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The 5 Best Cat Harnesses for Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are incredibly unique hybrids that love to do many interesting activities. For example, they absolutely loveto go on leashed walks with their owners. However, it’s always important to find the best possible harnesses for Savannahs to keep them comfortable and safe.

The 5 best cat harnesses for Savannah cats are:

  1. GAUTERF XL Cat and Puppy Harness
  2. Kitty Holster Cat Harness
  3. Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness
  4. FAYOGOO Cat Harness
  5. AVCCAVA Cat Harness

There are many things you should know about using a harness with your Savannah cat. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know, as well as the absolute best cat harnesses to invest in for your Savannah.

What To Look For When Buying A Savannah Cat Harness

When buying a harness for your Savannah cat, you want to look at a few different things. First of all, you should only ever look at harnesses that are made for larger cats, or that have larger sizes that you can choose from. Even if you have a later generation Savannah, your cat is probably still larger than an average house cat.

So, any harness you buy needs to be able to properly fit your Savannah’s larger size. Take your cat’s measurements, as most harness brands will have a chart that you can look at to determine the best size for your pet. For the most part, F1s and large Savannahs will always need an XL-sized harness, though this isn’t always the case. Therefore, measurements can really help.


The overall quality of the harness is also incredibly important. Savannahs are energetic and playful pets. Chances are, when you take your cat out for a walk, they’ll want to jump around and run as much as they can. So, having a high-quality harness that is made with breathable, flexible material is vital.

The quality of the fastenings — whether it’s Velcro, clips, or any other type of fastener — should also be as high-quality as possible. These are the features that keep your cat safe and prevent them from potentially getting out of their harness.

Comfort Level

You should always be sure the harness you choose for your Savannah cat is as comfortable as possible for them. This goes hand in hand with the quality of the harness. If the quality is low and made from itchy material, your cat won’t be comfortable. Then, every time you take your Savannah for a walk, their anxiety could rise because of the uncomfortable material they’re forced to wear.

Stick to a breathable, almost flexible material that is easy to wash. Chances are your Savannah will get their harness dirty at some point, so you need a harness that can be washed easily. You also want something that feels light to your cat and doesn’t make them feel constrained.

Obviously, no cat likes being restrained, and many feel exactly like this when wearing a harness. Eventually, your cat will learn how to deal with their harness, but they’ll probably get used to it faster if it’s made of comfortable, light material! Also pay attention to how the harness fits around their neck, as this may cause them some discomfort if it’s too small.

The 5 Best Harnesses For Your Savannah Cat

1. GAUTERF XL Cat And Puppy Harness

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Finding a harness that can comfortably and safely fit your Savannah cat can be a littledifficult. It seems that so many harnesses are made for smaller, regular-sized cats that weigh around 10 pounds. So, finding a harness for your 20+ pound Savannah can become frustrating. But the GAUTERF Cat and Puppy Harness in XL will solve all your problems!

Truly a great harness and leash set, their XL size is the perfect size for most Savannahs, even rather large ones. If your cat is quite small, you can get another size. This harness is also comfortable and is made from quality material. The material is breathable and not too heavy, and it also has reflective strips that can help you see your cat if you’re ever walking when it gets dark outside.

This GAUTERF harness is also super easy to get on and off, yet it’ll be near impossible for your Savannah to get out of it when they’re not supposed to. Plus, because of its breathable material, this harness is great for running, jogging, climbing, or walking!


  • Made of breathable, flexible material that makes it perfect for cats who like to run or climb
  • Comes in various sizes, though the XL size seems to be the best for adult Savannahs
  • Has a reflective stripe that makes your cat easy to see in dim lighting


  • Some reviewers with small/medium cats experienced difficulties with the size of their harnesses. However, most reviewers with larger cat breeds experienced no such issues

2. Kitty Holster Cat Harness

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An incredibly lightweight harness that comes in a variety of different sizes, the Kitty Holster Cat Harness is also a wonderful choice for Savannah cats. While it does have quite a few sizes available to choose from, Savannah owners will probably need an L or XL size, depending on the measurements of their cat.

This harness is also machine washable, which is always a plus. In terms of fasteners, it has two fuzzy Velcro-like ways to keep your Savannah in their harness. Some owners love this method, while others prefer clasps, so this could be either a pro or con for each individual person. However, it has good reviews and many customers state that their cat can’t get out of it at all without their help.

This harness is made of high-quality material that is undyed, which makes it a wonderful option for cats that have allergies. This is also great for those who don’t want their cat to wear dyed, or unsafe, items!


  • Machine washable
  • Comes in a variety of different sizes and colors
  • Undyed, so great for cats with allergies
  • Made of high-quality cotton material


  • Because of the Velcro fastening, the harness can be stiff and not very flexible in some areas

3. Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness

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A harness that many Savannah cat owners love, the Yizhi Miaow Cat Harness comes in many different shades, colors, and sizes, giving owners a wide range of products to choose from. This harness is padded, which allows your cats to be more comfortable while wearing it. However, if you live in extremely hot temperatures, this harness may be a little too padded for your cat’s liking.

The harness is fastened with a “magic” tape, so no buckles here. However, it’s not quite Velcro, so it appears this type of harness is still quite flexible, making it great for more rambunctious Savannahs. If you don’t like Velcro, you might not like this one either. It really just depends on what you, as a Savannah owner, prefer!

The only downside to this harness is its size range. According to the brand, the XL size is for any cat over 11 pounds. That’s quite a large range. Therefore, if you have a very large Savannah — 20 pounds or more — the XL might not fit them well. Be sure to compare your cat’s specific measurements to the company’s sizing chart.


