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The 5 Best Litters for Savannah Cats

In a world where there are hundreds of types of cat litter to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to pick the right one for your Savannah. You want something that your Savannah will like and will keep your home clean and fresh, so it’s helpful to know the best litters for Savannah cats.

The 5 best cat litters for Savannah cats are:

  1. Naturally Fresh Walnut Shell Cat Litter
  2. World’s Best Cat Litter
  3. Pretty Litter
  4. Tractor Supply Co. Pine Pelletized Bedding
  5. Dr. Elsey’s

As we examine the best rated litters, we will also discuss Savannah cat behavior in relation to being litter trained and their preferences. Additionally, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to select the best litter for you and your Savannah.

Savannah Cats’ Attitude About Their Litter And Litter Box

Despite their unique personalities, Savannah cats are still a domesticated breed that can be litter trained. In fact, because of their intelligence, it can be quite an easy task, especially if done when they’re still kittens.

Most breeders who will sell you a Savannah cat will have already litter trained them before they are sent home to live with you. This is a crucial part in the early development of the Savannah kitten’s behavior and habits. Litter boxes are introduced fairly early at as little as 6 weeks, and they usually learn by watching their mother.

Natural Habits

Furthermore, cats of all breeds are naturally inclined to dig and then bury their waste and a litter box supports that natural instinct in a convenient and accessible space. If there is no other space that can promote this instinct the kitten or even an adult Savannah will naturally want to use it to do their business.

There are still a few obstacles that you may encounter when litter training, involving accessibility, litter box style, and the type of litter that you use. Some cats can be picky about their litter and how it feels on their paws, and the same goes for their litter box. If a litter box feels too confined or in some cases too open, your Savannah may feel uncomfortable and opt for a “safer” location.

Pick The Right Place

When placing a new litter box, you want to make sure it is in an area your Savannah already frequents or in a secluded area. While cats are predators, they still prefer to have a full view of their surroundings and a wall to their back during this vulnerable act.

As for their litter you may want to stick with whatever their breeder was using if it suits you and your household. If you have to change litters it is suggested that you mix half new and half old in order to transition your Savannah to the new one, especially if the smell and texture are vastly different.

What To Look For In A Cat Litter And Special Tips

When selecting a cat litter, you want to be aware of a few things, including the ingredients, amount of dust, tracking ability, and longevity versus the cost. A large cheap bag of grocery store litter may seem like a great idea. However, it probably will not last very long, have lots of dust, track all over the house, and contain harmful ingredients.

Many traditional clay litters are guilty of having a high dust content which may not seem that big of a deal until you consider what’s in it. Silica based litters and even bentonite litters contain small particles and sometimes added chemicals and/or fragrances that can be inhaled, causing respiratory issues.

This is not only limited to you, but it can also cause issues for your Savannah and result in upper respiratory infections.

The Less Dust The Better

Consider that dust can also accumulate not only when you are scooping or pouring litter, but while your Savannah is digging, which can kick up urine and fecal filled dust containing harmful bacteria and even parasites. So, at the end of the day, you want to make sure you are selecting a low level or dust free litter.

Clay litters also tend to track through your home more easily, either because it is fine grained or if it cakes to your Savannah’s feet and later deposits elsewhere. This means gross, smelly and bacteria-filled litter makes its way through your home and comes into contact with other surfaces, posing a danger of cross contamination.

To be on the safe side, consider purchasing a medium to large grain type of litter that is also made up of all natural ingredients. This will benefit the health of you and your Savannah while also being a fairly environmentally conscious choice. So, what are the best litters for Savannah cats?

The 5 Best Litters For Savannah Cats

1. Naturally Fresh Walnut Shell Litter

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This is a great all-natural litter option for the environmentally friendly conscious pet owner, while also being a great alternative to dust-filled silica-based clay litters.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the conventional clay litters which can be a dusty nightmare, Naturally Fresh may be for you. This litter is said to be virtually dust free making it a lot safer, minimizing the risk of inhaling unwanted dust that can cause allergies.

Plenty Of Benefits

Dusty litters can also be harmful to your Savannah who can develop allergies and potentially respiratory problems. This makes Naturally Fresh a safer and better option for both you as a pet owner and your Savannah. Additionally, minimal dust also means little to no tracking of litter throughout your home.

Because it is made from all natural walnut shells you can also rest easy knowing that this litter is a more environmentally conscious option, as well as leaving less of an impact on the planet. While it can be composted, it is still recommended to be disposed of in the trash where it will still biodegrade in a landfill, rather than using it in your garden where it can still pose other dangers.

