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The 5 Best Food Dishes For Bengal Cats

Your Bengal cat deserves the best, right down to their food dish. It may sound silly to put much thought into what your Bengal eats out of, but you would be surprised the benefits different dishes can provide. It’s therefore important to know what the best food dishes for Bengal cats are.

The 5 best food dishes for Bengal cats are:

  1. PetFusion Stainless Steel Bowl
  2. Necoichi Elevated Porcelain Bowl
  3. URPOWER Stainless Steel Bowls with Silicone Holder
  4. Zolen Silicone Slow Feeder
  5. PetSafe Smart Feeder

Finding a good food dish isn’t too complicated, and below we’ll discuss the different things to consider when looking for a new dish for your Bengal. Additionally, we’ll also cover which dishes have potential health benefits for a better eating experience for your Bengal cat.

Is A Raised Food Dish Better For Bengal Cats?

A raised food dish may be better for Bengal. By having the dish elevated, it’s thought it takes pressure off the neck and spine while eating. Additionally, it’s said to be easier for your pet to swallow and digest food.

When thinking about how your Bengal eats when their food dish is low, you will notice they have to crouch down placing pressure on their front legs, shoulders, and neck. This might not bother younger cats but over time, the pressure on their joints and muscles can build up and become a problem.

Older Bengals who may already suffer from arthritis and sore muscles will have an even harder time eating from this position. It takes a lot out of them to strain themselves down to the food, making them less likely to eat all their food in one sitting. Left over food means they are not getting the nutrients they need, and it can also attract pests who want the leftovers.

Elevated Aids Digestion

Eating from an elevated position aids the process of digestion using the natural force of gravity. If you really think about it, eating with their head down makes eating harder because they are fighting gravity to get the food in and tilt their head up to gobble it down. Just think how uncomfortable this would be for a human, it isn’t far off from how your Bengal feels.

Having their head tilted downward to eat can also cause difficulties for Bengal’s who have other disabilities, or ailments in the esophagus. If you were to tilt your head downwards, you could feel your neck muscles and chin pinching into your throat making it hard to swallow. For your Bengal it can be similar, and if they have an esophageal condition, eating down low could present more problems.

A raised dish that’s slightly tilted is even better since it doesn’t require your Bengal to bend their neck at all and makes for the most efficient way to eat. Even less stress is put on the neck and your Bengal can relax and munch away on their favorite dish.

Overall, eating from an elevated dish is going to be more comfortable and more enjoyable for your Bengal, which is what it most important. The more relaxed they are the less strain they are putting on themselves and the better off they will be.

Other Benefits

If you need more convincing, elevated dishes can be beneficial for owners as well. Of course, having a healthier Bengal free of joint and muscle pain will save you on extra vet bills, but it can also make things easier on you. Having dishes up higher means less bending all the way down to the floor and those extra few inches can make a real difference.

Finally, having your Bengals food further from the ground will help keep any pests or debris to a minimum. This will keep the area cleaner and more manageable for easier cleanup, as well as dissuade your Bengal from playing in their food or water dishes.

What To Look For In A Food Dish For Bengal Cats

There are literally thousands of cat dishes on the market, and for the most part, they have many features and designs in common. So, which one do you choose if many look the same? There are a few things to consider, such as the materials used, the shape, and elevation. Choosing the right dish will also mean taking your Bengal cat’s eating habits into consideration.

Food dishes come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different features that may better suite your Bengal and their needs. Many people stick with the basics, opting for the traditional round dish, or maybe the two-in-one food and water dish most often made of plastic. If there is anything you take away from this article, avoid dishes made from plastics!

Plastics are full of toxic materials that can eventually leach into your Bengals food or water and cause health issues. These dishes will break down faster, are porous, and can develop scratches, all of which can trap moisture and other bacteria that can make your Bengal sick. Many cats even develop acne from using plastic dishes, especially if they eat wet diets.

Selecting A Dish

When selecting a dish, it’s best to opt for metal, glass, or ceramic to help ensure your Bengal’s health.If you must purchase a plastic material, look for BPA- and PVC-free plastics, as they will be the safer option. However, it’s always best for your Bengal and the environment to avoid plastics whenever possible. Alternative materials are going to be around the same cost if not sometimes cheaper.

Most old school dishes are going to be your basic circular or square shape, nothing too special since the sole purpose is to hold your Bengal’s food. This isn’t a bad thing at all and most still opt for this simple design as it gets the job done. However, even with a basic dish you will want a skid resistant bottom.

