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Do Savannah Cats Run Away?

Because Savannah cats are hybrids, it’s sometimes difficult to truly understand what these cats can and cannot do. For example, can they go outside and wander by themselves as normal outdoor cats do? And if they do get out, will your Savannah cat run away?

Savannahs can run away when let outside, never to return home, as their hunting instincts will fully kick in. Savannah cats should not be let outside, unless they are on a leash or in a designated (closed) outdoor play area.

To keep your Savannah safe from potential dangers and from running away, it’s vital that you keep them indoors. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t ever go outside! Below, we will discuss how to provide your Savannah cat with safe ways to go outside.

Reasons For And Against Letting Your Savannah Cat Outside

Many people may want to let their Savannah cat outside and allow them to wander about as they wish. After all, they’re half wild serval. Wouldn’t they enjoy doing this? Wouldn’t they love to explore and return home when they’re done having fun outside?

Natural Instincts

In reality, a Savannah cat that’s always been raised indoors could find the outside incredibly intimidating, even if they are half serval. Plus, if they are allowed outside without a leash, they could run away and never return again. They aren’t like regular house cats in this sense. Instead, their wild nature kicks in and their hunting instincts take over.

Plus, you have to consider the dangers of the outside world, such as traffic and larger animals that could cause harm to your Savannah. With that said, there are many owners who may still want to let their Savannah outside.

Reasons For Letting Your Savannah Cat Outside

Technically, Savannah cats can go outside and wander around, and many of them may thrive with this freedom. They’re very adventurous and would surely love having this opportunity. Therefore, some owners may deem it necessary to give them this freedom to roam.

However, if you decide to do this, you should always remember the potentially terrible consequences: your cat may never return again. As we discussed above, Savannahs are very adventurous and love to hunt. These wild instincts may prevent them from finding their way back home to you.

Plus, other residents in your area may not understand that your cat is a hybrid. F1s and F2s especially truly do look wild, so your Savannah could be put in a dangerous situation if others think that they have a wild cat in their yard. If you have a later generation, such as an F3, F4, or even later, you may not have these issues, but it’s still a possibility.

Reasons Against Letting Your Cat Outside

As we mentioned above, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t let your cat outside. First of all, it’s dangerous for them. They could be injured by traffic, other (larger) animals, or even your neighbors if they aren’t aware that your cat isn’t wild. Plus, you always have to worry that your cat may not find their way back home as their hunting instincts and adventurous nature kicks in.

Therefore, there are many things to consider. There are many dangers that await your cat outside in the real world. If your Savannah was kept an indoor cat throughout their upbringing and for most of their early life, they may not like going out by themselves and wandering around, especially if they can’t find their way back to you, as they will roam quite far if they are able to.

Regardless of what stance you take, it’s vital that you have your Savannah microchipped. Even if you don’t want them wandering outside, they could still potentially get loose. Having them microchipped is a great way to always ensure that you know where your Savannah is at all times.

Things To Consider Before Letting Your Savannah Outside

Before you ever let your Savannah outside — whether freely or on a leash — always know what you’re getting yourself into. First of all, if they escape or are left to wander about independently, they could end up not being able to find their way back home. Plus, there are all the dangers we talked about above.

Therefore, many Savannah owners and breeders recommend that you do not allow your Savannah to be an outdoor cat, especially F1s and F2s. First generations potentially have the most dangerous consequences if they are let outside, mainly because they have more “wild” instincts than the later generations. Plus, they look like a wild animal — and that can work against them too.

Always remember that Savannah cats are hybrids. They aren’t your average housecat, and therefore they cannot do everything that a regular cat can do. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the good old outdoors! With proper training and understanding, you can help let your Savannah cat explore the outdoors with you.

An Indoor Savannah Cat

You don’t always have to let your Savannah cat outside, whether you have them on a leash or not. Sometimes, depending on your situation and where you live, taking your Savannah on a walk all the time may be more stressful for them (because of traffic and other noises) than if they just stayed indoors.

Because of this, it’s important to ensure that they’re living a fun, playful, healthy life indoors. And there’s nothing wrong with this! Keep your Savannah happy inside by giving them a lot of different types of toys to play with, a cat tree and other obstacles to climb on all the time, and plenty of space.

Interacting with your Savannah and playing with them often will help keep them entertained. And then, when things are less stressful for them outside or as they become more acclimated to walking on a leash, you can give them some fresh air from time to time!

Safe Ways To Let Your Savannah Cat Outside

If you really want to let your Savannah cat enjoy the outdoors, there are a few ways to make this happen. As we mentioned above, Savannahs can actually be trained to walk on a leash. They don’t call them dog-like cats for nothing! Start training them when they are young, as they’ll be more receptive to it than when they’re older.

Patience Is Key

It might take a while to truly get your Savannah used to wearing a harness and walking on a leash, but be patient. They’ll get there eventually. And once you’ve trained your cat on a leash, you can take them on walks and adventures with you and allow them to explore the outdoors in a safe way!

However, this can also bring about some worries. To ensure that your cat can’t get loose, always use a harness when walking them and make sure that it’s on properly. Again, it also neverhurts to microchip them and ensure that you know where they are if they do somehow escape and run away.

Create An Outdoor Enclosure

Many Savannah owners have found great benefits in creating an outdoor enclosure for their cats to play around in. This gives the cats a great way to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun while still keeping them safe from all the dangers that the outside world offers. These enclosures can vary in size and shape, so you don’t necessarily need a huge backyard to build one.

For example, while some build a whole playroom for their Savannahs, other owners have limited space. Therefore, many putmesh or nettingaround their porches or patios. This can give your Savannah the opportunity to be outside with you when you’re outside on your patio or in your garden, while still keeping them safe.

You can either make this enclosure yourself or buy a readymade one. Really, it just depends on what you’re looking for. If you do decide to invest in an enclosure, always ensure that your Savannah has a shaded area to rest if they don’t want to be in the sun! And, above all else, always make sure that they don’t have a way to potentially escape and run away.

Final Thoughts

While you may want to give your Savannah cat the freedom to wander outside by themselves, it’s highly recommended that youdon’t. Savannahs can run away and never return, simply because their hunting instincts and adventurous personality take over. Plus, there are many dangers in the outside world that your Savannah cannot deal with on their own.

Therefore, to keep them safe but also allow them to enjoy the outdoors, try taking your Savannah on a walk by training them with a harness and leash. You can also invest in building an outdoor enclosed area for them. Always remember to have them microchipped, whether they’re indoor or outdoor cats, so you can find them if they do get out.