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The 5 Best Toys for Savannah Cats

If you already own a Savannah cat it will come as no surprise to you that they are rather destructive with their toys. Savannahs are typically larger and more energetic than the average house cat and therefore need toys that can step up to the challenge.

The 5 best toys for Savannah cats are:

  1. Ethical Skinneeez
  2. KONG toys
  3. One Fast Cat Wheel
  4. CatTail Teaser
  5. CHOKMAX cat balls 

While we will discuss the pros and cons of the current top products, we will also cover what types of toys to avoid when shopping around. Additionally, this article will discuss the important role that toys play in your Savannah’s physical and mental development. 

Why Your Savannah Cat Needs Plenty Of Toys

Toys are an important part of any cat’s growth and development, but with a Savannah’s unique personality and high energy drive it is essential. Savannah cats are notorious for getting bored easily and can even get lonely in your absence, leading them into trouble. Cats are opportunists, making their own fun out of what you may consider valuable such as wires, curtains, and furniture.

Left to their own devices, Savannah cats can be quite destructive and have been known to destroy furniture, climb into cabinets, unravel toilet paper, climb the family Christmas tree, and much more. This chaotic destruction is tied directly to a lack of toys and climbing areas. Cats have natural instincts to climb, chase, and “kill,” which you as the owner are responsible for fulfilling.

Give Them Options

Creating a proper habitat for your kitty and spending lots of time with them is an essential part of being a pet owner. Providing plenty of cat friendly spaces and safe toys will keep your cat occupied, making your living room curtains less of a target! Just remember in addition to the toys to have plenty of cat trees or other cat friendly high spaces for your Savannah to run, jump, or hide on. 

Providing toys that your Savannah can enjoy unsupervised is important, but don’t forget to also have interactive toys such as a wand at hand. Wand toys are a great way for you and your Savannah to spend time together engaged in a game of “cat and mouse”. Providing the simulation of the hunt satisfies your Savannah’s natural urge to stalk and capture prey, providing mental enrichment.

Toys are also a great way to get your Savannah to exercise, especially if you have interactive toys such as a wand or electronic toys. Cat wheels are another excellent choice when considering your cat’s physical health. While Savannahs are far from lazy, maintaining an active lifestyle through toys and play can help prevent feline obesity, which can lead to other health problems.

What To Look For When Buying Savannah Cat Toys

An important thing to remember is that your Savannah is not your average house cat and will ultimately be much larger overall, including having larger claws and teeth. Most house cats reach up to 10 pounds on average, whereas a Savannah can weigh up to 22 pounds or more. This is a major difference when considering which toys are appropriate.

Many Savannah owners will tell you that your average cat toy will be torn to bits within an hour or two. When shopping around you want to find a toy with sturdy materials and with reinforced stitching. Soft plush toys should always be an appropriate size, with minimum stuffing, no dangly strings, or small sewn on pieces (eyes, bells, etc).

No Extra Bits

Plush toys with a lot of stuffing or extra little accessories sewn on can ultimately become a choking hazard or a future intestinal blockage. Toys with feathers sewn on are also a potential hazard when left unsupervised. If you are going to use feather toys these should be during play sessions where you can closely monitor your Savannah.

Some pet owners will purchase their soft plush toys from the dog section of the store or online marketplace as they are already made to take more abuse than the average cat toy. Additionally, dog toys are generally larger as well and therefore more appropriate for your Savannah. Ideally, toys for your Savannah should be between 8-14 inches long.

Choosing Dog Toys Instead

For hard plastic or rubber toys similar rules apply, and you will want something larger and less likely to be swallowed. Typical “jingle ball” type toys will be too flimsy for your Savannah and their powerful jaws and teeth, and you want to try something more like a tennis ball size. Again, the small dog toy section will prove to be a great resource.

With any toy that you buy for your Savannah you should always be there to monitor them when they first play with it. Some Savannahs are more destructive than others and you will have to find out which toys can stand up to the challenge. If you see any major wear and tear on your cat’s toys, dispose of it and replace it with a new one before they can swallow any small pieces.

Now that you know what to look for in a cat toy for your Savannah, it’s time to look at our top picks.

