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Do Savannah Cats Like To Cuddle?

Savannah cats are incredibly interesting pets. Because of their hybrid status — their parents or ancestors are a mix of wild serval and domesticated cat — they can have different traits from your average house cat. For this reason, many owners wonder if their Savannah cat likes to cuddle.

Savannah cats aren’t necessarily considered lap cats, but they will often cuddle up next to their owner to sleep. However, they don’t like to be restrained and often won’t sit on their owner’s lap during the day, instead preferring to play. Of course, every Savannah is different.

You may have a Savannah cat who loves to cuddle, or you might not. The breed, as a whole, isn’t known to be very cuddly, but that doesn’t mean your cat won’t be. Below, we will go through some basic facts about Savannah cats, and their cuddling behavior.

Basic Facts About The Savannah Cat

Because of their hybrid nature, Savannah cats have many traits that are similar to both wild servals and domesticated cats. They’re completely unique, which is why people love to have them as pets. Because of their wild side, Savannahs are considered to be incredibly energetic, adventurous, and curious cats. They have quite a lot of energy and many compare them to having a toddler running around!

It’s important to understand what generation Savannah you have, as that will help you understand more about their potential personality traits, as well as if they’re more likely to cuddle with you or not. As a whole, regardless of the generation, Savannahs aren’t known to be lap cats. But every now and then, they might sit still and let you cuddle with them!

F1 and F2 generation Savannahs are closer to their wild serval parent and therefore are less likely to sit still and let you cuddle with them. They’re less socially open than the later generations. However, they still love to be pet and will probably cuddle up close to you for the night when they sleep.

Understanding Your Savannah’s Generation

As F1s and F2s are closer to their wild serval side, any later generation tends to have fewer wild serval traits. So, if you’re going to have a cuddly Savannah, it’ll probably be an F3, F4, or an even later generation. However, as we mentioned above, every Savannah is unique and has their own personality.

Therefore, you could potentially have an F1 Savannah cat who loves to cuddle. It happens! However, if you’re thinking of adopting a Savannah, you must consider the high chance that you’re not going to have a cuddler. You’re going to have a very energetic cat who makes you feel like you have a toddler. Every owner should be ready for this.

Understanding your Savannah’s generation also comes in handy when considering how to care for them. As we mentioned, F1 and F2 cats are generally considered to be less socially friendly than later generations. This doesn’t mean that they’ll hate new animals or strange people, as Savannahs as a whole are quite friendly. But it does mean that you should be aware of these potential factors.

Savannah Cat Personality And Cuddling Traits

Every Savannah cat is unique and has their own personality, just like every regular domesticated cat. As a whole, however, the breed is considered to be very playful, curious, loyal, and friendly. Their attentive loyalty has made many Savannah owners quip that a Savannah has many dog-like personality traits, and this is quite true!

Dog-Like Cats

Savannahs, much like dogs, will often greet their owners at the front door, ready with a meow as a hello and a fluff of the base of their tail. Savannah cats can also be taught to walk outside on a leash and explore with their owner. Plus, they can even be taught how to play fetch with a ball!

Because of this loyal nature, it also means that many Savannahs will follow their owner around the house and stay by their side. First-generation Savannahs are definitely considered to be more of a loner than the later generations, but even F1s and F2s will be by their owner’s side, ever the loyal pet.

Savannah Cats And Affection

While Savannah cats aren’t known to be lap cats, they do still love to be pet and Savannahs will show affection towards you as well. In a way, their dog-like loyalty is a way that they show they love you. After all, they definitely wouldn’t be following you around the house and being by your side if they didn’t like or trust you.

All Savannahs enjoy being pet and will actively seek this affection when they want it. Sometimes, this may even signal that you’ll have a little cuddling session. However, don’t be surprised if they only cuddle with you for a few minutes. Savannahs are very energetic and love to play, and would always much rather be running around than sitting still.

Savannahs, like other cats, really don’t like being restrained. Sometimes, to them, cuddling might seem like a form of restraint. Therefore, picking up your Savannah and carrying them around may not be their cup of tea. The same goes for sitting in your lap for hours on end.

Savannahs And Nighttime

Once your Savannah is tired and ready for bed, this may be the only chance you get to really cuddle with them. Savannahs, regardless of their generation, have been known to curl up beside their owner and snuggle with them when it’s time for bed and they’re ready to sleep. They might not be a lap cat, but like a cuddle when it’s time for bed!

Of course, every cat is different. Your Savannah may not like cuddling at all. It’s also important to note that your Savannah will probably only be ready for bed — and ready to cuddle — if they’ve gotten all their energy out for the day. If they’re still hyper and ready to play, they might not cuddle with you.

Just like with any cat, they might want to play around or go exploring at the odd hours of the night. However, if your cat has been well exercised both mentally and physically throughout the day, they’ll be more inclined to snuggle up next to you when you’re ready to crash for the night.

Savannah Cats And Other Pets

If a Savannah cat won’t cuddle with their owner, will they cuddle with another Savannah? Or a regular cat? What about a dog?

Really, it just depends on your individual pet. The closer your Savannah feels towards the other pet, the more likely they may cuddle. Often, you’ll see two Savannahs from the same litter feel very close and connected with each other. But you might also see your Savannah cuddle with your dog if they have a strong bond with each other.

Savannahs don’t show their love through cuddling as other pets do. Instead, you’ll see their affection by the way they’re loyally by your side. The same could be said about their love for the other pets in your house. If your Savannah doesn’t mind being with your other pets all the time, you know that they love and respect each other!

What To Know Before You Get A Savannah Cat

Adopting a Savannah is a lot of work. While they may seem like such cute and cuddly creatures, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into before you bring your Savannah home. As we’ve mentioned, Savannahs are incredibly energetic and playful creatures. They need to have an owner who will take the time to play with them throughout the day.

While they aren’t considered lap cats, you might get one who is. But if you’re out to have a cat who is always looking to cuddle, adopting a Savannah isn’t the right option. But if you’re looking for a fun, energetic cat who you can play with at all hours of the day, Savannahs may be a great option for your household.

Because they are hybrids, Savannahs aren’t like your average cat. They can be a lot of work. And if they don’t get their necessary playtime in, they’ll quickly become destructive and start acting out as a way to get the attention back on them. A patient, understanding owner is definitely needed for Savannah cats!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats aren’t considered to be lap cats. But that doesn’t mean they won’t occasionally cuddle up next to their owner! Savannahs love to be pet and may sometimes cuddle for a few minutes before they’re off running to play with their favorite toy. However, you’ll most often see your Savannah cat cuddle with you when it’s bedtime and they snuggle up beside you.