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The 5 Best Litter Mats For Bengal Cats

Litter is perhaps the number one complaint of all cat owners. The battle to keep litter contained and off your floor can seem never ending. This is where getting the best litter mat for your Bengal cat can make all the difference.

The 5 best litter mats for Bengal cats:

  1. Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Mat
  2. Polarduck Cat Litter Trapping Mat
  3. iPrimo Cat Litter Trapper
  4. Pioneer Pet Reversible Litter Mat
  5. Catit Litter Mat

Finding the right litter mat can be a challenge, but there are plenty of helpful tools and techniques that we will discuss below. With the wide assortment of shapes and materials in the market, narrowing down your options will help you save money and keep the litter off your floor.

What Is A Cat Litter Mat?

A cat litter mat is a mat that catches litter after your cat exits their litter box. A good litter mat will be designed to trap litter (and other messes your cat may leave behind) and keep your floor clean.

If you are just starting out as a cat owner, whether it’s with a Bengal or another breed, you will quickly discover that litter tends to get everywhere without a mat. Traditional clay litters, or even plant-based litters with a similar appearance, tend to be the biggest culprit.

These types of small, grained litters tend to get trapped in your Bengal’s toes and are later deposited outside of the box. Even more litter might escape depending on your Bengal’s bathroom behaviors. Some may just cover everything up and step out, while others are furry archeologists who scoop and throw litter as they are doing their business.

Do Cat Litter Mats Really Work?

Litter mats really do work, if you buy the right one for you and your cat’s situation and needs. How well a litter mat works depends on what type you use, how big it is, what your cat’s litter habits are, and what type of litter you use.

All litter mats will work, but if you don’t do your research then many will only reduce the amount of litter that escapes, rather than eliminating it altogether. The type of litter you use can definitely affect how efficiently your mat works. If you have clay or fine-grained litter, then you’re going to want a high-quality mat with plenty of grooves for the litter to get trapped in.

Certain materials may not work as well, especially if you are worried about accidents, like your Bengal going to the bathroom outside of the box. Mats made of soft fabrics like microfibers won’t be the best option as they have the potential to be harder to clean and less effective too.

Different Types Of Cat Litter Mats

There are plenty of different types of mats on the market, varying in size, material, texture, and even shape.Which one you get will depend on your preferences and how well they work for your Bengal and their litter type.

Rubber Or Plastic Mats

The most popular materials are rubber or textured plastic.Rubber is popular because it has a somewhat sticky texture that can grab onto litter. Plastic is similar, and both materials are often used to create mats with added grooves. Grooves can be small trenches, bumps, or pockets throughout the mat.

Other rubber mats may be smoother, designed to utilize the natural texture of rubber and have litter stick to the surface as your cat exits the litter box. These mats may not contain the litter quite as well, unless it takes up a large area of space around the box.

Sponge Mats

Another common material used is sponge. Designed to have a sticky texture, these mats are almost always made with accordion grooves or trenches to help trap the litter between them for easy disposal later.

Microfiber Mats

Microfiber is a newer material that has been popping up in litter mats with some mixed reviews. Similar to a bathroom rug, microfiber mats have little nubs all closely together that resemble a shag carpet. These mats are great at trapping loose litter, but may not be the best choice for a messier Bengal as they are not waterproof.

Mixed Media Mats

Other mats may combine materials for different purposes. For example, many mats incorporate both rubber and plastic. Rubber helps hold the mat in place, while woven textured plastic keeps litter trapped and helps remove any excess from your Bengal’s feet.

Shapes And Sizes

Mats also come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. If you have a small cat then a small mat is appropriate, but for a larger breed like a Bengal you will need to buy a larger mat. Some mats are even able to interconnect like puzzle pieces for your specific needs.

Other shapes may include squares, rectangles, circles, and semi-circles, all of which are useful in different situations and for different shapes and sizes of litter boxes. It all comes down to a matter of preference and what your needs are.

What To Look For In A Litter Mat For Bengal Cats

You may have decided on which type of mat would work best for your Bengal, but that doesn’t mean that all of the mats in that style are the same.Some rubber mats will be better than others, which is why it’s helpful to know what to look for when it comes to the quality of the materials and how to get good value for money.

First, you need to consider what type of litter you use. If you use a smaller grain you’re going to want a mat that will trap the litter but also make for an easy clean up. Mats with deep trenches are great for this, but make sure to avoid grooves that are too thin, as they will be hard to clean out later.

Double Layer Mats

Typically made with plastics or rubber, double layer mats are designed to have litter fall through into a secondary tray. These are great for both fine grained litter and larger litter such as pellets. Litter simply falls through the top layer and can easily be transferred back into the tray.