The 5 Best Toys For Savannah Cats

1. Ethical Skinneeez

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These popular soft toys come in a wide variety of sizes, animal shapes, and some even have bungee cord action. Skinneeez are considered a top-notch toy made of strong materials and they come stuffing-free.

These toys do not come with any added stuffing or dangling accessories, making them safe from choking hazards for your Savannah. While they offer cat options, Skinneeez were originally made for dogs, which is why the materials and stitching are very durable. This makes it harder for your cat to destroy them.

Different Sizes To Choose From

Toys are offered in jumbo cat size measuring 8-12 inches or, if you have an extra-large Savannah, you can go for the small dog size measuring 14 inches. They also come in a variety of shapes including squirrels, foxes, beavers, cows, chickens, and more, all with squeakers included. Others come with crinkle layers for added texture and sound enrichment.

Finally, the price is relatively cheap for a durable toy your Savannah can get hours of play from before you need to replace it. Most Skinneeez toys cost between $5-$10 depending on the size and textures.

Pick The Right One

Some owners have complained that these toys may not be as durable as they would like. Specifically, this seems to relate to the realistic mouse toys which have tails that are fairly easy to rip off, and they are smaller than desirable to begin with.

You also want to make sure you purchase this toy directly from the company or another trusted pet outlet. There have been some reports of other companies on Amazon passing off similar toys as Skinneeez products, that sometimes are less durable and even sprayed with odd smelling chemicals.


  • Lots of variety to choose from
  • Durable, and large enough for Savannahs


  • Some of the smaller toys aren’t very durable

2. KONG Toys

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KONG is a well-recognized brand in the pet community, known for theirdurability and their toys were originally crafted to withstand the jaws of large dogs. KONG has since started making toys for all pets including cats with the same durable dependability.

KONG toys are popular for not just their durability but also for their wide variety of different toys for play as well as those specifically designed for mental enrichment. The “Kitty KONG” is modelled after the original KONG toy created for dog enrichment. Here is what KONG had to say about the “Kitty KONG”:

“The Kitty KONG is a toy and treat dispenser designed specifically to tap into the natural curiosity and hunting instincts of your cat. Squeeze a little of the KONG Easy Treat into the KONG for your cat to enjoy. You can also use a pinch of catnip or your cat’s favorite dry kibble inside this versatile toy. With its lightweight construction, the KONG toy can be batted, rolled or bounced by your cat.”

Various Options To Choose From

In addition to the “Kitty Kong” the company also offers a wide variety of other great cat toys that can live up to the challenge of a Savannah. Puzzle toys by KONG are a great way for your Savannah to engage in play while also sparking their natural hunting instincts to seek out and find hidden treats.

KONG has a lot to offer for your Savannah no matter what kind of play they like to engage in. To top it off there’s something for everyone no matter your budget, with toys starting as low as $3. The popular “Kitty Kong” is available for around $5 at most pet retail stores.

Marketed Towards Housecats

The only real con to KONG products for cats is you have to keep in mind what is safe for your Savannah and what is not. While KONG is known for making high quality durable toys their cat products are still marketed to your average house cat. That isn’t to say none of their cat specific toys are not good for your Savannah, but some do come with materials that are not suited for them.

If you have a larger Savannah (17-22 pounds) you may want to consider a small dog sized KONG toy and treat dispenser over the “Kitty KONG” that may be too small for some Savannahs. Other toys to avoid would be those that include small strings and feathers that can be easily ripped off and swallowed.


  • Great choice for larger Savannahs
  • Several cat-oriented options


  • Some of the smaller toys aren’t great for Savannahs

3. One Fast Cat Wheel

* Check Price Here *

The snazzy One Fast Cat wheel is not only a great toy, but it also serves as a great means of exercise to burn off all that pent up Savannah energy and keep that lean physique.

There are many exercise wheels for cats on the market, but One Fast Cat has been ranked number one in the most recent 2021 review. This wheel was designed with large cats like Savannahs in mind, so you can rest assured this wheel is the right fit for your kitty. It’s very popular in the cat community for its sleek orbital design and doesn’t have any spokes and instead rests on rollers.