Cats love to play and with a Bengal’s high energy drive it’s easy for them to want to bat around their dish across the floor. Selecting a dish with a silicone lining on the bottom will help prevent your cat from making a mess of things and pushing their dish across the floor.

Other dishes will come in a variety of colors shapes and sizes, most of which is for you more than your Bengal who could care less if their dish goes great with your décor. However, some dishes have specific shapes for different reasons. Round dishes are nice especially if you feed a wet diet, as it won’t get stuck in corners or crevices like a square dish.

Slow Feeders

Slow feeders are a type of food dish that will slow down your overzealous Bengal who loves to gobble their food down like a hungry hippo.These have little raised pieces at the bottom of the dish creating an almost maze-like look that prevents your Bengal from eating too quickly. This helps aid in digestion and prevents them from throwing up from eating too fast.

Slow feeders are also a great way to provide mental enrichment for your Bengal. These dishes require a little more thinking on your cat’s part for them to get every morsel. So not only are they getting a well-deserved meal, but they are also working their brains.

Other Considerations

Raised dishes, as we have discussed, are a great choice when looking for the perfect food dish for your Bengal. Available in several materials, shapes, and colors, you can find the perfect fit for you and your cat. Raised dishes can provide health benefits such as healthy digestion, alleviation of pressure on joints, and a relaxed eating experience.

Finally, if you feed your Bengal a dry kibble diet, you can always go for an automatic feeder. Most automatic feeders will be made of plastic materials, but they can be very convenient, especially if you work late or if your Bengal likes to eat early in the morning. Automatic feeders shouldn’t be confused with continuous feeders, which just allow food to flow as your Bengal eats from the attached dish.

Automatic feeders give you the ability to control what time and what amount of food your Bengal eats. Many have up to four time settings for throughout the day. If your Bengal eats about a cup a day, you can ideally split up their feeding times and dispense only a quarter of a cup at a time. This will keep your Bengal happy and well fed. Unfortunately, these feeders will only work for dry foods.

The 5 Best Food Dishes For Bengal Cats

1. PetFusion Stainless Steel Bowl

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If you like a nice simple and clean design, this stainless-steel dish will be the perfect fit. Made from strong, durable stainless-steel, this dish is corrosion resistant, impact resistant, and safe for your Bengal. High-grade materials mean a longer lasting dish and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Additionally, this dish is designed specifically for cats to prevent whisker fatigue. All cats, including your Bengal, have long whiskers that they depend on to feel their way around and know what is safe to fit through. Deeper dishes with smaller diameters hit those sensitive whiskers and can cause them to be over stimulated. This shallower, wider dish will avoid whiskers, relieving stress.

The PetFusion stainless steel dish can hold up to 1.6 cups of wet or dry food, and measures seven inches across. The round shape of the dish will help your Bengal get all their meal for full nutrition and help you clean up easier. Be sure to wash your Bengal’s dish regularly by hand or dishwasher to remove surface bacteria. This will increase the life span on your dish.

One of the only downsides to this dish is that it does not come with a slip resistant silicone or rubber ring on the bottom. This can potentially lead to your Bengal pushing it across the floor or sliding into it and sending it crashing through the room. However, a food mat or tray under the dish will prevent this.

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  • High-grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Prevents whisker fatigue


  • Doesn’t come with a nonslip bottom

2. Necoichi Elevated Porcelain Bowl

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The Necoichi raised porcelain dish is an excellent choice if you are interested in trying an elevated dish for your Bengal. These dishes stand four inches tall, giving plenty of elevation for your Bengal to eat comfortably without having to bend down and put stress on their joints and muscles. The dish is available in multiple sizes, including an extra-wide version to prevent whisker fatigue.

The food dish is made of high-quality porcelain that’s both microwave and dishwasher safe. The microwavable feature is great if you feed a homemade diet that is served warm. Being dishwasher safe makes for easy cleaning and sanitizing with your dishwasher’s high heat. This all makes for a cleaner, safer dish that will last longer than plastic dishes.

Each dish can hold between 1.5 to 2 cups depending on which size you purchase. All Necoichi raised dishes have an inner lip on the top edge of the dish to help keep food contained and not spill over when your Bengal is eating. The base is wide enough that your Bengal shouldn’t be able to tip it over, plus it’s heavier than most other food dishes.

