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The 5 Best Treats For Savannah Cats

You want everything that your Savannah eats to be wholesome and healthy – even their treats. Knowing how often you should give your Savannah treats is all part of being a good pet owner, and it’s also important that you only buy the best treats for Savannah cats.

The 5 best treats for Savannah cats are:

  1. Cat-Man-Do Bonito Flakes
  2. Greenies Dental Treats
  3. Nom Nom Jerky
  4. Simply Treats by The Simple Food Project
  5. True Chews Sticks

Just like with your Savannah’s food you want to know what ingredients to look out for – both good and bad. Additionally, you should monitor how much and when you are giving your Savannah treats and if it will affect their diet. Learn more about all of this, and which treats are the best, below.

What Makes A Cat Treat Healthy?

As with regular cat food, not all treats are created equal and can be filled with just as many undesirable ingredients. Treats are meant to be given as a special reward, but there is a difference between snack food and junk food. Treats that are pure filler, high in calories, and high in sugar, can be very unhealthy and even cause health problems.

You want to avoid cat treats that are high in calories, as you want to be able to give your Savannah more than just one or two (depending on their size). High-calorie treats can offset your Savannah’s recommended intake for the day. Remember that cat treats should only make up about 10% of their diet and the rest should be their normal meals.

The Risks Of Unhealthy Treats

Lots of calories along with too much sugar can increase your Savannah’s chances of becoming overweight or even diabetic if you are not careful. Treats are treats, and they’re not a substitute for real food, or affection for that matter. Give pets quality attention more often than snacks and it will go a long way to building your relationship with your Savannah.

Select treats without any artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other additives that serve no benefit such as grains. Like with humans, snacks don’t have to be unhealthy and can still taste great. Select treats made from real meat proteins and other natural additives like catnip, cat grass, or parsley. All of these taste great to your Savannah while keeping them healthy.

What To Avoid

Of course, you can spoil them every now and then with something a little “richer” like a piece of cheese, some egg, or a tablespoon of yogurt. These are all things that you should give in moderation, however they are still made of wholesome natural ingredients. You want to avoid other harmful foods including chocolate, raisins, and anything high in salt, as they can be toxic.

Some great treat options for Savannahs can include whole proteins such as chicken, beef, fish, and lamb. Freeze dried treats or jerky are excellent choices that preserve the food’s natural nutrients and flavor that your Savannah will love.

Extra Treats

Additionally, you can offer the occasional bone, be it a in chicken leg or thigh, served raw and never cooked. Cooked bone can actually splinter and cause your Savannah to choke or have bits of bone caught in their intestines. Raw is a much better option and the Savannah breed is often accustomed to a raw diet, making it perfectly safe.

Of course, any raw meat should be served as fresh as possible. Get your raw meat from a reliable source and always check the packaging date. If possible, buy local or organic to ensure the quality of the meat.

Tips On Giving Your Savannah Cat Treats

Remember that treats are special and shouldn’t be given too often or your Savannah will become accustomed to having them all the time. This can also cause your Savannah to develop the habit of begging, especially if you give them food from the dinner table. Additionally, just like people, Savannahs can also develop a bit of a “junk food” addiction, which can lead to a dislike for normal meals.

Treats are a great way to reward your Savannah for performing different tasks, whether it’s sitting still while putting their harness on or enduring getting their nails trimmed. Giving them a small treat afterwards for good behavior is a great way to provide your Savannah with positive reinforcement. Giving treats as rewards can make training your Savannah much easier.

Follow It Up With Play

Of course, there is no harm in the occasional treat “just because” either, and this can show your Savannah a little bit of extra love. Just remember to follow up these treat sessions with some pets or even play time with a toy. This shows affection and strengthens the bond between you and your Savannah.

However, don’t use treats to discipline your Savannah. It may be very tempting to get your Savannah to get off the table, fridge, or shelf by using treats as a “bribe”, but in the long run you are just instilling the bad habit further. Each time you give them a treat to make them stop bad behavior, you are really saying that if they do that behavior it will result in treats.  

Be Careful With Bones

If you are giving your Savannah raw meat with bones in it for their treat,then you want to be sure that you are there to supervise them. Bones in treats can be an excellent source of enrichment for your Savannah, not to mention great for their teeth. But it is still better to err on the side of caution and be sure they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

Generally speaking, you want to make sure your Savannah’s treats are not making up a large portion of their diet. As mentioned, it is recommended that treats only make up about 10% of your cat’s diet. Some veterinarians recommend only giving treats 2-3 times per week. However, this is not a strict limit, especially if you are only giving treats when it is appropriate and in small amounts.

