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Do Savannah Cats’ Eyes Change Color?

Savannah cats don’t just have beautiful coats that make them stand out, as they also have beautiful eyes! However, just like with any other regular cat, there are a few things you should know about a Savannah’s eyes, namely their color.

Savannah cats’ eyes can change color multiple times. All Savannahs’ eyes change color after they are born when they are around three to six months old. It’s rare for a cat’s eyes to change color again when they are adults, unless they have an infection or disease.

Because Savannahs are half wild serval, half domesticated animal, it’s important to understand all aspects of these hybrid cats if you own one, or if you’re thinking of adopting one. And when it comes to their eyes, there are a few things to look out for to ensure that your Savannah is healthy.

Eye Color Changes In Savannah Kittens

All Savannah kittens are born with blue eyes, just like all regular domesticated kittens. However, this doesn’t mean that a cat’s eyes will stay blue. In fact, more often than not, a kitten’s eye color will change to a completely different color once they grow up.

3-6 Months

For the most part, a Savannah kitten’s eye color will change between three to six months after they are born. They are still going through their growing phase at this time and will continue to grow into the beautiful adult Savannah cat they will become. So, it’s understandable that their eye color will change a bit during this process.

Savannah cats’ eyes tend to be green, hazel, or a golden color when they are adults. Of course, every cat is different, so it can be hard to tell what their eye color will be when they are just born. However, by the time this six-month time frame hits, you’ll have an understanding of what your Savannah’s eye color is!

All Natural

All cats’ eyeschange color when they are kittens, so this isn’t specific to only Savannahs. If you’ve never owned a Savannah before — or a regular domesticated cat —don’t freak out if their baby blues are suddenly turning hazel! This is a completely natural occurrence, and it happens to all types of cats. In fact, even humans are often born with different eye colors!

For the most part, a Savannah cat’s eye color should only change when they are a kitten. However, there are exceptions to this, which we detail below. Just know that it’s okay to have your kitten’s eye colors change. By the time they become a one-year-old, they’ll have the eye color they’ll have for the rest of their life!

Eye Color Changes In Adult Savannah Cats

Infection Or Disease

For the most part, a Savannah cat’s eyes will not change color once they are an adult. This color-changing process only happens when they are kittens and should be finished when they hit six months old. If your adult Savannah cat all of a sudden has a different eye color, they might have an infection or disease.

While we’ll detail what diseases specifically can change the eye color of your adult Savannah cat below, you should always take your cat to see a vet if this color change has happened very quickly. As eye color changes in adult cats tend to point towards infection or disease, you want to find this potential underlying problem sooner rather than later.

Getting Old

Infections aren’t the only thing that cause eye color change in adult cats, though. Unfortunately, with age, senior Savannah cats can lose their vision, just like other domesticated cats, dogs, and other senior animals. When this happens, it can seemlike your cat’s eyes are reverting back to the blue color that they had when they were kittens.

When this happens, it’s a sign that your cat is losing their vision. This might not mean they’re completely blind, but it does signal that this could become degenerative. If so, there might not be a way to save your senior Savannah cat’s vision.

Ask Your Vet

As we said above, it’s not normal for an adult cat’s eye color to change, even if they are a hybrid cat. So, if your Savannah’s eyes are changing color, talk to your vet to ensure that your cat is as healthy as they can be — and to ensure that they’re getting the medical help that they may need.

Diseases That Cause Eye Color Changes In Savannah Cats

There are a few diseases that may cause your adult Savannah cat’s eyes to change colors. First of all, many types of eye infections can cause eye color change if untreated. Luckily, eye infections are easily dealt with. All you have to do is go to the vet, let them survey your cat’s situation, and then they will treat the infection.

Common Diseases

Two of the most common eye conditions that cause color changes in adult cats are glaucoma and uveitis. Glaucoma is when your cat has increased pressure on their eyes. This could make your cat’s eyes seem milky white and cloudy. If you’ve noticed these eye symptoms in your cat, it’s important to take them to the vet immediately.

Unfortunately, if glaucoma is left untreated, your cat could end up losing their vision. Therefore, if you notice your cat’s eyes have become cloudy and milky, you should take them to the vet to ensure that everything is okay. The last thing you want is for your cat to potentially lose their vision!

Uveitis is another common disease in cats that can change their eye color. Uveitis is inflammation in a certain part of your cat’s eye. You may notice that your cat’s eyes are red or cloudy if they have uveitis.

Just A Symptom

Sometimes, uveitis is a sole problem. But more often it is a symptom of a worse illness or disease. Your cat may have uveitis if they’ve experienced trauma to their eye or if they have any type of bacterial or viral infection. However, uveitis is also a symptom if they have high blood pressure, diabetes, tumors, or viral diseases such as feline herpes.

Savannah cats are also prone to eye conditions that can become potentially dangerous, even if they don’t noticeably change the color of your cat’s eyes. As with all cats, Savannahs can become diagnosed with cataracts, retinal problems, entropion, or any type of inflammation in their eyes.


Treatment ofyour Savannah cat’s eye conditionwill depend on the actual diagnosis. However, most eye conditions in cats are treated with variations of eye drops that you can administer to your Savannah cat at home. While it might be difficult to wrangle your cat and keep them still while you try to heal this infection or irritation, keeping their vision healthy and intact is key.

Final Thoughts

Your Savannahs’ eye color will change after they are born, usually between three and six months of age. So, while almost all Savannah cats are born with blue eyes, they willlikely have green, hazel, or golden eyes by the time they are an adult. If their eyes change color again when they are an adult, it could be a sign they have a disease, and you should contact your vet immediately.