With that said, where there’s a will there’s a way, and if you know your Bengal has a playful but destructive behavior, there’s always a chance they could knock it over. This can potentially result in not only a mess, but broken porcelain pieces all over your floor, posing a danger to your Bengal and yourself.

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  • Elevated for easier and healthier eating
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Designs for whisker fatigue


  • Potential to be broken if tipped over or dropped

3. URPOWER Stainless Steel Bowls With Silicone Holder

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Is your Bengal the destructive type? Taking out everything in sight, including every food dish you ever bought? This dish set may prove to be a challenge for them and a lifesaver for you. Each dish is made of high-quality stainless steel, and also comes with a silicone holder securing the dishes to the ground.

While it helps to keep your Bengals’ food dish in place, it’s also slightly elevated, making it a bit more comfortable to eat and drink from. The extra couple of inches in height make a difference, even if it isn’t as high as other elevated food dishes. The wide silicone bottom is equipped with two large mounds that the dishes fit into snuggly, making them extra sturdy.

Both the stainless-steel dishes and the silicone base are dishwater safe, making them easy to clean and sanitize. While you should clean your Bengal’s dishes every day, you only need to clean the base once a week to prevent bacteria from growing and making your cat sick.

Though this is a great selection for most Bengals, this dish set may not be the best option if they have problems with whisker fatigue. The dishes included are deeper and not as wide as other cat dishes and could interfere with your Bengal’s whiskers. Senior cats are at a higher risk of whisker fatigue and should stick to a wider, shallower dish.

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  • High-quality, non-slip silicone holder
  • Slight elevation


  • Does not prevent whisker fatigue

4. Zolen Silicone Slow Feeder

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If you want to try a slow feeder for your Bengal to slow them down or to give them mental stimulation, this Zolen silicone feeder will work wonders. With four divided puzzles, you can mix and match dry food, wet food, and even treats. Because it’s made of silicone, it’s plastic free, dishwasher safe, and skid resistant with suction cup bottoms.

Two sections of the feeder have deeper grooves with small silicone nubs that poke upwards to hide your Bengal’s food, making it difficult for them to munch it down too quickly. The other two sections are referred to as “lick mats” and are shallower. These sections are great for wet food or even lickable treats because your Bengal can’t eat them quickly but must lick the food out of each section.

The Zolen Silicone Slow Feeder is dishwasher safe for fast and easy cleaning and keeping things free of bacteria. Additionally, each feeder has silicone suction cups on the bottom to easily secure it to the floor, excluding carpet of course. Never again shall your Bengal slide their dish across the floor making an absolute mess!

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  • Slows down fast eaters and promotes mental health
  • High quality non-slip silicone


  • Some potential for chewing and ingesting the dish

5. PetSafe Smart Feeder

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If you are willing to spend some extra cash and want to treat your Bengal like a king or queen while also making life easier, the PetSafe Smart Feeder is for you. This is a top-of-the-line automatic feeder with all the bells and whistles you would want in a feeder, including some functions you didn’t know existed.

In 2020, the Smart Feeder was awarded the Pet Innovation Award for providing a high-quality feeder that will feed your cat the right amount and on schedule. Each feeder comes with high-tech Wi-Fi capabilities that can hook up to an Alexa receiving device or be accessed through your phone. This allows you to set scheduled feedings or feed on demand.

Feeding schedules can be programed within the Smart Feeder app and can be changed anytime. You will have the ability to control how much food is dispensed per feeding. Additionally, there is a slow feeder option for those Bengals who eat too quickly. Simply set it to slow feeder mode and each meal will be dispensed in smaller portions at a time.

Some common complaints about the Smart Feeder are that the software for the app is not always reliable and you need a strong Wi-Fi connection,since the feeder can not be plugged into the router. In order to use the app, you must have either an iPhone or compatible Android OS, so it’s best to consult the fine details to see if your phone will work with this feeder.

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  • Programmable app for feeding amounts and times
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • High-quality metal dish


  • Needs a compatible phone to operate app
  • Reports of Wi-Fi issues
  • Not elevated

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect dish for your Bengal cat shouldn’t seem so challenging, even with all the options out there. Try to choose an elevated design when possible, avoid plastics, and consider your Bengal’s needs. Select one that’s wide and shallow to help prevent stress on joints and muscles as well as to prevent whisker fatigue. Slow feeders are a great option if your Bengal is a fast eater too.