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Do Savannah Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Savannah cats are known to be quite friendly and adventurous cats. But, because of their hybrid status (they have both wild serval and domesticated cat as their parents or ancestors), does this friendliness translate to being friendly to dogs?

Savannah cats can get along with dogs very well, especially if they are introduced to dogs when they are young. With proper introductions and patience, Savannahs and dogs can get along and live in the same household, regardless of the Savannah’s generation.

Because they are so friendly, Savannah cats can get along and live with both dogs and cats. However, there are certain things owners must do in order to keep peace in the house always. Keep reading to learn more about how dogs can have friendships with Savannahs!

Do Savannah Cats Get Along With Dogs?

Savannah cats tend to be incredibly friendly animals, regardless of their generation. Even F1 generation Savannah cats — which have actual wild servals as a parent — are friendly towards dogs, as long as they have a proper introduction to them while young. Savannahs can get along with any house pet, though (as with every new pet) it may take some time for them to get used to their new friends.

Savannahs are actually considered to be cats with dog-like personalities. This is because Savannah cats are known to follow their owner around the house, a very loyal cat. Savannahs also can greet their owner at the door with a meow and a fluff of the base of their tail. Plus, they can play fetch and even be trained to walk outdoors on a leash!

Because of their incredibly playful nature, Savannahs are always ready to play around with their owner or even their fellow animal housemates. In all of these ways, Savannahs exude dog-like characteristics. So, it’s no wonder that Savannahs can get along with dogs, just as they can get along with other cats!

Introducing Savannah Cats To Dogs

Whenever Savannahs are introduced to dogs, it’s very important that you don’t rush the introduction period. Instead, slowly allow both animals to get to know each other. Always ensure that your Savannah has an area to run off to and be by themselves in case they become too stressed out over the new housemate.

In the beginning, don’t leave your dog and your Savannah alone together. Instead, separate them and allow them to interact with each other for a few hours a day, but with you always present to ensure that nothing gets too out of hand. It also helps to give treats to both animals and praise them when they interact with each other positively.

Slowly, allow your dog and your Savannah to spend more time together. Eventually, they’ll understand that they can trust each other, and you won’t have to be in their presence with them at all hours of the day!

How Can I Keep Both Pets Happy?

It’s very possible to keep both pets happy at all times. Once this initial introductory period is over, you shouldn’t have too many issues with your Savannah and your dog getting along. Yes, they might not love each other 100% of the time… but that can happen with any two pets!

It’s always important to have a little area where your Savannah can escape from your dog — and sometimes, from you — when they want to be left alone. This safe spot can be another room, under a desk or under a bed, or up high on their cat tree. As long as your Savannah always has this safe space to go to, you can rest assured that both pets are happy.

The same goes for your dog. Sometimes, they might want to be left alone. If you notice your dog is stressed because your Savannah is always trying to play with them, it might be worthwhile to spend quality time with your dog in another room where your Savannah isn’t. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and all.

Give Quality Time To Both Animals

At the end of the day, it’s important to ensure that you’re spending enough quality time with all your animals. Savannah cats are very energetic and very playful. So, you might often find yourself spending all your energy with them. Make sure that you’re also spending enough time in the day with your pup!

It might also help to do activities where you spend time with both of your animals. In this way, you’re spending time with them, they’re spending time with each other, and they’re both bound to be happy and exhausted once the activity or the playtime session is over! Remember to always be near your animals during these activities in case things become a little tense!

Can I Get My Savannah Cat To Like Dogs?

Having trouble with getting your Savannah cat and dog to like each other? It happens! Sometimes, it does take a while for your Savannah and your dog to get used to each other. However, with a little bit of patience and attention to both of them, you’ll surely be able to get these two to bond in no time.

When it comes to Savannahs, the breed as a whole are considered to be very friendly animals. However, that doesn’t mean that all Savannahs are going to be incredibly friendly to every other pet that they meet. Earlier generations (such as F1s and even F2s) tend to be more cautious around other people and pets, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually open up and become friends with them!

If it seems like it’s taking a while to get your Savannah cat to like your dog, it might be time to try something new. Savannahs are very playful and energetic. If your dog is too, it might help to create activities and playtime sessions where they can easily bond while also having fun. These types of activities might help get your Savannah to be a little friendlier!

Initiate Play Time With Both Pets

Savannahs love to play. So, why not try to get your cat and your dog to play with each other? Many breeders and owners have stated that, when all else fails, getting Savannahs to play with other pets is a sure way to help the animals bond. Savannahs do love to play, after all, and this play session may help them understand that they have a new friend to play with!

Obviously, this playtime session will only work if your dog also likes to play. Savannah cats can actually be trained to play fetch and they absolutely love to chase after a ball. Playing fetch with both your cat and your dog might be a fun, energetic way for the two to bond.

But you don’t just have to play fetch. Just throwing around one of your cat’s favorite stuffed toys and seeing if the two animals interact with each other might be enough. Find out what both of your pets respond to, and then incorporate daily playtime sessions together until your Savannah eventually grows friendlier to your dog!

Go On Walks Together

Is your dog not really one to play around with? Instead of initiating playtime, then, it might be more beneficial to start going on walks with both your dog and your Savannah cat. Obviously, you’re going to have to train your Savannah how to properly walk on a harness and leash first. But once you’ve accurately done this, try going on short walks with both animals.

Savannahs really do love to go on walks and see the world. And they’ll love going with other pets! In fact, many owners actually take all their animals (and their Savannahs) on walks together, as it has become such a great way for Savannahs to bond with other pets. This bonding experience is sure to bring your dog and cat closer together, especially if all else fails.

It is important to remember that your Savannah should be accurately trained before you ever take them on a walk with another pet. Go on solo walks with your Savannah for a while and ensure they’re comfortable walking around with you. The last thing you want is for your dog to stress out your Savannah during a walk!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats are incredibly friendly and playful animals who tend to get along swimmingly with other pets in the household. However, this isn’t always the case. If your Savannah and your dog aren’t getting along as well as you’d hoped, try initiating playtime sessions between the two or going out on family walks together. Both your dog and cat might even like a fun game of fetch!

Savannah cats truly are very friendly… though sometimes, they might be more cautious of other pets, versus aggressive towards them. So, to help your cat and your dog bond, always be near them, always try to get them to bond during activities, and always praise them when they’re well together with treats! In no time, you’ll realize that your dog and your Savannah are the best buddies ever!