Long Lasting  

This litter is excellent at clumping, making it easier to scoop and maintain. Additionally, it is highly rated for keeping urine smells down, keeping your home smelling fresh. If you are a responsible litter scooper, scooping twice daily, this litter is said to last up to one month before you need to replace the contents with a new bag.  

Naturally Fresh comes in a variety of options to suit any situation, including a multi-cat formula, ultra-odor control, kitten training, and an all-natural scented variety. Each litter comes in a 26-pound bag and costs around $20 at pet stores and online marketplaces. Considering it lasts up to a month, this is a good bargain.

Beware Of Nut Allergies

A downside to the patented walnut blend is that it would be unwise to use the product if you or anyone in your household is allergic to tree nuts. While its benefits are far and wide, if you have nut allergies this litter has the potential to cause an allergic reaction.

If your allergies are severe enough, contact with the skin could cause irritation and even though dust is at a minimum, if it is inhaled it could cause anaphylaxis. So, if you do have nut allergies, we suggest you find a better alternative with similar qualities without the walnut shells.

Some customers complain that the clumping action of the litter may be almost too good. Some have reported moist litter becoming clumped and hardening to their cat’s paws. In this case the litter either falls off the paws later around the house, or it is so stuck that the owners have had to physically remove it.

This litter may stain the litter box or the fur of light-colored cats. This could be due to the natural tannins within the walnut shells that when wet could leach out and cause staining. However, this does not seem to be a common or recurring problem and is more than likely due to some batches having more tannins present.

However, overall this cat litter is a great, all-natural choice for your Savannah cat.


  • Virtually dust and odor free
  • Advanced clumping action
  • Wide variety of formulas


  • Risk of nut allergies
  • Possible staining
  • May harden to your Savannah’s paws

2. World’s Best Cat Litter

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The name may be bold in nature, but many cat owners – including Savannah owners – have boasted this litter to be exactly what it says it is!

This litter may not actually be the world’s best by everyone’s standards, but it has been listed as one of the top-rated cat litters several years in a row including in 2021. For one, it is another environmentally friendly option completely made from biodegradable corn. It is also said to be 99% dust free, silica free, and uses no artificial chemicals or fragrances.

Because it is free from chemicals and fragrances that usually just mask odors, it is actually much more successful in locking in odor making your home smell fresh. With regular, twice daily scooping, your home can keep smelling fresh for up to a month of use.

Flushable Litter

Perhaps the most alluring quality of World’s Best is that it is flushable and has been tested to be septic and sewer safe so you can skip the trash can. However, while it has been tested several times to be flushable in any home, it is always recommended that you never flush too much at once. Simply scoop as you regularly would and flush down the clumps you have removed.

When it comes time to replace the litter with a fresh bag, split the amount of litter you flush into two batches. Just like you should not overload the toilet with your own waste or toilet paper, the same goes for this litter. However, when done properly, having flushable litter really cuts down on the hassle and trash bags needed for non-flushable litters. 

Long Lasting Litter

Finally, the price of this litter is a steal at around $30 per 32-pound bag and is said to last up to 67 days in a two-cat household. This is based on two domestic cats and could vary depending on the size of your Savannah(s). However, even if you have two Savannahs or an extra-large F1, the bag should still last you over a month.

Some owners say that World’s Best Cat Litter is not as dust free as it claims to be. Via photo reviews you can see that in some cases the litter batches can vary from coarse to finely ground corn kernels.

The finer grain bags tend to create more of a dust or sand that can cause plumes of dust when pouring into the litter box. Additionally, because it has much finer grains, it is easier for your Savannah to track all over the floor and other surfaces it may walk on. While this is not the case for everyone, it is something to consider when purchasing.

Watch Out For Insects

Another common issue with World’s Best that may make you want to consider another option is the possibility of “meal moths” or “pantry beetles” which can invade the corn-based litter. While it does not always happen, because the litter is corn based it can harbor these tiny insects as it makes its way from the farm to processing, and eventually to packaging. 

Initially you may not see any insects at all, but after a while the dormant eggs can hatch making, their presence known as they crawl through your Savannah’s litter. These insects are not harmful in any way to your Savannah, but they can become a nuisance and depending on the location of their litter box eventually make their way into your pantry grains (cereals, rice, pastas, etc.).

Some Handy Tips

Many customers who have had the experience have simply moved their bags of litter to their garage or into a sealed container in order to avoid the little critters from invading other places in the home. Another trick if you really love World’s Best and don’t want to make the switch is to add diatomaceous earth into your Savannah’s litter.

This special substance is made up of a finely ground siliceous sedimentary rock. It is commonly found in most pet stores or garden shops and will eliminate these little bugs at no harm to your Savannah or yourself.