  • Padded and comfortable for cats to wear
  • Loved by Savannah cat owners
  • Large range of colors and patterns to choose from


  • For those who don’t like Velcro, this harness is fastened with a similar “magic” tape, So you might not like this fastener either
  • For very large Savannahs, even the XL might not fit well enough. It’s probably best for average-sized Savannahs of all generations

4. FAYOGOO Cat Harness

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If you’re not a fan of the Velcro fasteners (as they can be quite restrictive), the FAYOGOO Cat Harness is a good option. Instead of Velcro, the fastener here is an interesting rotator buckle that might not be as stiff on your Savannah. Therefore, this type of harness might allow them to move around easier, or at least have a more comfortable time when they jump around!

The one real con about this harness is its size range. While they have a large size, they don’t have an XL size. The brand states that a 15-pound cat can fit their large size, but you should definitely compare your cat’s measurements to their size chart. Because of this, only smaller Savannahs (probably F3 and later generations) will do well with this type of harness.


  • Their rotator buckle fastener allows your cat to move about more freely


  • While they have a large size, they don’t have an XL size. Some F1 and F2 Savannahs may not be able to fit these harnesses, depending on their measurements, though most later generations probably can

5. AVCCAVA Cat Harness

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A harness that can universally be used for cats, dogs, rabbits, and more, the AVCCAVA Cat Harness comes in many colors and sizes. This harness is made from high-quality, breathable material. However, the harness has many fasteners attached to it to ensure that while your Savannah feels comfortable, they won’t be able to get loose.

This harness has two buckles to help ensure it’s not too tight on your Savannah’s chest. It also has a Velcro strap to help keep the harness snug on your cat. With both a buckle and Velcro, you can really ensure that your Savannah is as safe as possible when wearing this harness. This harness also has a reflective strip for when you walk your cat at night!

There are many sizes to choose from, as the harness runs from small to XL. According to customers, the XL truly does fit even the largest of cats!


  • An adjustable buckle and a Velcro strap makes this harness easily likable for many owners
  • Made of lightweight, breathable material


  • While the Velcro on this harness is different, some owners who have rather rambunctious Savannahs may feel that it is still a little too constraining, and not as flexible as it could be. If you have a calmer Savannah, this harness will be fine

How To Harness Train Your Savannah Cat

Some regular house cats can be trained to go for leashed walks, though it seems like no cat breed picks it up as fast and as willingly as Savannah cats do. Because of their exotic genes and almost dog-like personality, Savannah cats are incredibly unique animals that can be trained to easily do things most regular house cats won’t do.

Therefore, it’s fairly easy to train your Savannah cat to go on a leashed walk while they wear a harness. However, just like when you train your cat to do anything, this will require time and patience. While it’s best to train your cat how to walk on a leash while they’re still young, you can still train an adult Savannah to go for walks with you!

While every cat is different — and, therefore, unique in what they respond to — there are a few tried and tested ways to harness train your Savannah cat successfully, which we elaborate on below.

Get Your Savannah Used To Their Harness First

Before you even think about putting your new harness on your Savannah, you should get them acquainted with the harness first. Start by showing them the harness and leaving it out where they can easily access and sniff it if they want. Once this new object becomes old news, it’s time to go to the next step.

Any time your Savannah interacts with their new harness positively, reward them with treats. Once they’re well acquainted with their harness, it’s time to put it on them. Chances are that your cat won’t react positively to wearing their harness at first. Savannahs hate to be constrained, and most do not initially enjoy wearing their harness.

Start slow, and only allow your cat to wear their harness indoors (without doing anything or attaching a leash) for a few minutes at a time. Reward them when they walk around in it. Slowly increase the time they spend wearing their harness each day until they begin to get used to it.

What To Do If Your Cat Hates Their Harness

If your Savannah isn’t improving at all when it comes to wearing their harness, there are a few things you can try. Sometimes, cats will be awfully dramatic and act like they can’t walk when their harness is on. Check to be sure that the harness is on correctly. When you’re certain they’re just being dramatic, try bringing out their toys and playing with them.

Once they play around while in their harness, they’ll realize they can move. It should get easier from here. If not, you might have to associate wearing their harness with going outside. While many owners prefer slowly introducing new things to their Savannah, other owners have found that their cat responds well when they realize wearing their harness means going outside.

So, when you put your Savannah in their harness, also attach their leash and allow them to go outside (preferably in a back yard or safe area where they’re away from cars and people). Don’t try to walk them just yet. Just allow them to sit and understand that the harness means time outside. Once they feel better about wearing their harness, it’s time to train them to walk with a leash!

Start Leash Training Them Indoors

Once your Savannah cat is used to their harness, it’s time to train them to walk on a leash. Even if you’ve taken your Savannah outside on a leash before, always train them to walk with it while indoors. Outside, there are so many things that will keep them from focusing on the task at hand. Inside, it’s easier for them to keep their focus.

Start slowly, and only dedicate a few minutes a day to training. Attach the leash to the harness and walk around your house with your Savannah, lightly pulling when necessary to get them used to what it might be like when walking outside. Always reward them when they do what you want them to do.

Once your Savannah begins walking with you quite easily, you can begin to take them outside in slow increments. Start with only a few minutes at a time. If you can, only take them in your backyard (or another closed-off outdoor area away from others) to get them used to this new experience. Gradually, you can take them elsewhere and on real walks as they get used to going outside with you!

Final Thoughts

Finding a harness that comfortably fits your Savannah cat and also keeps them safe doesn’t need to be hard. The best one out there is the GAUTERF XL Cat and Puppy Harness. Hopefully, with this list above, you’re able to find a cat harness that works for both you and your Savannah!