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How to Feed a Savannah Cat

Before bringing home your new Savannah cat or kitten it is important to do your research on proper care. A major part of becoming a hybrid cat owner is to learn about their nutritional needs. It is thus important to know how to feed your Savannah cat.

Feeding a Savannah cat, a full raw meat diet is best, but many Savannah caretakers will feed a variety of raw meat, canned wet food, and sometimes dry food. Additionally, the introduction of vitamins and supplements will ensure your Savannah gets all of its nutritional needs.

In this article we will discuss the many different ways that you can feed your Savannah cat. This will include what to feed your Savannah at all stages of their life as their dietary needs will change as they grow older.

Feeding Your Savannah Kitten

If you are bringing home a Savannah kitten, they are going to have different nutritional needs to an adult. By now your kitten has been weaned off of its mother’s milk and has moved onto a solid diet. Most breeders as well as owners will advocate for your Savanna kitten to begin to eat raw meat. It is also acceptable to substitute in some high quality canned wet food or home-cooked meats.

Small Changes

If you are doing research on what to feed your Savannah kitten you will also find that some breeder’s will encourage slowly adding in dry foods. This usually happens when the kittens are at least four months of age. Although this seems like common practice, if you consult a feline nutritionist they will almost always advocate for a wet or raw diet.

While dry food diets can be tempting for saving both time and money, ultimately your Savannah cat will benefit from a more natural diet. Cats in the wild consume their prey which also contains almost all of their water and fiber intake along with their nutritional needs. Dry foods can lead to insufficient water intake, too much fiber, and high levels of carbohydrates.

The Right Stuff

With that in mind, the slow addition of a high-quality dry food into a mainly wet diet will not hurt your Savannah’s health. Just ensure that the food you purchase has the proper ingredients without a bunch of fillers. You want to stick to dry food where the top five ingredients are some type of meat such as chicken, duck, fish, or beef.

Stay away from ingredients listed as “meal” or “by-product”, potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, or high amounts of rice or wheat. Too much of any of these ingredients can cause health issuesfor your Savannah, as they are not a part of a cat’s natural diet. For kittens this is important as their bodies are particularly sensitive. Do not attempt dry food too soon and begin by adding small amounts.   

Good Protein Sources

Regardless of whether or not you decide to add in dry or eventually switch to only dry food, your Savannah kitten will still need to start with raw meat which is typically chicken. This is what you will read on most breeder’s websites, usually raw ground chicken blended with added supplements. The added supplements will ensure that the kittens are getting their full dose of vitamins and minerals.  

Eventually, as your kitten grows you can begin to add in other raw meatsand eventually bone once their teeth have developed. You also have the option of cooking your protein of choice. If you go that route, consider cooking the meat in a bit of water and keeping the broth. The broth will serve as added hydration.

Once your kitten has reached 10-12 months of age you can begin to transition into an adult diet.

How Much And What To Feed Your Savannah Cat

Various Factors To Consider

How much you feed your Savannah will depend on a few factors including theirsize and the type of diet they are consuming. Depending on what breeder you ask you may receive a different answer as to what you should feed your Savannah. Typically, most will agree a meat-based diet,with raw meatbeing the best. Your cat is an obligate carnivore and was meant to eat a meat-based diet.  

However, it is also understandable that not everyone will be able to have the time and the knowledge to stick to an exclusively raw diet. Selecting a high-quality wet foodis the next best thing. Canned wet food can be highly nutritious for your Savannah if selected properly. Be sure to select a food with real meat ingredients and stay away from the others listed above.

Check The Ingredients

Additionally, if you want to go the route of a dry food diet, ensure that you select those without a lot of fillers and unnecessary carbohydrates. Avoid foods that have potatoes, peas, rice, corn, or wheat listed in the top ingredients if at all. These can cause health issues in large amounts which can cost your cats years of their life.

If you do choose to add dry food, try to also incorporate some canned wet food throughout the week as well. This will benefit the overall health of your Savannah and still be more convenient than switching to full raw.

Feeding Your Savannah Cat Raw Meat

Ask A Professional

If you do decide to feed your Savannah raw meat, be sure to consult your vet and a nutritionist. Additionally, you will want to do plenty of your own research on raw diets and recipes with added supplements. Savannah cats need a special blend of protein, water, vitamins, and minerals.

As an adult you can feed your Savannah whole dead “prey” such as chicken thighs or legs throughout the day. Still closely related to their Serval relatives, they also share their eating patterns which can include several small meals a day. Although this isn’t totally necessary, it is a good place to start.

Several Small Meals

Feeding a few portionsper day with the bone intact will act as an enrichment process for your Savannah as well as providing calcium. That, along with a blended meat protein (chicken, fish, duck, etc.) with some added supplements, will ensure a healthy well-balanced diet for your cat. You may also wish to give them a cranberry supplement.

A compound in cranberries helps cleanse your Savannah’s urinary system and kidneys. This can help prevent later urinary infections and blockages, especially in male cats. Finally, you can add an additional source of calcium using bone meal in their blended food. The meal is dried animal bone that is then ground down while still fresh.

Keep It Natural

A well-rounded raw diet can help promote your cat’s overall health both physically and mentally. The ability to eat raw meat and chew on bone is an enrichment tactic. It will ensure that your Savannah lives a natural lifestyle loyal to their wild origins. A natural diet combined with daily interaction makes for a mentally healthy feline.       

Other Options For Feeding Your Savannah

Check Online

Making use of all your resources is always going to be your best bet. Make sure you consult your vet, breeder, and online sources. When researching raw diets, it is useful to research recipes that will help guide you through the raw food process. Including how much to feed your Savannah according to their weight and age.

There is also the option of purchasing prepacked raw foods. There are now companies that specialize in creating nutritious raw foods blends, which are then vacuum sealed and frozen to maintain freshness. You can then thaw individual portions measured based on your Savannah’s weight. You can find these foods at your local holistic pet store or search via the online market.

Choosing Supplements

Supplements can also be bought at your local holistic store or online. However, you want to make absolutely sure that it isformulated for cats. Human supplements come in very different dosages and can affect your Savannah negatively if you give them the wrong ones. If you search for “feline multivitamin” you will find a great selection of cat friendly blends. 

Final Thoughts

While the best diet you can feed your Savannah cat is a raw meat diet, there are other ways to go about it. Consulting your vet and other resources will provide you with the right way to feed your Savannah cat canned and prepacked food, as well as dry food and supplements. Feeding your Savannah cat the right diet is the best way to ensure their mental and physical health.