Easy To Clean

Another great reason to choose the One Fast Cat wheel over others is that the company makes all of their wheels out of recycled plastics, making it a great choice for the environment as well. The big plastic wheel is also easily removed from the stand and can be hosed off and washed periodically when required.

Ultimately the best part about any cat wheel is that your Savannah will be able to reap the benefits of getting fit. Cat wheels are a great way for your cat to get much needed exercise, and you can add different scents such as catnip or pheasant scent to add some enrichment too.

The Price

The One Fast Cat wheel is the most fairly priced around in terms of materials and quality. Most marketplaces sell this wheel for about $250, compared to other brands that sell for as much as $600 with lower ratings.

For some, the price may be a little discouraging and will not fit into their budget, which is understandable as having a Savannah cat is already an expensive endeavor. However, a cat wheel isn’t your only option for getting your Savannah to exercise.

Some Cats Won’t Use It

A common issue people bring up with cat wheels in general is that for some cats it takes a bit more time and training to get them to use one. Savannahs are well known for their intelligence but even they may take some time to warm up to the idea.

Most Savannah owners will entice their cats by using treats or catnip, slowly working them up to the idea. In other cases, Savannahs take to the wheel right away and have loads of fun.


  • Great way to get your cat to exercise
  • Very solid construction


  • Not all cats will use this
  • Fairly expensive

4. CatTail Teaser

The CatTail Teaser wand toy puts other wand toys to shame with its durable design and popularity amongst Savannah cats.

This wand toy is made of a durable extendable aluminum material that starts at 10 inches and can be extended to 47 inches. While simplistic in design the braided faux suede string is a hit with all cats not just Savannahs. It’s built to last if properly cared for.

Handy Design

The telescopic design is also great for storage versus other wand toys that are stuck in one long position. Additionally, the faux suede is a safer option as opposed to other wand toys with feathers or small toys attached to the ends that your Savannah can easily sink their teeth into, making it difficult to get back (and possibly easily swallowed).

Wands toys offer great bonding moments between you and your Savannah while keeping them active. Enjoy long play sessions on the ground with the shortened CatTail Teaser or go for the full extension, having your Savannah jump up on their cat tree chasing down their prey.

Most retailers sell the CatTail Teaser for around $15, which is slightly more expensive than other high quality wand toys that usually top out at $8-$10. However, if you can afford to spend the $15 this could be the last wand toy you ever buy for your Savannah! Ultimately this makes it save more money in the long run versus replacing cheaper wands over time.


  • Very durable
  • Extendable design is practical and portable


  • A bit more expensive than other wand toys

5. CHOKMAX Cat Balls

* Check Price Here *

ChokMax cat ball toys are a great interactive toy that your Savannah cat can enjoy even when you don’t have time for a play session. Each ball has a small motor inside that rotates, making these fun toys move about the house for your Savannah to chase. The ball also has a small red light inside for extra enticement. Additionally, they are rechargeable and last for up to four hours of play!

All you have to do is touch the small button on the side and place the ball on the ground and watch your Savannah chase and capture its “prey”. We know not everyone always has time to get the cat wand out for a play session and this toy helps fill in those gaps. Its simple design is also free from small parts, feathers, and tails, making it a safer option to leave your Savannah alone with.

Good Source Of Exercise

Besides providing enrichment for your Savannah’s natural instincts it’s also a great way to get them to exercise. Lots of exercise will help prevent feline obesity and maintain your Savannah’s naturally sleek and lean body. Plus, at around $12 it’s a fair price for an electronic toy with long battery life.

This toy seems to do best on hardwood floors, tiles, and other hard surfaces, and doesn’t move as much when used on carpets. The carpet slows the toy down or may stop it all together, making it less fun for your Savannah. So, consider your own flooring before going for this toy.


  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for play sessions when you’re not home


  • Not a great toy for carpets

Final Thoughts

The best toys for Savannah cats are the Ethical Skinneeez toys. When choosing a toy, remember to look for durability, functionality, and never purchase any toys with small parts or excessive stuffing. Every Savannah is unique in their own special way, and finding the right toy for them may take some trial and error. What’s important is that they are well entertained and get plenty of exercise.