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Do Savannah Cats Eat a Lot?

Savannah cats are known to be larger and more playful than your average domesticated cat. Some even compare them to dogs, but this makes many wonder about how much a Savannah cat eats compared to a normal cat.

Some Savannah cats do eat a lot, as they are incredibly energetic animals. Because they are very energetic, they’ll seem like they’re hungrier more often and their meals should be slightly increased to balance their activities and overall body weight.

Savannah cats have been known to be incredibly energized pets, so they’ll naturally need to eat more to stay healthy. Below, we discuss in detail why Savannah cats can eat a lot more than your average cat, as well as the best types of food for them.

Do Savannah Cats Eat A Lot?

For the most part, Savannah cats are incredibly energetic animals. They love to play around, they can seem very hyper, and they’re always looking for a new game to play or a new adventure to go on. As with most energetic cats, they burn more calories throughout the day and therefore always seem to be hungry.

And they’re not just hungry for the sake of it. They needto eat more, because of all of the calories they burn during the day (and often at night). Therefore, it’s normal to realize that you might need to give your cats a little bit more food during mealtime in order to keep them at a healthy weight.

Overfeeding Your Cat

It’s also important that you not overfeed your cat. Of course, this is easier said than done. After all, how can you tell if your cat is eating too much or too little? Some cats will stop eating when they’re full, and this is a good way to realize you’re feeding them too much if they leave their bowl with food still in it.

If your cat is finishing each meal and licking their bowl clean, then you might want to try giving them a bit more food next mealtime. It might take a bit to find a balance, but it’s worth the extra effort. If you’re really lost or are worried that about your cat’s intake of food, talk with your vet to find the best solution for your cat’s lifestyle.

Just as with every breed of cat, a balanced diet is vital to keeping them healthy and happy. Go the extra mile to ensure that your Savannah is eating enough, or to make sure that they’re not eating toomuch.

What Types Of Food Should You Feed A Savannah Cat?

Wild Side

It’s always important to remember that Savannah cats are hybrids — they’re half wild serval, half domesticated cat. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that these beautiful pets have a wild parent or ancestor. But then they jump incredibly high or show off their expert hunting skills, and you can’t believe you ever forgot!

So, when it comes to their diet, remember their hybrid status. Many Savannah owners and breeders prefer to give their Savannahs a raw meat diet, as this can be incredibly beneficial to Savannahs. Unfortunately, the upkeep and cost of a purely raw diet can prevent many Savannah owners from doing this.

Savannahs Can Eat Regular Cat Food

Savannah cats don’t actually need a completely raw meat diet and can eat regular dry cat food, just as any normal cat would. There is no perfect diet to follow, as many owners and breeders have their own specific rules that they stick to. However, there are a few guidelines to try to stick by to ensure that your Savannah is as healthy as can be.

For one, it’s highly recommended that your Savannah cat adoptsa high protein diet because of their energetic and active nature. A high protein diet will help them stay healthy at all times and is very beneficial. Many experts also warn against feeding them any food that has grain or corn in them. Certain commercial cat food brands mix grain and corn in their food, so steer clear of them!

What Do Savannah Kittens Eat?

A lot of Savannah cat breeders start their kittens off by eating raw meat, and then slowly mix in wet cat food until they no longer eat any raw meat. Then, once they’re used to wet food, they slowly introduce dry cat food into their diet. Every cat is different when it comes to their love of dry food, but some Savannahs leave their breeders and are adopted loving dry food already!

If you’re thinking of adopting a Savannah cat, get to know their breeder and what they’re feeding their Savannah kittens. Understandwhat your kitten will be eating when you adopt them, so that way you’re not thrown for a loop if they’re not completely into dry food yet.

Make Gradual Food Changes

Also, be sure to never randomly switch your Savannah’s diet or food type overnight. Alwaysmake slow changes over time. You need to slowly introduce them to new types of food if you’re planning on switching their diet. For example, if you would like to switch them to a dry cat food diet from a wet cat food one, do this gradually over time by slowly mixing dry food with wet food.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to wean your cat off their dry food (or previous food type) and onto their new diet. The same also goes for brands, as different brands can use different ingredients. Plus, we all know how much cats hate change, so introduce them to this gradually!

Can A Savannah Cat Eat Human Food?

Just like with any type of domesticated animal, it’s best when Savannah cats don’teat a lot of human food. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t eat anything you eat! As we mentioned above, a lot of Savannah owners and breeders feed their cats raw meat. So, if you’re cooking up some chicken for dinner, it’s okay to give your cat a raw piece.

Avoid Spices

Cooked chicken is another matter. For the most part, steer clear of giving your Savannah cooked meats. A lot of spices and seasonings used when cooking meats — such as salt and garlic — are actually not great for any type of cat to eat. So, if you’re going to feed your Savannah any meat, just stay safe and give it to them raw.

Fish also tend to be okay to give your cats, though each type of fish differs. While many fish can be given to your cat raw, salmon should becooked instead. Some owners also like giving sardines to their cats as a treat.

What Savannahs Can’t Eat

Cats are carnivores, meaning they do best when they only eat meats. They differ from dogs in this way, as dogs can thrive off of many types of food. So, if you’re thinking of giving your Savannah any type of human food, meats (especially raw meats) tend to be the best bet.

Of course, there are the human foods that your Savannah cat should definitelystay away from. Chocolate, alcohol, coffee, garlic, and onions are just a few examples of human foods that are severely dangerous to Savannahs and domesticated cats alike.

When in doubt, steer clear of anything that is toxic to regular cats. Savannahs might be able to digest raw meats better than regular cats, but they’re still half domesticated!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats are incredibly playful and active, so they often need bigger portions of high protein food to keep them healthy and at a comfortable weight. While lots of raw meat is the preferred choice of many owners, Savannah cats can stay equally healthy on dry and wet cat food as well.