However, despite these potential issues, World’s Best cat litter is still a brilliant option for your Savannah cat, especially if you have a few of them in the same house.


  • Environmentally friendly and flushable
  • Low dust and hypoallergenic for most users
  • Lasts up to 67 days


  • Possibility of containing or attracting meal moths and pantry beetles
  • Grain size is inconsistent from bag to bag and could contain more dust than advertised

3. Pretty Litter

Pretty litter has been specially developed by veterinarians and pet scientists in order to be a completely safe litter option for you and your Savannah cat. The silica-based gel that makes up Pretty Litter is specially developed to absorb liquids while also not swelling in humid conditions or expanding in the intestinal tract if swallowed.

Because it absorbs all of your Savannah’s urine within the crystals, you will never have to worry about litter box smells ever again! Scooping is made easy, only needing to worry about removing solid waste which can be easily flushed.

Very Lightweight Savannah Cat Litter

Pretty Litter is ultra-lightweight and can absorb multiple times better than traditional litters. As it absorbs nasty odors, the water in your cat’s urine naturally evaporates. Because nearly all the liquids evaporate, Pretty Litter, even after use, is much lighter and easier to dispose of once it’s ready to be switched out.

Perhaps the most alluring quality of Pretty Litter is its added proprietary blend formula that helps monitor your Savannah’s urinary health. This special blend allows the silica gel crystals to react and turn different colors under different conditions, which could indicate different health problems based on the urine’s pH levels or if there is a presence of blood.

This revolutionary addition to the litter can help you save a lot of time, money, and even your Savannah’s life by simply having an early warning system in place. Health issues related to urine can often go unnoticed until it’s too late, causing your Savannah a lot of pain and bringing with it an abundance of vet bills.

Buy Only What You Need

The Pretty Litter team is always on standby to help their customers with any questions and can help create the perfect subscription for you and your Savannah. They can help determine how many bags of litter you may need per month based on the number and size of cats in your household.

On average, one bag should last one average-sized cat a whole month if used properly. For a Savannah cat you may need one and a half to two bags per month based on their larger size. You always want to make sure you maintain at least 2-3 inches of litter in your Savannah’s box for it to work efficiently and to support your Savannah’s natural instinct to dig and bury. 

While Pretty Litter is certainly one of the best on the market for both convenience and health support for your Savannah, there are a few downsides. One is that you buy it through an online subscription directly from the company. However, you can now order it or pick it up in store at select Target locations for a slightly higher price.

Subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis. However, you can space out deliveries and order for multiple months. Typically, a one cat household will only need one bag per month. However, Savannah owners should order based on two cats.

Not The Cheapest Option

For one Savannah cat with one litter box the cost per month for two bags of Pretty Litter would be around $40. Suggested use for a Savannah would be one and a half bags for their litter box, so if you had two Savannahs with two boxes you could get away with ordering a total of 3 bags, costing about $60.

While there are plenty of benefits, especially the health indicator properties, it can become quite costly for owners with multiple Savannah cats. If you find that you are on a budget, as Savannahs can be costly in general, you may want to consider a different litter, or contact the company directly about their bulk discounts.


  • Scientifically developed formula for the health and safety of your cat
  • Health indicators for early warning signs of health issues
  • Odor and dust free


  • Online subscription only
  • Can become expensive for multi-Savannah homes

4. Tractor Supply Co. Pine Pelletized Bedding

Tractor Supply Co. can be found in 49 states, and they have their own online store for easy ordering, making it easy to locate and purchase their pine-based bedding. These compact pine pellets are used for cats in homes as well as different animal shelters around the country.

Originally designed for horse stalls and other livestock these pellets are super absorbent, virtually dust free, and they eliminate odor. They are made of all-natural 100% pine with no added glues or other binders making them safe to use for your Savannah cat. Because of their original outdoor design, they are also resistant to bacteria, insects, and mold.

Knowing When To Replace It

If you’re scoopingtwice daily,you can remove solid waste while the pellets themselves are busy absorbing liquid urine. You will know when to remove pellets when they begin to expand and break down. Once the majority of the pellets have broken down and begin to turn to powder it is time to change out the box and add new fresh pellets.

Once you’re ready to dispose of the used pellets, you can just throw them away or compost them. However, because it contains feline waste you do not want to use the compost on any edible plants. Some just throw it in the normal trash and others flush the remains down the toilet. Always consult your plumber or property manager before flushing anything to ensure the system can handle it.

Because this litter is in pellet form, it is dust free and has very little chance of being tracked outside of the litter box. This is of course assuming your mischievous Savannah doesn’t like to throw their litter everywhere during their very serious archeological digs for the perfect bathroom spot. 

