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Do Savannah Cats Like To Be Walked?

Every cat is unique. Savannah cats, which are half wild serval and half domesticated cat, are definitelyunique in their own way. In fact, many owners often express how Savannahs have dog-like personalities, leaving many owners to wonder if Savannahs like to be walked.

Savannah cats do like to be walked around on a leash, just as a dog would. You definitely have to train them to get used to walking on a leash. However, these adventurous cats learn fast and greatly enjoy a walk in the park.

Savannahs are incredibly curious and adventurous animals, so taking them on a safe walk with you is a great way to keep them energized and happy. As long as you patiently train them to walk on a leash, you’ll have no issues. Below, we outline the best ways to do this.

Do Savannah Cats Like to Be Walked?

Many Savannah owners and breeders have often stated that these interesting cats seem to have a lot of dog-like personality traits. Much like dogs, Savannahs are incredibly loyal and often follow their owner around the house, sticking by their side. They also enjoy playing fetch and even going for a walk around the neighborhood!

Expending Energy

Taking your Savannah cat on a leashed walk is one of the best ways to keep your cat entertained, exercised, and happy. Because of their serval parent or ancestor, Savannahs are incredibly energetic and need to let this energy out often. Going for a walk around your neighborhood or to a park is one great way to do this.

Plus, a walk also allows them to see things they might not be able to see at home. Savannahs aren’t just energetic — they’re also wonderfully curious and adventurous. They love exploring, and taking them on a leashed walk is an amazing way to allow them to explore in a safe way. Once you take your cat on one walk, don’t be surprised if it becomes a daily activity!

How To Harness And Leash Train A Savannah Cat

There are a few things to note before you take your Savannah cat on its first walk. To begin with, it’s going to take a lot of patience and time to train your Savannah to get used to wearing a harness and going on a walk. Unfortunately, most cats aren’t just ready to prance about outside, especially wearing something they’ve never worn before.

The Harness

So, it’s important to get your Savannah acclimated to their harness first and foremost. Savannahs shouldn’t wear regular collars when on walks. Instead, only put them in harnesses that you can attach a leash to. Cats have smaller necks than dogs and are much more fidgety. Harnesses are the best way to keep them from accidentally hurting themselves.

Make sure that you buy harnesses that are specifically made for Savannah cats, or other large cats. Also, it might help to buy leashes that are also specifically designed for walking cats. A regular leash might work, but special cat ones can help in case your cat gets a little fidgety during your walk.

Getting Adjusted To Their Harness

Savannah cats, like most cats, might have difficulties even wearing their harness at first. This is totally normal, especially if they’ve never worn something before. Cats are particular animals, and when they’re wearing an odd harness they’ve never seen before, sometimes they don’t quite know what to do or how to act.

Therefore, it really helps to put the harness on them a bit and get them used to it before you ever take them outside. Giving them a treat and praising them every time they wear it helps too. Start by simply introducing the harness to them first and let them sniff it. Then, slowly put it on them for minutes at a time, increasing the overall time they wear it each day.

Some owners find it better to let their cat associate that wearing the harness means going outside. If your Savannah absolutely hates their harness, this might be the trick to finally get them to get used to it. Every cat is different, so find the method that works best for your cat. But always ensure their harness is on snug!

Practicing Walking Your Savannah

Once your Savannah cat is well adjusted to their harnessit’s time to introduce them to the leash. It helps to start walking them around inside in your home before you ever take them outside. This way, when they first go outside with you, there won’t be too many new things happening at once.

Remember that while Savannahs may have a lot of dog-like personalities, they aren’t dogs. They’re cats. So, while they can be great when walking on a leash, it might not go smoothly at first. But this initial trial practice around your house may help a lot. And always give them treats to let them know they’re doing a good job!

As with the harness, some owners state that their cats do best when they associate their harness and leash with going outside. So, once you feel your Savannah is ready, start small. Take them outside in your back or front yard first, and don’t go too far. Always ensure that their harness is on correctly and their leash is safely attached to it!

Teaching Savannah Cats to Go For Walks

Once your Savannah is well adjusted to their harness and leash, it’s time to really train them on how to walk outside with you. As we said above, start small by going on small walks around your front or back yard. Increase the time you spend outside each day. Eventually, your Savannah will understand how to explore with their harness and leash — and with you right by their side.

Safety First

Once you feel like your cat has really conquered this area, try taking them somewhere else (if you want to). Many like taking their cats on walks at a park, and your Savannah may love this. However, ensure that this park is safe. It might be easiest to go during times when people and other animals aren’t around. You don’t want to overwhelm your cat.

Plus, other animals (such as dogs) may not love seeing your Savannah walking around. So, keep them safe and stick to quiet areas where it’s just the two of you (other than natural wildlife). You should also be sure to never walk them on busy roads, as cats can dart around and potentially get hurt before you even notice. You want to keep your Savannah safe at all times!

Training Your Cat On A Leash

Savannah cats aren’t dogs, but they also are slightly different from your average house cat. For example, Savannahs can jump up to eight feet. Keep this in mind when you start taking your Savannah out for walks. Always ensure that you have a good grip on the leash and that your cat’s harness is set in place!

Again, Savannahs aren’t dogs. So, you won’t necessarily be able to train them to walk on a leash as a dog would. Sometimes, they might pull you to areas they want to check out. Other times, they might be content just following you around. And then there are the times where they just want to sit and survey the new area they’re in.

Every cat is different, so every Savannah will be different in how they act outside. The more you take them on walks, the more comfortable they’ll be exploring with you. And, if you have more than one Savannah in your household, group walks are a great way to get them to bond together and grow closer! 

Never Let Them Wander Outside

However tempting it may be to let your Savannah have some roaming freedom, it’s highly advised that you do not let your Savannah go outside without a leash. Savannahs are half wild serval and half domesticated cat. There are a slew of problems that could arise from them going outside by themselves, including them potentially getting lost. Therefore, never let them wander outside alone!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats can be walked on leashes, just like dogs, and actually greatly enjoy going for walks! But, while they do have many dog-like personality traits, they aren’t dogs. So, ensure that you’re giving your Savannah enough time to grow accustomed to their harness and leash. A great way to do this is by introducing them to these items while still inside over a period of days.

Once your Savannah is well adjusted to their harness and leash, start taking them on short walks around your property, be it your front or back yard. Steadily increase the time you spend outside and then feel free to take them someplace new once they get a good handle over walking around. Trust us, your Savannah will love exploring new places with you by their side!