savannah acting as though something is pressing down on them as they lower their body to escape the invisible force. In most cases this behavior will subside and your Savannah will adjust. However, some cats just hate wearing collars and will do everything in their power to remove it. It all depends on the cat.

6. Look For Extra Safety Features

Other safety features you may want to look into when considering a collar include reflective stripes, glow in the dark embroidering, and attachable ID tags. Reflective stripes and glow in the dark options will help keep your Savannah visible in the event they are stuck outside in the dark. Embroidering and ID tags are a useful way for people to know your cat isn’t wild and has a contact number.

The 5 Best Collars For Savannah Cats

1. Rogz NightCat Collar

* Check Price Here *

Rogz is a well-known brand trusted by cat owners everywhere and they carry a wide variety of different pet collars for every need. The NightCat collar is particularly nice because it offers strong, durable materials, a reflective band, and an adjustable breakaway clip, making it a dependable and versatile collar.  

Each collar is made of a strong nylon material that is heavily woven for durability and to prevent fraying, even from scratching or chewing. Many users have noted that the material is also comfortable even on cats that are usually apprehensive toward wearing a collar. As an added bonus there is the reflective band stitched around the length of the collar to ensure better visibility at night.

Adjustable Breakaway Clip

Perhaps the most popular feature for this collar is the adjustable breakaway clip, which has three different settings based on the size of your Savannah. The lowest adjustment is designed for kittens and breaks away very easily, with only six pounds of pressure. Whereas the highest setting is made to breakaway at around 11 pounds of pressure. 

Additionally, this collar is adjustable between 8-12 inches in circumference, fitting virtually any Savannah. Be sure to adjust your Savannah’s collar to a comfortable but snug fit. You should be able to slip two fingers between the collar and their neck. This will ensure the collar remains snug in place but is not causing your Savannah discomfort or is so loose it easily slips off or catches.

Color Selection

You’ll also be happy to know that these collars come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some pet parents prefer the brightly colored collars such as neon orange or yellow for better visibility, but you can also select darker colors such as deep purple or black. Each collar also comes with a matching bell that can be removed if you don’t like it.

Be sure to read the included instructions for breakaway adjustments that will best suit your Savannah. If you have the setting too low your large Savannah could very easily remove the collar, defeating the purpose of having a collar.

On the flip side you also want to make sure if you have a Savannah kitten that you have it set to low in case they get caught and are unable to break away. Kittens are always getting into trouble as they are very curious, making the chances of it snagging more likely. The lower setting will still be strong enough for them to keep the collar on but will release in a dangerous situation.

Typically, most Rogz collars will sell for around $10, but prices may vary. In general, they are considered to be reasonably priced as far as quality collars go.


  • Strong durable materials
  • Adjustable breakaway clip
  • Reflective band for night visibility


  • May not be strong enough for larger Savannahs
  • If used improperly it could be counter intuitive

2. Ruff Threads BioThane Cat Collar

Based in Arizona, Ruff Threads brings you and your Savannah the options of safety, durability, and custom sizes for comfort. Found only on Etsy, Ruff Threads will create you a one-of-a-kind custom fit collar with a breakaway buckle, and they come in a wide variety of colors.

If you have a Savannah that seems to chew and claw their way through everything, this might be the collar for them. They’re made from a durable and safe BioThane material that has a soft rubber-like feel and is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It’s a collar built for long lasting durability, allowing you to spend less time replacing collars and more time with your kitty.


Unlike many fabric-based collars, the Ruff Threads collar is waterproof, making it less likely to develop odors from bacteria buildup from moisture. Additionally, being waterproof will also prevent it from causing your Savannah irritation around the neck. Wet collars can create rashes or even hair loss around the neck. Savannahs love the water making this collar ideal for their occasional dip.  

While not adjustable, the breakaway buckle has had a lot of positive feedback stating that it is strong enough to withstand most removal attempts by cats, while also serving its purpose to prevent injuries. This is a major plus as a lot of complaints surrounding breakaway collars is that they are too weak and break away under very little pressure, defeating their purpose.

Of course, keep in mind there will always be an exception to the rule. No breakaway collar is guaranteed to be completely Savannah proof. Some Savannahs are just too strong for their own good and can chew through virtually anything or get their foot wedged just right. However, overall, this collar is highly rated for its durability and functionality.

Measure Accurately

When ordering from Ruff Threads be sure to get an accurate measurement for your Savannah so that they are able to create the proper custom fit. If you have an old collar laying around that fits, use that as a measurement, or you could also use a soft waist measuring tape. If all else fails take a paper strip and mark the length around your cat’s neck and then lay it out flat and measure with a ruler.

These collars are also reasonably priced, and you can purchase a breakaway cat collar from around $8. Additionally, the company lists helpful tips for measuring as well as offering to give any other tips or advice during the ordering process. You can also add a bell for no additional cost.

