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Can Savannah Cats Eat Dog Food?

Because Savannah cats are hybrid pets, many often wonder what their diet consists of. After all, they have both domesticated cat andwild serval parents or ancestors. Many owners wonder if this affects their eating habits and whether or not they can eat dog food.

Savannah cats cannot eat dog food. Though they may be considered hybrid animals, they are still cats. While dogs are omnivores and can eat both meat and plants, cats are carnivores, so they do best when they only eat meat. Therefore, dog food is not a good option for Savannahs.

There is no single perfect diet to follow with Savannahs, but there are two great diets that many owners put their Savannahs on. Keep reading to learn why it’s not a good idea to feed your Savannah dog food, as well as what you should feed your Savannah cat.

Savannah Cat Dietary Requirements

Savannah cats have domesticated cats and wild servals as their parents or ancestors, depending on their generation. For example, F1 Savannahs (first-generation cats) have a wild serval and a domesticated cat as their parents. Every other generation after F1s has only domesticated or Savannah cats as their parents, though with wild serval grandparents and ancestors.

While many may assume that Savannahs, or at the very least F1 Savannahs, can only eat raw meat, this actually isn’t the case. Owners can put their Savannahs on a raw meat diet if they prefer to. However, there are a lot of key nutrients that cats can miss out on if they only eat raw meat. So, it’s very important to do proper research and understand what type of diet you’re putting your cat on.

Many breeders and owners prefer to put their Savannah on a mix of dry cat food with wet cat food. This is the diet you normally see regular, domesticated cats eat. The amount of dry and wet cat food that a Savannah cat can eat varies with each pet. However, this mix of cat food seems to be the best for Savannah cats, as you can be certain they get all their necessary nutrients in their food.

A High-Protein Diet

While owners and breeders vary on what they consider to be the best diet for Savannah cats, it is universally recognized that Savannahs do best when they are on a high-protein diet. Raw meat is already high in protein. For Savannahs eating cat food, there are many popular cat food brands that have food specifically made to be high in protein.

Savannah cats need a high-protein diet because they are such incredibly energetic and hyper cats. They love to play and run around, and they’re always active. Because of this, putting them on a high-protein diet is highly recommended, as this will help these energetic creatures stay in the best shape possible. You don’t want them to be too skinny or have them not getting enough food!

If you’re worried about your Savannah’s diet, talk with your vet to get specific help and information. They’ll be able to help you monitor your Savannah and the amount of food they’re eating, or the amount they should be eating.

Cats Are Carnivores

Cats are carnivores, meaning that they do best when they have a diet that consists of only meat. Dogs are omnivores, which means they can eat a mix of plants and meat. As Savannahs are cats, they do best when they only eat meat, as most domesticated cats do. Both domesticated cats and wild cats are naturally carnivores.

Of course, there are many cat food brands out there that offer cat food that has ingredients other than meat in their food. Corn and grains are often found to be in some cat food brands that are sold at grocery stores, even though cats don’t need to eat these ingredients. Luckily, there are many cat food brands that offer corn-free and grain-free foods to help your cat live its healthiest life.

These types of cat foods — ones that have ingredients other than just meat — can actually be bad for your Savannah in the long run. Remember, cats are carnivores. They don’t need to eat corn and grains! There have been many studies that actually show that a cat’s bones can become weak because of corn or grain in their diet, so it’s always best to find corn-free and grain-free options.

Do Savannahs Eat A Lot?

Savannahs tend to be much bigger and taller than your average household cat, so it’s natural to assume that they’ll eat a bit more than your regular cat. Plus, it’s also important to remember that Savannahs have high energy levels, which means they might need to eat even more than a regular cat because of their daily activity levels. The more energetic the cat, the more they’ll probably eat.

There is no set amount that each and every Savannah needs to eat on a daily basis, because every Savannah is different. To really learn how much your Savannah should be eating, be sure to discuss things with your breeder when you first adopt your cat. Later on, as your Savannah grows into a mature cat, discuss things with your vet if you have any questions or worries.

You might also be able to learn how much to feed your Savannah with some patience. If you’re worried that your Savannah needs more food as they’re eating all their food on a daily basis, try giving them a little bit more each day until they start leaving food in the bowl. Then, scale back until you find a good amount of food for your cat. Remember, every cat is unique!

A Dog’s Dietary Requirements

A dog needs a different diet from a cat to be as healthy as possible. As we mentioned above, cats are carnivores, which means that they do best (and are at their healthiest) when they only eat meat. Dogs, however, aren’t carnivores. Even wolves and wild dogs aren’t carnivores, even though many people assume that they are.

Instead, dogs are omnivores, which means they eat a mix of meat and plants to stay as healthy as possible. Wolves and other wild dogs are also omnivores. So, while cats can survive just eating meat, and really thrive on this type of diet, dogs actually can’t. They need the proteins and nutrients that come from plants and other ingredients.

As you’ve probably seen if you own a dog, dog food that you find on grocery store shelves contains a mix of ingredients that includes both plants and meat. This is normal and highly recommended. You want to keep your dog as healthy as possible, just like you want to keep your Savannah cat as healthy as possible. That means feeding them two different types of food.

Is It Safe For A Savannah Cat To Eat Dog Food?

No, it is not safe for a Savannah cat to eat dog food. Remember, even though these animals are hybrid creatures, they are still cats. Cats and dogs are very different and, as we’ve mentioned above, their dietary requirements are also quite distinct from each other. A dog needs a mix of meat and plants in their meals, while a cat tends to do best on a meat diet.

Because most dog food contains ingredients other than just meat, this food isn’t great, nor is it recommended, for Savannah cats to eat. Even if your Savannah cat wants to eat your dog’s food — and some cats will go out of their way to try to eat everything in their vicinity — don’t let them. Dog food was made specifically for dogs, and not for cats.

The last thing you want is for your Savannah to become sick over time because they’re eating food that is actually bad for them. Dog food isn’t easily digestible for cats, just like cat food isn’t easily digestible for dogs. Keep your pets’ foods separated and ensure that your animals only eat their food to keep all the animals in your house healthy and happy!

Final Thoughts

While Savannah cats are very interesting hybrid pets, they aren’t dogs. That means they can only eat cat food and should steer clear from ever eating dog food. While all dogs are omnivores and can live healthily off of a mix of plants and meat, all cats (wild and domesticated) are carnivores and do best when they only have meat in their diet.

Of course, there are quite a few cat foods out there that still offer food that contains corn and grain, so it’s important to keep an eye on what types of food are best for your Savannah cat. However, a Savannah cat’s diet isn’t hard to maintain, as you can put them on a raw meat diet, or a regular cat diet that consists of a mix of wet and dry cat food. Just make sure they don’t eat dog food!