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Do Savannah Cats Kill Mice?

We all know the idea that cats can easily hunt and kill mice — but we all also know that there are some cats who just don’t enjoy it. When it comes to Savannah cats, hybrid animals whose parents are both domesticated cat and wild serval, many often wonder if they easily hunt and kill mice.

Savannah cats do kill mice. They are known to be excellent hunters, something they definitely get from their serval parents and ancestors. Because of this, many warn Savannah owners to keep any small pets (such as birds and hamsters) out of the same house as a Savannah.

Savannah cats are great if you’re looking for some natural pest control. However, if you’re looking to own mice (hamsters, etc) as pets, this can quickly become a dangerous situation for your smaller animals. We will go into more detail about how Savannah cats interact with small animals below.

Why Would They Be Good?

Skilled Hunters

Savannah cats are known to be fantastic and skilled hunters, and you can thank their serval side for this! Servals, wild cats native to Africa, are excellent hunters. Like most wild cats, they love the thrill of the hunt and always seem to succeed in this area. So, it’s no wonder that Savannah cats also enjoy hunting.

Because of this desire to hunt, many recommend that Savannah cat owners do not also adopt any form of small animal. This includes any mice, rats, hamsters, birds, or fish. Basically, anything that could easily be considered prey to a Savannah should definitely be off limits. Remember, Savannahs love to hunt — and they’re really smart. They’ll do anything they can to get to their prey.

Fine With Larger Pets

While Savannah cats have been known to prey on smaller animals in the same house as them, they actually do quite well with fellow cats and even dogs. Even if a dog or cat is smaller than them, it’s commonly recognized that Savannahs get along well with them. But, unfortunately, when it comes to any sort of small pet, the opposite can be said.

So, why would this be good? If Savannahs will work overtime to kill any small animal, is there a silver lining? Well, if you’re looking for some natural pest control, there definitely is. Nobody likes dealing with mice or rats in their house. One of the great things about having a cat indoors is that you’ll have a mouse’s natural predator around at all times.

They Love To Hunt

While some domesticated cats prefer not to hunt, the same can’t be said for Savannahs. Because of the traits they gained from their serval parents(or ancestors), hunting is something they love to do. So, if they see a mouse roaming around in your house, they’re going to get it eventually.

Servals are slow hunters. They slowly watch and survey their prey before eventually going in for the kill. Savannahs are the same. They’ll be patient until they finally find an opportune moment to attack the mouse, or their prey. So, if you want pest control, Savannahs will get the job done for you.

Safe Moussing

Other Small Pets

Now, if you have a mouse or hamster and are thinking about adopting a Savannah — or vice versa — you should really evaluate all options. Again, many recommend on keeping Savannahs away from any form of small pet, as unfortunate circumstances can quickly take place.

You want to keep all pets in your house safe, and letting a Savannah live in the same house as your smaller pet can quickly put their lives in danger. Keep your small pets safe by keeping them far away from your Savannah as much as possible. It’s highly recommended that you do not have these types of animals at all in a house with a Savannah cat.

Keep Them Apart

However, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where you have a small pet and a Savannah, you can try to keep matters safe as much as possible. For one, keep the Savannah far away from your small pet. Ideally, put your small animal in a separate room where your Savannah cat can’t enter at all. Ensure that your cat can’t even see this small animal, as this will just get them ready for the hunt.

Always make sure that your small pet is kept safely in their cage. It’s common for these types of smaller pets to somehow get loose and out of their cage — and this is the last thing you want if you have a Savannah. So always double check that everything is shut tight, giving your small pet no escape route from their cage.

They’ll Always Find A Way

Because Savannahs are such great hunters, they’ll really enjoy attempting to hunt anything small. Even if you think your small pet is safe from them, Savannahs are smart. They’ve been known to find a way to get to their prey and into cages or other habitats. And obviously, that’s the last thing you want.

What Really Matters

Pest Control

At the end of the day, you should focus on always making sure all pets in your house are safe. If you don’t have any smaller pets, you have nothing to worry about. Savannahs are excellent hunters and can even be considered great pest control for those who want to keep unwanted mice and rodents from potentially entering their homes.

Of course, you’ll still have to worry about the mice in your home after your Savannah hunts and kills them. You can always work with an actual pest company to stop mice from entering your house in the first place if you don’t want to deal with the prey that your indoor Savannah catches!

Playful Hunting

However, you can still play with your cat and buy toys that keep your Savannah’s hunting skills up to par without mice roaming through your house. With these types of toys — such as fake mice — your Savannah will have fun “hunting” their prey!  

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats are excellent hunters who get many hunting traits from their serval parent or ancestor. So, when it comes to mice in your house, they will definitely hunt and kill any mice they see. This means you should also not have any other small pets around your Savannah cat, such as mice, rats or birds.