Exchanges and returns are not accepted. However, the manufacturer does encourage those experiencing problems to reach out to them directly for assistance. 


  • Custom fit for ultimate comfortability
  • Breakaway design
  • Durable waterproof materials


  • Only available through Ruff Threads Etsy store
  • Returns and Exchanges NOT accepted

3. FriendshipCollar

* Check Price Here *

The FriendshipCollar is a match made in heaven not just for your Savannah but for you too! Now you and your Savannah can show off your matching FriendshipCollar and bracelet combo. Pick from a wide variety of high-quality collars and receive a matching friendship bracelet for yourself. Your “best friends forever” look will now be complete!

FriendshipCollars are made from high-quality vegan-friendly faux leather that is double stitched to prevent breakage. Additionally, they are known for their scratch and water resistance.

As with all our featured collars the FriendshipCollar features a breakaway buckle that is strong enough to resist normal Savannah roughhousing and everyday snags, while also preventing injury. The matching bracelet comes with a lovely gold traditional belt buckle.

A Reliable Option

You can purchase FriendshipCollars directly from the company, giving you several different color and pattern options. Additionally, you can also find them being sold by A1 Savannah Cattery, a well-known and reputable Savannah breeding program. That alone tells you that these collars are vouched for by true Savannah enthusiasts!

If you are interested in purchasing the matching set including the collar and the bracelet, you are looking at spending around $30 or more depending on the style, but you can also find select patterns through A1 Savannahs starting at around $17. Single collars without the matching bracelet sell at a discount on the FriendshipCollar website. Other online markets offer the collar but at a higher price.

While the price may seem steep, remember they are made of very high-quality materials and built to last a long time. Additionally, if you like to purchase from ethical companies, Friendship Collar uses all cruelty-free materials including the vegan leather, and each purchase goes towards feeding shelter animals. So, you can feel good, responsible, and trendy when purchasing your collar!

Fading Designs

While the majority of the reviews for this collar are overwhelmingly high, there are still some issues that pop up. Keep in mind that with the exception of the “Fabric Selection,” collars with patterns are screen printed onto the vegan leather and could fade overtime. Customers have reported anything between two weeks to several months before fading.

If you have concerns about the pattern fading, we suggest that you opt for one of the fabric designs, which features fabric such as denim sewn onto the vegan leather. There is also the option of different colored leathers that are naturally dyed as an alternative to the screen-printed patterns.


  • Breakaway design and adjustable size
  • Matching collar and bracelet
  • Ethical materials


  • Pattern versions are screen printed
  • Not the cheapest option

4. Beastie Bands

* Check Price Here *

The Beastie Band collar was developed by veterinarians and cat enthusiasts to provide a safe, durable, and incredibly comfortable collar. This collar is consistently praised as the collar for cats that refuse to wear collars, as it feels as though it isn’t there at all.

Each collar is made from an incredibly soft and stretchy neoprene material and is secured by a gentle textured Velcro. This collar is very different from the other collars mentioned as its safety release system is controlled by the flexibility of the material and ultimately the Velcro can also come undone in stressful situations.

Believe it or not, because the collar is so comfortable, cats including Savannahs almost never attempt to remove it in the first place making it easy to keep on. While it is stretchy, it isn’t too loose and flexible so that if your Savannah attempted to remove it, it won’t come off easily. The Velcro does also offer a little bit of reinforcement to keeping the collar on.

Comfort And Safety

Each collar measures 12.5 inches long and can be cut to your cat’s neck circumference, leaving no overlapping material that could potentially cause your Savannah discomfort. Essentially the goal here is to eliminate any reason for discomfort which would lead to your Savannah attempting to remove the collar. Beastie Bands are all about the comfort and safety of your cat.

Collars can be purchased from several different online market places as well as some select pet stores and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. This way your Savannah can maintain their stylish good looks while also being safe.

As far as collars go for Savannahs, this collar may be your best option in combating their natural tendency to want to chew, scratch, and destroy collars. Afterall, the whole point of the collar is to keep them safe in the event they escape your home, while also ensuring that they will not get snagged on anything that could cause them harm.

Reasonably Priced

The good news is that even if your Savannah does manage to eventually get a hold of the collar and destroy it, they are reasonably priced making it easy to have a backup. Hopefully you will never run into this issue and the Beastie Band will last a long time. Some pet owners have reported their Beastie Bands lasting as long as two years!


  • Soft and stretchy neoprene for ultimate comfortability
  • Can be custom fit to your Savannah
  • Budget price for high quality


  • May still be chewed or torn if removed
  • Velcro clasp may not be ideal for some cats

5.  TCBOYING Breakaway Collar

* Check Price Here *

Finally, we have our budget collar priced below $10 for a pack of six on most online marketplaces. While it is a budget choice it is still a good quality collar that you may find suitable for your Savannah. This is a great option if you are just toying with the idea of using a collar and want to see how your Savannah reacts before committing to a higher end product.

