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Do Savannah Cats Destroy Furniture?

Unfortunately, all cats can occasionally have a destructive streak in them where it seems like they seek to ruin the furniture throughout your house. This leads many to wonder if hybrid cats, such as Savannahs, will also destroy furniture.

Savannah cats can, like regular housecats, destroy furniture if they are bored and don’t have enough mental and physical stimulation. You can prevent this from happening by having a cat tree they can play and scratch on, as well as playing with them throughout the day and keeping them entertained.

Savannah cats are different to your average housecat, but you can keep them from scratching and ruining your furniture the same way you would with a regular cat. Below, we will go into more detail about how you can prevent your Savannah cat from destroying your furniture.

Scratching Furniture And Carpets

Wild Instincts

All cats have the potential to scratch your furniture and even destroy many objects, regardless of whether they’re a hybrid or not. However, Savannah cats do seem to be experts at destruction thanks to that wild serval ancestry. Depending on what generation Savannah you have, you may have a “wilder” cat than others. F1s have more wild serval traits than F3s, for example.

This doesn’t necessarily mean F1s are more destructive than F3s or F4s. Rather, when they are destructive, they have a better chance to do more damage. But any housecat can become destructive, just like any Savannah cat can.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep these destructive tendencies at bay! Above all else, remember that all cats can become destructive if they haven’t had enough physical or mental stimulation for the day. Basically, when they’re bored. As long as you ensure that they’re having a fun day, they should shy away from destroying your house.

Play With Your Savannah Throughout The Day

One sure way to keep your Savannah cat from being destructive is to play with them throughout the day. Often, cats only become destructive when they are bored and want to play around yet aren’t getting the playtime they desperately want. So, they’ll act out and destroy the couch you really like in protest.

We all know cats. When they aren’t happy, they let you know, and their destructive side comes out! So, one way to keep them from ruining all your furniture is to ensure that they’re getting enough playtime throughout the day. They need to be stimulated both physically and mentally each and every day to keep them happy and healthy.

You can do this in many ways. Obviously, playing with them with interactive toys can help exhaust them. If you work during the day, letting them play around with motion censored lasers or robotic toys can keep them happy while you’re away. Teaching them to play fetch is also a great way to help your Savannah exert energy!

Babyproof Your Home

Because of their incredibly curious behavior, Savannah cats can get into everything and quickly cause destruction before you even realize what’s happening. This is why many owners recommend you babyproof or childproof your home to keep these smart cats out of rooms, shelves, and drawers that they really shouldn’t be in.

Keep doors to rooms you don’t want your Savannah in closed and always keep the toilet seat down. Savannah cats really love water and will go out of their way to play in it when they see it. Savannah kittens in particular could potentially fall into an open toilet and harm themselves, all because they just wanted to play in the water.

So, it’s important to keep your Savannah away from danger as much as possible. Babyproofing your home will help ensure that your Savannah doesn’t become too destructive, as well as keep them safe!

Take Them For A Walk

If you feel like you play with your Savannah cat enough throughout the day, but they are still acting out, you might need to try something new. Giving them new toys can reignite their interest, but so could taking them on a walk.

Savannah cats can be trained to walk on a leash, just as a dog would, though it’ll take some time before they truly embrace it. However, this could be exactly what they need. Taking your Savannah on a walk will help them to burn off energy and stimulate them mentally — both of which you need if you’re trying to curb their destructive tendencies.

It’s easier to train a Savannah kitten to getused to a harness and walk on a leash than it is an older cat, so you should definitely try to train your Savannah early on. However, you can still train your adult cat, as long as you’re patient and take things one day at a time. Once your Savannah gets used to having a harness on and being outdoors, they’ll soon love it!

Train Your Savannah Cat To Scratch In The Right Location

You can also train your Savannah to scratch in the right location, such as on a scratching post or cat tree. Having a designated object that is designed to allow your cat to scratch is neededfor all cats, especially Savannahs. When you have these types of objects in your house, you can train your Savannah to understand that they can’t scratch your couch, but they can scratch their post.

More Training

You can train your Savannah to do this just as you would anything else. When you see them scratching something they’re not supposed to, let them know they can’t do that with a firm reprimand. You can also help them understand that their scratching post is a good object to use by giving them treats whenever they’re near it or whenever they use it.

While Savannah cats can be destructive when they’re bored, they also need something to scratch on. Scratching posts help cats sharpen their claws and even mark their territory. Plus, it’s a great way to help give your cat some much-needed stimulation for the day, which also helps to keep them from being too destructive later on!

A Cat Tree Is A Must

If you have a Savannah cat, you NEED a cat tree. First of all, cat trees come with scratching posts that allow your cat to scratch on easily — and they absolutely love it. When you give them multiple scratching posts (multiple tend to come included with cat trees), they have different places to scratch and will tend to steer clear of scratching up your couch.

Cat trees are also great because Savannahs (like many cats) enjoy being high up. Because they are larger cats (compared to your average house cat), you can get a larger cat tree to allow them to be up high and look down on you and their territory. They’ll love it!

Plus, cat trees can also come with little toys (like a dangling mouse or ball) attached to them. These can help keep your cat entertained when you’re sleeping or away. Just make sure any cat tree you invest in is high-quality, as Savannahs are quite good at destroying toys that easily fall apart!

Keep Them From Jumping On Tables And Counters

Just like every other cat, Savannahs can also cause a little bit of trouble by jumping up on tables and counters. You cantrain them to not do this by clearly letting them know that jumping on these objects is off-limits. Often, Savannahs jump up on these objects because they enjoy being up high. It’s a part of their natural cat instinct, just like with regular domesticated cats.

Give Them Options

A cat tree can help curb them from jumping on tables and counters, though you’ll probably still need to train them that they cannot jump up in some places. However, having a cat tree or having cat shelves installed on your walls specifically for your Savannah gives them the option of being up high without being on tables and counters.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way when training Savannah cats. So, whether you’re trying to teach them that they can’t jump up on counters or trying to get them to not scratch on your couch, giving them positive enthusiasm and treats can help drive your training home!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats are no different to regular domesticated cats when it comes to their destructive tendencies. Savannah cats tend to get destructive when they are bored. Thus, playing with them, taking them for walks and giving them cat trees to scratch instead will help to preserve your furniture and carpets, and keep them physically and mentally stimulated and healthy.