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Do Savannah Cats Meow?

Because of their hybrid status, many people often wonder in what ways Savannah cats are more like their domesticated cat side, and in what ways they’re more similar to their wild serval side. One thing many owners wonder is whether or not Savannah cats meow.

Savannah cats do meow and do not roar. They’re considered to be one of the more talkative domestic cat breeds, though some Savannahs can be relatively quiet. Savannahs are also known to purr, chirp, and hiss, just like regular house cats.

While Savannah cats do tend to “take after” their domesticated side when it comes to their meows, they also chirp and hiss like other cat breeds as well. Below, we’ll go into more detail about Savannah cats’ meows.

Do Savannah Cats Meow?

Savannah cats do meow, and sometimes they meow quite often. While there are definitely more talkative domestic cats out there, Savannahs as a breed are considered to be quite talkative. This means they’ll meow to you in greeting, when they want something, or just to hear themselves talk. They’re not known for being quiet!

Because of their hybrid nature, many people often question what types of noises Savannah cats make. After all, big cats in the wild can roar. Does this mean that Savannahs can? Wild servals cannot roar, but they can purr. For the most part, any big cat that can roar cannot purr, while any cat that can purr cannot roar. Servals, therefore, cannot roar.

As servals are the parents/ancestors of Savannahs, this also means that Savannahs cannot roar. Their voice box is structured differently from a lion’s (which can roar). This means that Savannahs tend to sound more like a domesticated cat than a wild one, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make certain odd noises to remind you of their hybrid status! 

Other Noises A Savannah Can Make

A Savannah cat, just like any other house cat, can make quite a lot of different noises, from chirping to panting, throughout the day. Meows are probably the most common noises, and the ones that are most similar to a domesticated cat. However, Savannahs can also chirp when they see something outside that they want to catch, as well as hiss when they are angry or upset and about to attack.

Their meows can also sound different from time to time, depending on why your Savannah is meowing in the first place. If your Savannah is alone and doesn’t want to be, you might hear a very drawn-out (almost yowl-like) meow from them.

Savannahs will chirp when they see something they desperately want but know they can’t get. You’ll often hear this noise when they see a bird outside that they want. Their chirping can be intermixed with meows and other odd noises, creating an interesting blend that is very unique to Savannahs. And then there’s a Savannah’s hiss, which definitely sounds like a serval’s hiss!

Why Do Savannah Cats Make So Much Noise?

For many, Savannahs are noisy cats. For owners who have had noisy cats in the past, Savannahs aren’t that bad. But Savannahs are simply talkative by nature. They enjoy communicating in this way and will continue to do so.

Now, it’s important to remember that all cats meow for a reason. With talkative cats, these reasons tend to vary. It might seem like your Savannah is trying to communicate with you every second of the day, but they’re just trying to tell you something. Often, this just might be a meow to say hello when you enter a room!

If you’re worried about the amount of noise that your Savannah cat is making, try and find out why your cat is making so much noise. Again, there tends to be a reason they are meowing so often. It might take a little bit of time to fully uncover what the issue or reason is, but it will be well worth the time spent in the end!

Why Savannah Cats Meow

All cats meow for different reasons. Commonly, a meow will be heard when you enter a room, as your Savannah will say hello in greeting. But sometimes meows could be a sign that they’re actually unhappy, hungry, or that they want something. If your Savannah consistently meows at you, there might be something wrong.

Start by checking that they have enough food and water in their bowls. Often, the case is that they’re just very hungry! Also, be sure to check their litter box and ensure that it’s clean. No cat likes a dirty litter box. If you’ve checked these and your Savannah is still meowing, they might just want to play!

Savannahs are known to be one of the most active, playful, and energetic domestic cat breeds. They need to be stimulated mentally and physically every day. If they don’t get enough playtime in for the day, they can quickly turn destructive. So, your Savannah may be meowing a lot if they really want to play! To get them to stop, all you have to do is play with them!

When To Worry About A Meow

If your cat is meowing excessively (much more than normal), then there might be something severely wrong. If a cat has hurt themselves or is sick, they’ll sometimes meow excessively to let you know that something is wrong. This meow can also turn more into a yowl to show their deep pain. This yowl isn’t to be confused with the yowl-like, drawn-out meow that cats can do when they’re alone.

If your cat has started to meowexcessively, and you can’t find any real reason why they’re doing this, they might be hurt or sick. There may be other symptoms, such as a lack of energy or appetite, that can help you understand that you should probably take your cat to a vet and ensure that nothing serious is going on.

On the other hand, there are some cats who will actually become very quiet when they’re hurt or sick. So, it’s important to always keep a close eye on your cat and understand what regular cat activity is, and when things aren’t right.

How To Deal With The Noise Of A Savannah Cat

If your Savannah cat tends to be rather talkative, there are a few things you can do to try to limit their meowing. Now, if your cat is meowing a lot, there’s probably a reason as to why they’re doing this, as we mentioned above. Try to find their problem, then solve it.

Training Your Savannah

If you go to play with your Savannah every time they whine and meow, chances are they’re going to keep doing this until you come back and play with them. While this may not seem like an issue during the day, every cat owner knows that an excessively meowing cat in the middle of the night is no fun. Just like with any other cat, you can train your cat to stop meowing at night.

The easiest way to do this is to stop going to play with your cat at night when they start meowing. While they’ll only continue making noise at first, eventually they’ll learn that you no longer come when they meow. This will help stop your Savannah cat meowing so much and eventually learn that nighttime is for sleeping. Of course, every cat is different. It may take your cat a while to understand this.

As hard as it is not go to your cat at night when they meow, this is really the only way to get them to learn that nighttime isn’t for playtime. Playing with them throughout the day to ensure that they’re exhausted once the sun sets is another great way to ensure your cat sleeps — rather than meows — through the night.

Final Thoughts

Savannah cats are quite talkative animals. Owners should always be aware of this before they even consider adopting a Savannah. While they are naturally talkative, there tends to be a reason behind your Savannah’s meowing. Uncovering and fixing your cat’s problems can help limit how much your Savannah cat is meowing.