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Do Savannah Cats Like To Swim?

Savannah cats are incredibly interesting pets, as they are hybrids cats — half wild serval and half domesticated. Because of this hybrid nature, many often wonder if they have any traits that make them different from your average house cat, including if they like to swim.

Savannah cats love to swim and often can be found playing in water, whether it be water from their own bowls or water from a faucet. Because they enjoy playing in water, some Savannahs even like to play around in swimming pools. This also makes bathing your Savannah cat much easier.

Because they enjoy water so much, many Savannah owners allow their cats to have ample opportunities to play around with water in various ways. Below, we will discuss Savannah cats’ relationship with water in more detail.

Savannah Cats Are Inquisitive And Adventurous

Savannah cats are very adventurous and curious cats thatlove playing around. They’re very energetic and seem to always be getting into something. In fact, so many Savannah owners and breeders have stated that Savannahs seem to have more traits related to dogs than to your average house cat! One of those traits is their love of water.

Savannahs’ love of water comes from their wild serval DNA, as wild servals do enjoy water as well. Often, servals are bred with domesticated cats who also like water, though you’ll definitely have to speak with your breeder to learn more specific information about this. Whether you have an F1 or an F4 Savannah, all generations of these cats enjoy water!

For the most part, regular house cats do not like water. If you’ve ever owned a regular cat, you probably know this (though there are always some odd ones out of the bunch that do!). Therefore, this unique trait is yet another interesting way Savannahs differ slightly from your average domesticated cat.

Savannahs And Their Dog-Like Personality

Often, people comment on how a Savannah cat has so many dog-like personality traits. And this isn’t wrong! Savannah cats are incredibly loyal pets that often follow their owners around the house. They’ll even greet their owner at the door, much like a dog would. They also love to play fetch and can even be trained to walk around the neighborhood on a leash.

They also love water! While some dogs definitely don’t like water, you’ll find more dogs that do than cats that do. So yet again, we can see why many owners and breeders joke that Savannahs are more like dogs than like cats. But always remember that, while they do have odd traits, they are still cats. And cats are particular and occasionally very fussy creatures.

Are Savannah Cats Afraid Of Water?

No, Savannahs are not afraid of water. They quite enjoy it, actually! Savannahs will interact with water in many ways, though almost all Savannahs will play in water if they have the chance. In fact, it’s not rare to find your Savannah dumping their toy in their water bowl, only to then “fish” their toy out of it again and again.

Savannahs are also attracted to any type of running water, including when it comes from your faucets. So, if you’re taking a shower or bath, don’t be surprised to see your Savannah running over to see what’s going on. In fact, some Savannah owners have stated that their Savannah, if left to their own devices, will simply join them in the shower!

This love of water is great for many reasons, but especially because it makes it much easier to bathe your cat, if needed. No longer will you have to worry about your cat clawing your eyes out when you try to bathe them. Savannahs will let you bathe them, though it helps to give them toys in the tub to play with, and therefore keep them occupied while you wash them.

Savannah Kittens And Water

As with all things, it does help to get your Savannah acquainted with water when they are still a kitten. Savannahs naturally like water, but they’ll definitely be more receptive (and less suspicious) of water when they get this initial walkthrough as a kitten. So, if you want to have hassle-free bath times, teach your cat when they’re young!

However, once your Savannah kitten realizes they like playing around in water, it might be difficult to keep them away from it. Savannah kittens, like any young pet, get into everything. Unfortunately, this can quickly become a huge issue and could even put your kitten’s life in danger.

Always keep your toilet bowels closed, as a precaution. The last thing you want is your Savannah kitten to jump or fall into the toilet in order to play with the water. This could hurt them and in some cases they could even drown in the process. Therefore, always keep any large amounts of standing water far away from your cats!

Savannah Cats Playing In Water

Every Savannah is different in their love of water. Some love it more than others. For the most part, though, almost all Savannahs greatly enjoy playing around with water to some degree. For most, this includes dumping their toys in their water bowl and then fishing them out again.

This may also mean any fish you have in an aquarium could become toys for your Savannah. Savannah cats are excellent hunters and often prey on small animals, such as birds and fish. So, it’s highly recommended that you do not have any fish in the same house as a Savannah.

Savannahs, because they love playing with small amounts of water, can also learn how to flush toilets and even open up taps. To keep your Savannah safe, it’s probably beneficial to consign them to certain areas of the house and keep your bathroom closed, especially if they’re kittens!

Do Savannah Cats Like To Swim?

Savannah cats aren’t scared of water, though some cats like it more than others. However, there are many Savannah cat owners who state that their cat loves swimming around in a pool! As long as you help your Savannah get acquainted with water at a young age, your cat will probably enjoy swimming as well.

Don’t have a pool but want your Savannah to have some fun? Try letting them hang out in a kiddie pool outside! You can fill the kiddie pool up with as much water as you or your Savannah want. Your cat will love this opportunity to swim around and play with this water. Try throwing in a few waterproof toys to really let them have fun!

Whenever your Savannah is interacting with these types of large amounts of water, it’s always important that you keep an eye on them. They are very strong and active cats. They know how to swim and enjoy it. However, it never hurts to always keep an eye on them whenever they’re swimming around!

Bathing Your Savannah Cat

Because of their love of water, Savannah cats also happen to be much easier to bathe than your regular house cat. If you don’t have a pool or enough room for a kiddie pool, filling up your bathtub is a great way to let your Savannah play around with water. This is also a great way for them to get their water fix when it’s the winter and too cold to play in the water outside.

If you ever need to bathe your Savannah, it’s important to keep them occupied before you begin washing them. Again, getting them acquainted with bath time when they’re young goes a long way to creating a hassle-free bathing experience. However, you can still teach adult Savannahs to be calm while bathing them!

Give your Savannahs a few waterproof toys to play around with in the bathtub before you start washing them and let them play around in the water for a bit. When it appears that they’re fully invested in their toy, begin washing them. It might be a little difficult, as they’re such active animals, but it’s definitely easier than washing a cat that acts like they’re dying when they touch water!

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats can differ from regular house cats in a variety of ways. Because of their love of water, some Savannahs will go out of their way to play around in it. This also means that Savannahs can swim in pools if you have one, but filling your bathtub with water is always a great alternative to outside play.