Double layer mats are also waterproof and will help catch any occasional accidents or stray feces that end up out of the tray. This makes clean up easier and gives you the ability to hose down your mat when it needs to be cleaned. This means you never have to put your mat in your washer, risking damage.

Rubber Or Plastic Mats

When purchasing rubber or plastic based mats you want to make sure the base of the mat is slip resistant, especially if you have a Bengal that likes to sprint out of their box when they’re finished. A lack of non-slip grips will mean the mat is flung across the floor, often scattering litter across the whole room!

Foam Mats

Good quality foam mats tend to be fairly good at gripping to the floor.However, many are made of lower quality materials and will slip and slide around. This makes the mat flimsy, hard to clean, and easier for your Bengal to slide it away or crumple it up when marking their areas after using their tray.

Most foam mats are susceptible to damage from your Bengal if they decide it makes a good scratching mat. If this happens, small chunks of foam can litter the floor in addition to the cat litter. These small bits can be ingested by your cat, causing intestinal problems. For this reason, you may want to avoid cheaper foam litter mats.

Microfiber Mats

When thinking about buying a microfiber mat it is essential that it is of high quality. These mats tend to be more prone to wet or gunky messes that can be difficult to clean. They aren’t easy to clean litter off either, and youmay end up with more trapped pieces and have to resort to a vacuum.

Microfiber mats may also need to be put through a washing machine in order to be cleaned when they become too dirty. You could also hose it down and put it in the dryer, but ultimately either of these methods make them less durable. It’s also possible for them to fray, or for your Bengal to choose to scratch them up or even try and chew on the shag.

Ultimately, the things you want to look for in a litter mat are high quality materials, good grip, appropriately sized grooves or holes, and a hygienic design. This will ensure that your mat works for your cat and will last a long time. Of course, you also want to make sure it covers the appropriate amount of area based on your litter box size.

The 5 Best Litter Mats For Bengal Cats

1. Gorilla Thick Grip Cat Litter Mat

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As the name implies, this mat is made to have an ultra-strong grip to keep it in place and prevent your Bengal from moving it around. The less movement a mat has the better, as it lowers the chance of the mat being slid across the floor or crumpled up.

Slip Resistant

The base of the mat is made from a heavy-duty, slip-resistant rubber, and topped with deep grooved, woven diamond coils. These textured squares throughout the mat help trap litter that is tracked out of the box, but it also helps get loose litter off your Bengal’s feet, much like a doormat.

Because it is water resistant, this mat can stand up to accidents outside of the box without liquids seeping through to your floors. If you encounter one of these messes, then it’s easy to just hose down the mat with soap and water and allow it to drip dry. For regular cleaning you can simply shake the mat back into the box, or use a vacuum.

Strong But Gentle

While it is made of heavy-duty materials, it is also gentle on your Bengal’s paws and will not irritate them. Alternatively, if they decide to scratch at the mat, it will be able to withstand their claws. The high-quality material makes for a very long-lasting mat that you will not have to replace for years if cared for properly.

Additionally, the Gorilla Thick Grip comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There is a color to fit with any décor, in any shape you may desire. Choose from sizes as small as 24” x 17” or as large as 47” x 35” inches.

Best For Small Grained Litter

This mat would be great for small grained litter as it can be trapped easily. However, if you have larger pellet litter it may not work as well as the coiled squares that are on the mat will not be able to catch the chunks in the same way. While not a super low budget option, this mat is fairly priced for the quality of the material.


  • Super non-slip grip material
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • May not be appropriate for larger pellet litters

2. Polarduck Cat Litter Trapping Mat

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The Polarduck mat is appropriate for any type of litter, with a double layered honeycomb frame, urine and waterproof materials, easy to clean design, and high quality materials. Each mat is made up of two layers. The top layer features a honeycomb design with holes large enough for small and large grained litter, while the bottom layer collects all the litter that falls through.

What makes this mat stand out from other, similar designs are its side handles and reinforced Velcro bindings. For regular maintenance you simply pick up the mat by its handles and open the front end, then empty the litter back into the tray or into the trash can. For deep cleaning, you can completely pull the mat open like a book and wash it out.

Heavy-Duty Velcro

The heavy-duty Velcro will reseal and remain leak proof after cleaning, making it super convenient for any cat with special needs. More accident-prone seniors would greatly benefit from this mat. Additionally, the soft material the mat is constructed from is easy on the paws.

Made from BPA-free EVA material, you can rest assured that your litter mat is also safe and free from toxins for your Bengal, with the added benefit of using a more eco-friendly material compared to plastics and rubber. The EVA is also what gives this mat its softer more comfortable texture.