If you are unsure how many treats to give your Savannah, look at the label for guidance. High quality treat brands are going to give you clear nutritional information and feeding suggestions. If followed properly you can give your Savannah treats daily for training or good behavior purposes, as long as it does not exceed their normal daily intake.

The 5 Best Treats For Savannah Cats

1. Cat-Man-Do Bonito Flakes

* Check Price Here *

These tasty crunchy fish flakes make for a wholesome and delicious treat for your Savannah cat. Containing only one ingredient, you can rest easy knowing there are no harmful additives or fillers, just pure dried fish. Cat-Man-Do bonito flakes are a great treat or even a meal topper, adding some extra nutrition to your cat’s diet.

Bonito is also a fish often used to make dashi, a popular fish stock used in many Japanese based soups such as miso. So, you can rest assured that your Savannah is being spoiled by some of the highest quality food found on the market. Cat-Man-Do bonito flakes are a human-grade protein source, making it a healthy and safe treat that you can feel good about.

High Protein And Low Calories

Cat-Man-Do bonito flakes are high in protein and low in calories so you can splurge a little at treat time. Being low in calories also means even your heavier Savannah can enjoy some snack time without worrying about putting on extra pounds. Additionally, these flakes contain taurine, which is an essential amino acid, along with fish oils that promote a healthy coat.

As far as prices go, Cat-Man-Do bonito flakes are available in different sizes of bags at a relatively reasonable price for the quality. Their largest bag is only 4oz, but keep in mind how light these dried fish flakes are. So, in reality this large bag will actually last quite a while when used properly.

Use A Resealable Bag For Storage

You will however want to keep these bonito flakes in a sealed bag after opening. If exposed to air for too long they can actually absorb moisture and become soggy and spoiled. If this happens you will lose the natural freshness and even risk ruining the whole bag. So, consider using a resealable bag or a clip to keep moisture out.

Overall, these bonito flakes have ranked highly when taste tested by cats. However, there are some picky cats out there that may turn their nose at these fishy flakes. Before committing to a large sized bag, you may want to try out one of their smaller 1-ounce bags first.


  • Uses only one high-quality ingredient
  • Low in calories and high in protein
  • Can be used as a treat or meal topper


  • Can spoil quickly if left open to the air
  • May not be the best for some picky Savannahs

2. Greenies Dental Treats

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Greenies brand treats can be found anywhere from grocery stores to fancy high end pet shops and are a good quality brand that you can trust. The company offers a wide variety of treat options for both cats and dogs in several flavors, all with the goal of maintaining good dental hygiene.

While not a substitute for regular dental cleaning and checks ups, Greenies can help prevent bad breath and the formation of plaque. Because they are crunchy, they actually help clean your Savannah’s teeth by scraping away plaque. Different flavors, like parsley, can also improve your cat’s smelly breath.

Plenty Of Choice

Even the pickiest of Savannah’s should be able to find a flavor they love, whether it’s chicken, salmon, or even catnip. The catnip flavor might add a little extra excitement too, or in some cases relaxation depending on your Savannah. Either way it’s a crunchy delicious snack your Savannah cat will love!

Relatively low in calories, Greenies recommends up to eight crunchy morsels a day as long as it doesn’t interfere with their normal diet’s caloric intake. A Savannah’s diet should be made up of mainly protein with relatively few calories, so portioning out eight a day should be just fine.

Ideal For Training

Because they are small in size and you are able to give multiple at a time, these crunchy treats are great for training purposes as well. You can also load them into your Savannah’s favorite puzzle toy or treat dispenser for some added brain exercise. Making your Savannah work for their treats can help with enrichment and brain activity, as well as preventing them from eating too quickly.

Best of all, Greenies are budget friendly for virtually any household. Available in small packs and bulk sizes, these treats are reasonably priced and can be kept on-hand at all times. Many pet stores and online markets often have variety pack deals so your Savannah can try out multiple flavors all at one low price.

As far as ingredients go, Greenies fall a little short compared to some other high-end cat treats. Overall, the ingredients are not going to be harmful to your Savannah, but they do contain some grains and other fillers like gluten meals. This also means they do have more calories than other treats and you do not want to exceed their recommended daily intake.


  • Reputable brand and widely available
  • Helps maintain dental hygiene
  • Budget friendly and available in a variety of flavors


  • Contain more calories than some other treats
  • Not grain-free

3. Nom Nom Jerky

* Check Price Here *

Just like humans, cats are big fans of jerky, a popular dehydrated and sometimes smoked treat made from a single protein source such as beef or chicken. The Nom Nom brand uses human-grade ingredients to make their jerky treats for both cats and dogs. It is super high in protein and low in calories, making it an excellent choice.

