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The 5 Best Water Dishes For Savannah Cats

When shopping for your Savannah cat, finding a proper water dish is very important. You want something that is going to provide your kitty with the right amount of hydration, but you also want to keep in mind what materials go into making their water bowl.

The 5 best water dishes for Savannah cats are:

  1. Pioneer Pet Big Max Drinking Fountain
  2. ComSaf Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl
  3. PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Water Bowl
  4. Yeti Boomer Non-Slip Bowl
  5. WEDAWN Stainless Steel Non-Slip Bowl

In general, your Savannah’s water dish needs will be much like any other cat. However, we will also discuss below how Savannah cats behave when it comes to water. Additionally, we’ll give you some great tips on keeping your Savannah hydrated and your house dry.

Savannah Cats And Water

For the most part, Savannahs and house cats have a lot of the same needs and preferences, just on different scales. However, a major difference you will notice is that unlike the majority of house cats, Savannahs love water. So much so that their owners have reported several cases of their Savannahs joining them in the shower!

Their love for water can be traced back to their wild serval relatives that also love water. In the wild, servals are almost always found near streams and rivers with a lot of vegetation for them to hide in while stalking prey. Sometimes this means taking the plunge in order to come out successful. However, even in their downtime servals like to play in the water to relax and cool off.

Even later generation Savannahs tend to still love water despite having a higher percentage of domestic genes. They often enjoy chasing toys – or each other – as they splash around. Many people will provide their Savannahs with small swimming pools or even go as far as constructing full outdoor habitats equipped with a watering hole. Others keep it simple, just filling the bath tub on occasion.

Tips For Giving Savannah Cats Water

Because they have such a love for water you can imagine that some Savannah cats cannot resist the urge to play in their water bowl. This can lead to many spillages which can become tiresome to clean up all the time. Not to mention with water being constantly spilled there is the added risk of accidentally slipping and falling.

When searching for the proper water bowl for your Savannah you want to keep in mind the quality of the materials used to make it, its durability, its capacity, as well as its weight and whether or not it has a non-slip design. A heavy water dish with an added rubber non-slip bottom will help decrease the chances of your Savannah spilling their water everywhere.

Splashing Is Inevitable

Of course, even with a weighted non-slip bowl your Savannah will still splash around from time to time. This will still result in some water around the dish even if it isn’t knocked over. To help with this you may want to consider purchasing a pet mat with raised sides to stop water from getting on to the floor. The mat will also help with cleaning up any water that does make it out of the bowl.

Make sure your Savannah has plenty of access to water by providing more than one bowl in multiple places. Cats are not naturally big water drinkers, mainly because in the wild most of their water comes from their prey. If your Savannah is on a dry kibble diet, they are not getting any water from their food and therefore need plenty of water from other sources, like water dishes.

Choosing The Right Water Dish

To encourage your Savannah to drink more water, make sure you are providing a bowl that is both large in capacity but also has a wide opening. The wide opening will prevent them from hitting their whiskers, which are very sensitive and can prevent them from considering the bowl.

Another great way to get your Savannah to drink more water is to purchase a fountain style water bowl. These bowls have a continuous flow of water and often a water purifier. Cats are naturally attracted to flowing or moving water making the fountain a great option for the picky Savannah in your life.

Alternatives To Water Dishes

Lastly, if you have a lot of trouble convincing your Savannah not to play in their water bowl and getting water everywhere, you might want to consider some alternatives. If your space allows, try purchasing a small pool or even a baby bath tub that can sit on your porch or catio. Additionally, you can try filling the tub or letting your Savannah join you in the shower.

Offering other water enrichment options may help prevent them from wanting to play in their water bowl all the time. However, this is not a fool proof option, and some Savannahs just can’t help themselves! But what are the best water dishes for Savannah cats?

The 5 Best Water Dishes For Savannah Cats

1. Pioneer Pet Big Max Drinking Fountain

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Treat your Savannah and yourself to this large capacity stainless steel water fountain. With its ability to hold up to one gallon and continuously filter and circulate water, you will find yourself needing to clean and refill your Savannah’s bowl less often

Savannahs love playing in the water and with this fountain’s continuous flow it will entice your cat to drink more, and of course they will probably want to splash around a bit with their paws. Luckily, with the weight of the water dish (roughly 11 pounds) and the wide 12-inch base, the Big Max is much harder for your Savannah to tip over.

Fountain Action

Each fountain comes equipped with a small pump located inside the stainless-steel housing that helps pump water up allowing it to flow out the top. Before the water circulates through the pump it first goes through the included charcoal filter, purifying your Savannah’s water. You can buy replacement charcoal filters directly from the company or easily order them online.