Very Cost-Effective

While there are many other pine pellet-based litters marketed specifically to cats, the Tractor Supply Co. brand works just as well, if not better, and is a fraction of the cost. Each 40-pound bag will only set you back around $6 and will typically last up to two months for a single Savannah home with one litter box.

So, for a multi-Savannah home you can really save a lot of money while still providing a safe and high-quality litter. That’s a whole lot of savings that can go towards vet bills, food, or fun new toys for your Savannah. 

Although there are nearly 2,000 locations across 49 states, not everyone is located near a Tractor Supply Co. store, meaning they have to order online. For some people this may be inconvenient, especially if you need to get litter that day, though in that case you should probably always have an extra bag on hand.

An Odd Texture

Some Savannah cats may not like the texture and refuse to use it. In this case you may need to be a little patient or try a litter attractant to help get your Savannah used to the new litter texture. While they are pellets, your Savannah should still be able to naturally “dig” during use.

Older cats could possibly find the pellets a tad painful between the toes of their feet, as their joints become more sensitive with age. If this is the case, you will more than likely have to change to a gentler, finer grained litter option.

If you know that you are not great at keeping up with litter box maintenance these pine pellets may not be the best option. As they absorb more urine they will begin to break down and eventually become a much finer powder that does not clump. However, if you’re all about getting the best price for your Savannah cat litter, this is a hard product to match!


  • Very inexpensive but still high-quality
  • All-natural locally sourced pine, making it eco-friendly
  • Low dust, long lasting, and no odors


  • Can only be purchased at a Tractor Supply Co. store or from their online shop
  • Not ideal for those who do not scoop daily as pellets do not clump and break down over time
  • Pellets may be too large and painful for senior cats

5. Dr. Elsey’s

* Check Price Here *

Dr. Elsey’s litters are well known and have been recommended by veterinarians everywhere, while coming in a variety of choices. If you are more traditional and prefer a clay-based litter, Dr. Elsey’s is your safest option as it offers the lowest level of dust accumulation and is additive free. This is a high-quality clay litter with cheap grocery store brands not even coming close in comparison.

While many other clay litters on the market use different additives that can be harmful to you or your Savannah, Dr. Elsey’s science-based formulas are made with 100% bentonite clay. This clay has a super clumping ability to make scooping solid and liquid waste easy. Clumps are dense and help prevent caking at the bottom of the litter pan, making switching out litter a breeze.

A Tidy Product

With their medium sized grains to keep litter tracking outside the box at a minimum, and with an added litter mat, any stray grains can be easily contained. Grain size is also what helps keep dust levels down when your Savannah is using the litter box as well as when you have to pour in fresh litter.

Variety is what Dr. Elsy is all about, and there is a litter for any cat with any needs. Two of their most popular options include the heavy-duty multi-cat household bag, as well as their litter attractant blend. The attractant blend is great for first time litter box users or for those stubborn Savannahs who have decided to rebel against their litter box.

An Affordable Option

Additionally, this is a very affordable litter costing you only around $19 for a 40-pound bag that can last nearly two months with regular scooping. This includes Savannah cat households, as their original formula is considered to be great for multi-cat households.

While there are plenty of positives, at the end of the day this is still a clay-based litter, and for the environmentally conscious owner it is not the best fit. Clay litters require strip mining in order to procure the clay which can have a major impact on the landscape. Additionally, clay litter breaks down a lot slower than other more biodegradable litters.

Not The Safest Option

Dust can still be a concern even with Dr. Elsey’s low level dust formula, and inhaling bentonite clay particles can cause respiratory issues for you and your Savannah. Additionally, if you have a curious Savannah who likes to eat everything under the sun this litter can be quite dangerous if ingested. Because of the clumping action, if enough is consumed it can cause blockages in the intestinal tract.

Finally, there is still the issue of tracking litter. Although it is greatly reduced with the medium grains there will still be inevitable bits of litter scattered around your home. However, if you truly prefer a clay-based litter and want a personalized blend for your Savannah, Dr. Elsey’s is a good choice.


  • Multiple formulas for any household
  • 100% bentonite clay with no other added harmful chemicals or materials
  • Best clay litter option on the market


  • Still requires strip mining for clay and is not very environmentally friendly
  • Can still cause dangerous dust inhalation or obstruction if ingested
  • Has the potential to be tract through the house

Final Thoughts

The most important things to remember when selecting a cat litter for your Savannah is to keep their health in mind as well as yours. The best litter for Savannah cats is Naturally Fresh Walnut Shell Cat Litter. However, if you have a picky Savannah that will only use clay, a medium grain additive-free litter such as Dr Elsey’s would be the way to go.