Jerky is also a great option because it is a bit tough and chewy, which is good for your Savannah’s teeth. It will also keep them occupied for a while as they gnaw away at their tasty treat, providing a great source of enrichment. As you may know, Savannahs get bored very easily, and working their way through a chewy treat is a great way to prevent this.

High-Quality Ingredients

Every bag of Nom Nom jerky is made from 100% high protein restaurant-grade USDA chicken or beef with no added preservatives. In fact, you might say that this jerky is even better than some jerky marketed to humans! This treat is definitely reserved for the most spoiled of Savannahs.

Because of its high-quality human-grade meat, Nom Nom jerky isn’t the cheapest option on this list. It definitely isn’t budget friendly, but the price is fairly justified based on the quality. If you decide to splurge on this tasty treat, we suggest that it is given as an extra special reward and not as an everyday treat. 


  • Made from high-quality proteins
  • Great source of enrichment


  • Expensive

4. Simply Treats By The Simple Food Project

* Check Price Here *

The Simple Food Project strives to give your pets the best by providing foods and treats developed with veterinarians. Their products are made from high-quality, high-protein, locally sourced ingredients that are of human-grade quality. No hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, or other undesirable ingredients are used, only leaving room for single protein sources that are healthy and delicious. 

Simply Treats come in various delicious flavors to satisfy any Savannah’s preference, including wild caught trout, wild caught salmon, chicken liver, bison liver, white fish, and duck. Each batch is freeze dried and not dehydrated to preserve all the flavor and nutrients, and is nearly as good as giving them raw treats, without the worry of spoilage.


When stored properly and kept sealed these treats do not need to be refrigerated and will last as long as your Savannah allows! However, be sure to keep them sealed, as moisture can cause the treats to rehydrate and spoil. Each pack has a resealable top, but you can also keep them in an additional airtight container to ensure long lasting freshness.

Simply Treats are sold exclusively on The Simple Food Projects website. They’re made in Wisconsin, so if you live in the US shipping times are short and pretty convenient. However, for those of you looking for a treat you can find readily in the store, these treats are not yet available elsewhere. However, the company is working hard to bring their product to more venues in the near future.

Fairly Pricey

While not as expensive as Nom Nom’s jerky, Simply Treats are still moderately high in price but not unreasonable. Considering that all their ingredients are human-grade and locally sourced, the higher price is justified.


  • Single human-grade protein ingredients that are locally sourced
  • Freeze dried raw to preserve full flavor, nutrition, and freshness


  • A little pricey
  • Available only through the company’s online store

5. True Chews Sticks

* Check Price Here *

This is another great product with limited ingredients, with a whole protein source listed as the first ingredient, so you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality treat for your Savannah. You won’t find any added grains, soy, artificial flavors, or additives. All ingredients are sourced and prepared in the United States.

These treats are available in three flavors – duck, chicken, and fish. Other ingredients may include pea or potato starch which can be a deal breaker for some pet owners as they are both considered unnecessary added ingredients. However, in these treats they are used mostly as a binder to create the stick shape of the treat and are not detrimental in small amounts.

Still Relatively Healthy

Foods containing these kinds of starches and proteins provide unnecessary extra calories, but as a treat they are considered to be in moderation, much like potato chips for humans. However, these treats are mainly made up of whole meat proteins and are relatively healthy for your Savannah.

Similar to Nom Nom’s jerky, these chewy treat sticks help occupy your Savannah and can be good for their teeth, although they are not nearly as tough and chewy as jerky. Nonetheless, they are a tasty alternative to the everyday bite-sized crunchy or soft treats your Savannah may be used to. Think of it as adding a little variety and changing it up a bit!

While they are not low-quality, True Chew Sticks still contain less high-grade ingredients found in some of the other treats listed, but they are quite cheap. They can also be found in a wide range of stores and online markets, much like Greenies. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly, widely available treat that is still all-natural, these chewy sticks are for you!


  • Budget friendly
  • All-natural ingredients with no added preservatives
  • Locally sourced ingredients


  • Contains pea and potato starches and proteins
  • Lower quality than some other natural treats

Final Thoughts

The best treats for your Savannah cats are the Cat-Man-Do Bonito Flakes.Remember that these treats are just some of the many options out there. Even if you do not select from our list, you now understand what to look for in a treat for your Savannah cat. Look for high protein, low calories, and limited ingredients free of additives and fillers.

Remember to give your Savannah treats in the right amounts and at the right times. Use treats to reward good behavior and training, while avoiding using them as a bribe to stop bad behavior. Bad behavior should never be associated with treats! Of course, the best treat of all is often love and affection, so don’t forget to give your Savannah cat plenty of pets and cuddles!