While you don’t have to clean this water fountain often, when you do it’s designed to be fast and easy. Pulling the fountain apart is made easy by separating the two main components and removing the internal pump and filter. The two stainless-steel pieces can be placed in your dishwasher or washed by hand. Simply wipe off the pump with a clean cloth and be sure to replace the filter once a month.

Keeping your Savannah happy and hydrated has never been easier with this low maintenance fountain. You can find the Big Max on most online retailors for around $45, which is a great bargain considering its size and easy to clean design.

Make Sure To Clean It Properly

The only thing to keep in mind is that, while this water fountain is great and easy to clean, you must actually clean it according to the manufacturer’s standards. Leave it for too long and you will risk slimy buildup from your cat’s own saliva or other foreign contaminants that can overload and burn out the pump. This is why it’s important to replace the filter regularly or else it too can become clogged.

However, provided you clean it properly and regularly, this is a great water dish for Savannah cats that offers a unique design.


  • Large capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous flow and filtration


  • Requires replacement filters
  • Strict cleaning requirements

2. ComSaf Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl

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This cat water and food bowl has some great design qualities and won’t break the bank especially if you are in need of multiple bowls. Ceramic is another great alternative to plastic, making it safe for your Savannah. It also features an elevated and tilted stand that helps take stress off of your Savannah’s neck and back.

Unlike your typical stainless-steel bowls, ceramic bowls also tend to be heavier, which is key when you have a pesky Savannah that loves to play in the water. The bowl itself can hold up to two and a half cups of water, which is still a fair amount for a non-flowing bowl.

A Great Smaller Option

If your Savannah is on a wet diet, they are less likely to drink water often as they will be getting most of their water from their food source. This makes the smaller capacity of this bowl the perfect fit as your cat will not be going through a bowl a day, but also makes it less likely to sit for too long and develop bacteria.

The smooth ceramic of this bowl makes for easy cleaning and less of a chance of bacteria building up as there are virtually no pores for foreign substances (food, saliva, dust, etc.) to get trapped in. Simply wash it with hot water and soap or run it through the dish washer with the rest of your dishes. Easy cleaning means less work for you and a clean, sanitized bowl for your Savannah.

Safe For Your Savannah

Studies have shown that cats and dogs that are given food and water bowls that are elevated and slightly tilted (about 15 degrees) are less likely to suffer from neck and back pain. When your Savannah, especially with their extra long legs, is constantly bending over to eat and drink, they are putting strain on their neck muscles and vertebrae which can ultimately cause spinal pain.

The tilted design on the ComSaf is an excellent alternative to traditional flat, non-raised bowls, reducing the amount of strain on your Savannah. Additionally, this makes the ComSaf an excellent choice for senior Savannahs who already experience difficulties bending over.

Some Drawbacks

Some owners have claimed this water dish is a bit awkward to place back into the holding rack. Most customers recommend filling the bowl once it has been placed back in the holder rather than filling it and trying to gently place it back in and risk spilling.

The only downside to ceramic unfortunately is that there’s a high chance of it breaking if you drop it, even from a relatively low height. You want to be careful during the cleaning process and placing it back into the holder and take care not to drop it. With a Savannah cat, it is also best to make sure this bowl is on the floor and not an elevated location to pervent your Savannah knocking it to the ground. 


  • Elevated and tilted design
  • Heavy and stable to prevent spillage
  • Fair price


  • Not easy to place back into holder when full
  • Higher risk of breakage

3. PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Water Bowl

* Check Price Here *

If you want some of the perks of an electric fountain without the hassle of plugging in one more electronic device or worrying about overloading a pump, this gravity fed water bowl just might work. PetSafe’s gravity fed water bowl is made of BPA-free materials, has a stainless-steel bowl, and carbon filters. It also harder to knock over already weighing 4 pounds when empty.

Depending on your Savannah’s drinking habits, you can find this water bowl in 64-ounce (1/2 gallon), 128-ounce (1 gallon), or 320-ounce (2.5 gallons) capacities. This ensures that your Savannah always has enough access to water. It also makes for less time refilling for you!

Hygienic Option

While the base and the tower are both made of plastic materials, they are also BPA-free, meaning that it is much safer than normal cheap plastics. Inside the tower that holds the water there is a replaceable carbon filter to reduce impurities and improve flavor. Additionally, the base holds a hygienic removable stainless-steel insert for easy cleaning and added protection from bacterial growth. 

The tower is easily removed for your convenience for cleaning and refilling, and also locks into place with a strong and secure hold. This will help prevent your Savannah from doing what it does best: knocking things over! This is a great feature to have, preventing water from spilling everywhere. The base is also made extra wide, measuring a little over 10 inches with a length of 15.8 inches.   

Depending on the size you go for, this gravity water bowl can cost between $15-$36. If you have multiple Savannahs, or just want to encourage your single Savannah to drink more by having more access to water, the small version is perfect. You can place several throughout the house without spending too much money.