The price and quality may seem pretty unbelievable. However, these collars are still made of a woven nylon material that is meant to be comfortable and resistant to fraying. It also features a reflective strip similar to the Rogz collar, but it’s a glued strip rather than a stitched strip.

Kitten Choices

TCBOYING collars come equipped with a breakaway buckle meant to withstand normal wear and tear and any of your Savannah’s removal attempts. Buckles are not adjustable but are meant for adult cats. However, the company does offer collars specifically for kittens as well.

Each pack of six collars comes with a variety of colors and each collar has the option of having a bell so that you can better hear your Savannah too. However, many people complain the bell can be disruptive to them or even their cats who may find it annoying.

Having a pack of six also gives you plenty of opportunity to switch out colors for a change of appearance or simply because your Savannah finally managed to get it off! Having back up collars is also a nice idea in the event that it does begin to wear over time and needs replaced. While they are made to be fray resistant there is always a breaking point, especially if worn for a long time.

Multipack Is Ideal

As this is a budget item there are of course some draw backs. The material is meant to be strong and durable. However, some Savannahs may still put it to the test. Large Savannahs are going to be much more likely to have the strength to remove the collar and consequently destroy it in typical Savannah fashion. But that’s why it’s so good to have six of them!


  • Budget multipack item
  • Breakaway buckle and reflective strip
  • Good first collar choice


  • May not withstand larger Savannahs
  • Will wear out faster than higher quality collars
  • Glued reflective strip not as durable as stitched

Harness Options For Savannah Cats

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness

* Check Price Here *

This harness has been rated highly by several Savannah cat forums and blogs, mainly because of its enhanced durability. Originally designed for dogs, this harness is incredibly reinforced with high grade metal nesting buckles, rock climbing grade straps, and five size adjustable points. This harness has several sizes and can fit any Savannah cat.

The harness also has a soft and comfortable padded front chest plate that doesn’t apply too much pressure when your Savannah pulls on the leash. The “D” ring for leash attachment is positioned towards the back of the harness in order to take pressure off of your Savannahs neck and allow them to feel more in control.

Heavily Tested

Additionally, this harness was specially designed for car travel and has been crash tested using the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. This is the same standard used to test child safety restraints and car seats. So, you can rest easy knowing that your Savannah can also be safely secured during travel.

Some Savannahs truly hate cat carriers, and it can cause them a lot of stress. So, the added seat belt tether for this harness is a plus. Some owners complain that the harness caused some pinching in areas that irritated their pet and so they had to stop using the harness. Some Savannahs may find this harness uncomfortable and may prefer full fabric harnesses rather than straps.

The cost of this harness is going to be more expensive than your typical pet store harness too. High end harnesses like this are usually going to cost at least $40.


  • Highly rated and high-quality materials
  • Pressure reducing
  • Crash tested using Federal standards


  • May not fit all Savannahs
  • Can be uncomfortable for some Savannahs

2. Kitty Holster

* Check Price Here *

The Kitty Holster is a budget harness with a lot to offer, costing less than $30,this harness offers a lot of comfortability and a variety of sizes. Featuring a full fabric jacket made from breathable cotton this harness will keep your Savannah safe and secure during walks. The leash loop is also positioned further back to reduce pressure.

A full fabric harness versus a strap harness can be ideal for Savannahs, especially since they are considered escape artists! Strap harnesses do pose more risk of your Savannah slipping out if it is not sized and adjusted properly. The fabric harness on the other hand fits around the majority of your Savannahs chest and torso quite snugly, making it harder to slip out.

Breathable Fabric

The breathable cotton fabric is also ideal for summer walks and reducing the risk of overheating. Of course, in the summer you still want to monitor your Savannah closely while on walks, and to take care not to stay out too long. Heat exhaustion can be a serious threat to your Savannah’s life.

The only real downside to the Kitty Holster is that although it does come in medium and large sizes, some have reported that if you have a large F1 (17-20 pounds) this harness may be a bit too small. Instead, it may be more suitable for small to medium sized Savannah cats. However, the style of the Kitty Holster can be found in different brands and larger sizes. These do cost a bit more of course.


  • Full fabric coverage for secure fit
  • Breathable cotton prevents overheating
  • Budget price


  • May not fit larger Savannahs

Final Thoughts

While collars may not be the most practical choice for a Savannah cat and their destructive personalities, you might still prefer them over harnesses. Just remember to avoid traditional belt buckle styles altogether and opt for a breakaway design instead. A high-quality breakaway collar can last a long time and still keep your Savannah cat safe.

The best collar for Savannah cats is the Rogz NightCat Collar. Always select collars made from high-quality materials that are comfortable too. The less your Savannah notices their collar the less likely they are to try to remove it. However, ultimately if you want to ensure your cat is brought home safely in the event of them escaping, you should consider microchipping them for extra security