A Range Of Sizes

The Polarduck comes in small and large sizes, ranging from 24” x 17” and 31” x 26”, which should be large enough for most Bengals. There are two colors available – black and grey – which can blend in nicely with most homes. For the quality, the price is fairly reasonable.


  • Double layered to trap small and large litter
  • Easy clean up and deep clean
  • Gentle on cat’s paws


  • May require some additional training for cats prone to going outside of the box

3. iPrimo Cat Litter Trapper

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The iPrimo is a similar product to the Polarduck, being a double layered litter trapper, with a honeycomb top layer. It too is designed to trap small and large sized litter and prevent it from being spread throughout your home.

Great For Bengals Of All Ages

The bottom section of this mat is reinforced with multiple layers of material to repel urine and reduce odors trapped within the material. A great mat for seniors or for kittens that are still learning to use the litter box and prone to accidents. The honeycomb top layer is made from a water-resistant EVA material, and is soft and pliable, making it easy on your Bengal’s paws.

The base is slip resistant, keeping the mat in place on any floor and preventing it from sliding and spreading loose litter. While it doesn’t have handles like the Polarduck, it does still pull apart from the Velcro lining that holds it together when in use. The company also suggests that you can use a training pad between the layers for even easier clean up if desired, but this isn’t necessary.

Not The Best For Clumping Litters

This mat may not be suitable for use with clumping litters, mainly because if any moisture is present on the mat the litter can become clumped in the honeycomb holes, making it a little more tedious to clean.

Another issue is that the bottom layer does not have a lip to catch liquids once you take off the top layer. The solution to this would be to pick up the mat, folding it ‘hotdog style’ to contain the liquid, then opening it safely over a sink or bathtub, or outside. Once open, simply rise out the mat or use soap and water.


  • Waterproof double layered design
  • Soft materials that are gentle on paws
  • Easy maintenance


  • May not work as well with clumping litters
  • No raised lip on bottom layer to stop liquids when mat is opened

4. Pioneer Pet Reversible Litter Mat

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As far as foam mats are concerned, the Pioneer is the way to go and is a highly recommended mat for fine grained litters. However, if your cat is prone to urinating outside the box or if you are in the middle of box training, this mat may not be best for you. While it is great at trapping litter it is not urine proof and could leak.

Easy To Clean

This mat is known for being easy to clean, by simply rolling it up and shaking out the litter. It can also be machine washed with cold water, if laid out flat to dry. So, while there is potential for urine to seep through the material, the mat itself can be washed.

Many Bengal owners prefer this mat for the soft foam material that’s gentle on their cat’s paws. The Pioneer can be secured by fitting under the front portion of your cat’s litter box. It is a fairly generous size, measuring 24” x36”, and would be suitable for most Bengals unless you have an extra-large and extra-messy cat.

Efficient Litter Catcher

It is reversible, with the color options of grey or beige. Unfortunately, the Pioneer does not have as strong a grip as some other litter mats. However, it’s still good at catching litter, with small grooves that trap litter but release it easily when you shake it. This mat is budget friendly and of fairly good quality for a foam mat.


  • Affordable
  • Soft and gentle on paws
  • Good for fine grained litters


  • Lower quality grip and may slip around
  • Not waterproof or urine proof

5. Catit Litter Mat

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The Catit mat is similar to the Gorilla Thick Grip mat in that it has a woven diamond coiled surface layer that is efficient at capturing litter. It also has excellent grip on all surfaces and does not require anchoring down. Materials include high quality rubber and plastics for water resistance and easy cleanup.

Good For Large And Small Grain Litter

The major different between this mat and the Gorilla is that, instead of having coiled squares with spaces between them, the Catit has circular pockets within the mat that are surrounded by coils, so there is no way for litter to roll off the mat but will instead get trapped in the pockets. This makes the Catit great for large pellet litter as well as fine grain, unlike the Gorilla.

Cleanup is easy, as you either shake out the mat or go over it with your vacuumfor fast and efficient cleanup. The large size mats measure 24” x 35” making it large enough for most Bengals and their boxes. The small mat, however, is probably only appropriate for smaller cat breeds or kittens.


  • Heavy duty with strong grip
  • Special pockets to collect small and large litter
  • Easy to clean and water resistant


  • Small mat may not be practical for Bengals

Final Thoughts

When choosing a litter mat for your Bengal, find something that is made of high-quality material, has at least some water resistance, provides good grip, and has grooves or pockets appropriate for the litter you use. Additionally, your mat should be gentle on your Bengal’s paws to prevent discomfort. The best litter mat for Bengals is the Gorilla Grip Thick Cat Litter Mat.