Not As Long-Lasting

A downside to this model is that it may not last as long as a ceramic or stainless-steel bowl. While it is made of BPA free plastics, it still is a plastic design and over time can start to hold odors since it is much more porous than other materials. Eventually other substances in the plastic could also start to leach into the water giving it an off taste as well.

This particular design may also prove a little difficult to some when refilling and flipping the bowl over to begin the gravity function. Some have reported that it feels a bit clumsy when turning it over, resulting in some spillage. This is particularly true for the larger containers and is not recommended for those who have trouble with heavy lifting.

However, this is still a good option for those that want a lot of choice when it comes to the size of their Savannah cat’s water dish.


  • Large capacity
  • BPA-free plastic and stainless-steel combination
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Carbon filter


  • Not as long-lasting as other materials
  • Can be difficult to set up

4. Yeti Boomer Non-Slip Bowl

* Check Price Here *

Yeti is a well-known brand for their products standing up to almost anything life throws at them. So, it stands to argue that their Boomer pet bowl will live up to the same standards as their human products. This is the perfect solution for your rambunctious Savannah that seems to knock over and spill everything around them.

This Yeti pet bowl has a 9-inch base equipped with a “bearfoot” heavy duty non-slip ring that can stand up to your Savannah’s urge to splash and play in their bowl. This bowl is going nowhere with the addition of being 2 pounds in weight when empty, plus the added weight of the water when full.

This water dish is made from food grade stainless-steel that is rust resistant, puncture resistant, and resists dents and dings of all kinds. This makes this product one durable and long-lasting water bowl, that is sure to stick around for the rest of your Savannah’s life.

Large And Safe

With a double walled design and outer insulated coating this dish will keep your Savannah’s water chilled for hours, making it more appealing to them than warm water. Holding up to 8 cups of water at a time, you don’t have to fill this water dish as often as many cheaper, smaller options. Additionally, with the stainless-steel design, the bowl is very hygienic, preventing bacterial buildup.

Cleaning is as the Yeti Boomer is also dishwasher safe and can be washed along side your other dishes. Of course, you can also hand wash as needed if you prefer.

One hang up you may have with the Yeti Boomer is the price. It’s no secret that Yeti brand products are a bit pricey. However, they are of extremely high quality and built to last for a long time. So, while this bowl does cost around $50, it is also the last bowl you will ever need to buy! As a bonus, it also comes in a wide variety of colors and there’s an option to customize it with your pet’s name.


  • Well-known, trustworthy brand
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Holds up to 8 cups


  • Quite expensive

5. WEDAWN Stainless-Steel Water Bowl

* Check Price Here *

If you are on a budget but still want to buy a safe and stable water bowl for your Savannah WEDAWN is for you. While, it may not be as fancy as the Yeti bowl, it is still perfectly safe and durable enough for your Savannah. With a variety of sizes, you will be able to find the perfect fit for you and your kitty.

This stainless-steel bowl has a flared base with a rubber ring to help prevent tipping and spilling, and is designed to withstand large dogs and therefore should be able to resist your Savannah’s attempts with ease.

Sizes for this bowl include 8, 16, 26, and 40 ounces (1-5 cups). While it doesn’t hold as much water as some of the other designs, it is still enough for the average Savannah cat, especially if they are eating a wet diet.

Durable And Easy To Clean

This water dish from WEDAWN is built to last several years and is meant to withstand rusting and other long-term use damage. Because it’s made of stainless-steel it will not leach any chemicals, absorb bacteria, or develop odors over time. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

This water dish is great for Savannah cat owners on a budget who still want a quality bowl, with prices starting at around $7 for the smaller 8oz models. The largest model at 40oz still costs less than $20. Additionally, WEDAWN has an excellent customer service team and will replace your bowl for free if there are any defects or if you are generally unsatisfied with your product.

Some owners complain that the rubber ring around the bottom of the bowl begins to smell after long-term use.  The rubber will absorb moisture and odors from around the bowl and they are very hard to remove. Others have stated the rubber starts to fall off after a while, and this allows for more slippage once it’s gone.

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, this water dish is your best choice as it’s still fairly high-quality.


  • Budget choice
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Non-tip design


  • May not stand up to all Savannahs
  • Rubber ring can be tough to clean and may come off over time
  • May not last as long as the other options

Final Thoughts

These water dishes for Savannah cats each have the key qualities you want to look for when making a purchase for your Savannah, and the best one is the Pioneer Pet Big Max Drinking Fountain. You want something that is durable, made from safe materials, with a large capacity, and is spill and slip resistant. While no bowl is guaranteed to be 100% Savannah-proof, you can get pretty close!