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How Do Savannah Cats Show Affection?

As Savannah cats are hybrids of domesticated house cats and wild servals, they sometimes act slightly different from your average cat. They’re very friendly, playful, and energetic, which sometimes means they don’t make the best lap cats. But do they cuddle and show affection the way other cats do?

Savannah cats actually do enjoy showing affection towards those that they love and cuddling with their owners. They aren’t known for being lap cats, as they’re hyper and energetic, but they do love to be petted and can even cuddle at night when they’re tired.

Savannahs are active cats, so they need to be entertained throughout the day. But at the end of a long day, don’t be surprised if they’re willing to cuddle with you for the night. Below, we will discuss the ways that Savannah cats show affection in more detail.

Savannah Cats Do Get Bored And Lonely

Savannahs are incredibly friendly, playful, energetic animals that need to be exerting energy all the time. Because they are such active pets, they don’t necessarily calm down with age. When you have a Savannah, you have an energetic pet for life!

Healthy And Happy

But this isn’t a bad thing! You just need to ensure that you’re taking the time to play with your cat and keep them entertained and happy. If your Savannah isn’t getting the level of activity they need, they won’t be a happy camper. And when they aren’t happy, their health can decline as a result.

So, one of the most important ways to show affection to your cat is to ensure that they have enough toys and enough playtime throughout the day. Then, at the end of the day or when they’re tired, they are much more inclined to sleep soundly, and will possibly even cuddle with you!

Games To Play With Your Savannah

To keep your Savannah happy and playful, play games with them throughout the day. Interactive and robotic toys are great ways to help your Savannah exert energy, and they love playing with all sorts of toys. However, just like any playful cat, Savannahs can get bored if they have the same toy to play with over and over again. So,be sure to mix it up with different toys!

Savannahs can also be trained to playfetch, which is a great way for them to exert energy and have fun! If you work during the day and want to ensure your cat is still playing and exerting energy, have a slew of different robotic or interactive toys they can play with while you’re gone. Giving them a dog Kong ball and filling it with treats can also keep them engaged until you come home!

How Savannah Cats Show Affection Through Action

Generational Differences

Savannahs are very friendly and can become very attached to their owners. Their level of attachment does depend a bit on what generation they are. While F3s and F4s can grow attached to multiple people in your family, F1s and F2s tend to only become attached to one person.

While Savannahs do tend to be very friendly with humans, dogs, and cats, it’s best to get them accustomed to strangers when they are kittens. Because they form such deep attachments to their owners, they can be very wary and territorial to strangers in their home as a result. But as long as you let them engage with others when they are kittens, they should be fine!

Savannah cats can show affection to those that they love through a variety of different actions and sounds. They love to be petted and played with, so these are sure ways to win over your Savannah’s heart! Often, Savannahs will even show affection by headbutting you or even by licking you, something that other cats can do, too!

Savannahs Are Loyal Cats

Another way Savannahs show their affection towards their owners is through their loyal actions. A lot of Savannah owners have quipped that Savannahs are like dogs for multiple reasons. The way they follow their owners around the house and are always by their side and in the same room is one way this dog-like loyalty shows.

They also love to play with their owners and some owners have even taught them how to play by chasing them around the house. This is a great way to both play with your Savannah and also see the affection and loyalty they have for you. As all cat owners know, cats won’t engage with you in this trusting way if they don’t love you. If they didn’t love you, they’d want nothing to do with you.

Savannahs can also show their loyalty and affection when you get home from an errand or a long day at work. Don’t be surprised if you find them waiting at the door for you as a dog would. They’re just happy to see you home! They may even meow in a form of friendly greeting once you walk through the front door. These loyal actions are another way Savannahs quietly show affection to their owners.

Will Savannahs Never Become Lap Cats?

One thing that Savannahs tend to not be is a lap cat. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll never cuddle with you! Often, after a long day of playing as you both get ready for the night, Savannahs will curl up in bed with you. Some even prefer getting under the covers and cuddling!

As for whether or not they’ll ever be a lazy lap cat, this definitely depends on each individual Savannah. For the most part, Savannahs shy away from being lap cats, as they’re very energetic and prefer to be up and about during the day. But some Savannah owners have stated that their cats have, with time, started to enjoy the lap cat life.

However, you should never push a Savannah — or any cat — to try to be a lap cat. If they don’t want to do it, they won’t. And if you try to push any type of cat in any direction, they’ll just refuse you even more and will grow annoyed and even angry with you. Respect their boundaries and they may slowly decide to cuddle with you more!

How Savannah Cats Show Affection Through Sounds

Savannahs show their affection in their own ways — and this includes through the sounds they make. Savannah cats have been known to be quite vocal pets and have a range of different sounds they elicit. Their meows tend to be friendly greetings, and this is your cat’s way to talk to you.

Different Meows

Some meows can be full of worry and anxiety, whereas others are signals that they are happy and content with their life. The more you get to know your Savannah, the more you’ll be able to understand the differences between their meows and what they mean. However, Savannahs can meow to you as a sign of their affection!

As we mentioned above, Savannahs often greet their owners at the door when they come home from work. While doing this, they’ll also meow in greeting as a way to say hello! In this little (adorable) way, they’re letting you know they love you and that they’re happy you’re home and back with them. Sometimes, you might even see them fluff the base of their tail in a friendly greeting!

Savannah Cats Do Purr

Because they are hybrid cats, many people often wonder what Savannah cats have in common with regular housecats. Savannah cats, like regular cats, do purr when they are happy and content — and so do wild servals! When you hear your Savannah purr, you can be assured that they’re happy with their current situation.

This purring is yet another way Savannahs can showaffection through sound. After all, if they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t be purring around you, would they? While all cats can purr for different reasons (such as when they want something or they’re feeling hungry), most times you’ll hear a cat purr when they’re happy.

They’re letting you know that they’re happy with their life, while also trusting you and showing you affection. Often, you’ll probably hear your Savannah cat purr when you’re petting them, something they love! Trust is huge for all cats, including Savannahs. Once you gain a Savannah’s trust, they’ll follow you around the house and purr all the time. And, of course, they’ll love you!

Final Thoughts

Savannahs may not be known for being lap cats because of their playful and energeticpersonality, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a cuddle session with their owner! Savannahs often greet their owners at the door after work with a friendly meow. With these sounds and actions, they’re just trying to show their affection and let you know they love you.