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What Do Savannah Cats Like to Play With?

Savannah cats are playful and adventurous animals that love to play with both humans and other pets. Because of their hybrid status, many first-time owners question what type of toys are best for Savannahs to play with.

Savannah cats enjoy playing with interactive toys that help them enhance their hunting skills, as well as their other basic senses. For example, robotic mouse toys, laser pointers, and even large dog balls are favorites of Savannahs. However, nothing beatsplaytime with a dog or another cat!

Savannah cats can play with regular cat toys that an average domesticated cat would, with a few exceptions. We detail exactly what your Savannah cat will love to play with below, and the best ways for you to provide an entertaining environment for your Savannah.

What Do Savannah Cats Play With?

Because Savannah cats are hybrids — half serval, half domesticated cat — they do differ from an average housecat in small ways. They are slightly bigger and have a little bit more strength than your average cat, and many Savannah owners have confirmed that their Savannahs destroy toys very quickly.

Avoid Small Toys

Unfortunately, Savannah cats do destroy toys, almost like a dog does. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you steer clear of any small toy that has glitter, feathers, or other materials attached to it that may easily fall off. The last thing you want is for your cat to accidentally ingest it!

Luckily, there are a lot of great cat toys to find online or in stores that your Savannah cat will love to play with. Just remember to find ones that are sturdy and free of hazards. And, if all else fails, some dog toys can do the trick, too!

Interactive Toys

Savannah cats are very playful and energetic — and they love to play with toys. Interactive toys are some of the best for Savannahs. Interactive toys are basically any toy that helps enhance your cat’s hunting skills or forces them to use their other basic senses (sight, touch, etc). These types of interactive toys are often controlled by a human.

Therefore, interactive toys are a great way for you and your Savannah cat tobond. They love to play, and the more you play with them, the more they’ll become relaxed and happy in your presence! In fact, many breeders encourage you to play with your Savannah sooner rather than later, as this is a great bonding moment between new owners and Savannah kittens.

Some Examples

Examples of interactive toys include wand cat toys, laser toys, and even small cat balls that they can chase around. All cats need to be entertained with toys, but all cats also grow bored if they have the same toys day after day. Savannah cats are no different. So, to keep your Savannah cat happy, always have a slew of different interactive toys for them to play with!

Robotic Toys

Robotic toys are, as the title suggests, toys that move on their own. Therefore, humans don’t necessarily need to engage with them as much (especially compared to the common interactive toys that we discussed above). The most common types of robotic toys include robotic mice that move on their own, a laser pointer machine that is motion-sensitive, and other types of remote-control toys.

Robotic toys are great for Savannahs, as it really helps them engage and bring their hunting side out. Savannah cats are excellent hunters, so letting them play with robotic mice is a perfect way to help them exert some energy, mimicking how Savannahs would hunt mice in the wild. These types of toys are simply great for your Savannah to play with throughout the day, especially if you have things to do and are looking to keep them occupied.

There are other robotic toys, some that are controlled by a remote control. Similar to the mice toys, these help encourage your Savannah to hunt, as well as engage all their other senses. Savannahs are energetic and playful, so having a mix of interactive and robotic toys can really help keep them happy!

Other Pets

While cat toys can really help you bond with your cat — or help keep your cat busy when you have things to do — the best way to ensure your playful Savannah has a fun time is to encourage them to play with other pets. If you have a dog or cat in your house, it’s highly recommended that you help your Savannah engage and play with them.

Chances are, once your Savannah gets used to living with these other animals, they’ll play with them pretty easily. They’re incredibly friendly and playful pets who are always looking for a friend to play with! Having another cat (whether it’s another Savannah or just a regular housecat) or even a dog can be very beneficial for Savannahs.

You Can Play Too

Savannahs love interacting and playing with other pets, and they can get the best playtime out of these experiences. If you don’t have any other pets in your house, that’s okay! Just ensure that you are playing with your Savannah enough throughout the day to keep them energized and happy.

Great Toys To Get For Your Savannah Cat

Cat toys aren’t the only types of toys that your Savannah cat can have fun with. As we mentioned above, some Savannah owners have found that their cat loves playing with dog toys. Because Savannahs can be a little destructive with cat toys, many have converted to buying sturdier dog toys for their cat instead.

Dog-Like Cats

For the most part, indestructible dog balls (such as Kong balls) and even regular dog chew toys are great for Savannahs to play with. You might have heard that Savannahs have a dog-like personality. And when it comes to their playtime, they also seem a bit like a dog!

Indestructible dog toys are great for your Savannahs to chew on, and some of them (such as Kong ones) can be stuffed withtreats to keep your cat engaged for a while. Dog chew toys are also great for Savannahs, especially sturdy ones that will take a while to fall apart. Again, always look for sturdy toys that will be hard for your cat to destroy quickly!

Games You Can Play With Your Savannah Cat

There are many games you can play with your cat. All Savannahs are different, so it might feel a little difficult to find a game that they really respond to. However, as most Savannahs are very playful and energetic, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem playing aroundwith them.


Interactive and robotic toy games are the best. But they’re not the only ones you can play! Savannah cats are quite dog-like in certain respects, and the way they play around really brings this out. For example, they loveto play fetch, just like a dog.

To play fetch with your Savannah, all you have to do is simply throw a ball across the room and watch them chase after it. You’ll have to train them to bring the ball back to you. Once they realize that you’ll always throw the ball for them, they’ll start bringing it to you when they want to play!

Water-Based Games

Another odd thing about Savannah cats is that theylove water. Yep, pretty weird for a cat, huh? They definitely get this love of water from their serval parents or ancestors, and you might notice your cat actively dumping their toys in water (like their water bowl), only for them to then “fish” them out.

Savannahs will seek out playing with water, so it’s important to keep your toilet seats closed and an eye on your cat. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find some way to play water-based games with them. While some Savannah cats will enjoy swimming in a pool, it might be best to keep these games small until you really understand what your specific Savannah responds to.

Putting their toys in a bowl of water and letting them fish them out can be a fun game to play. You might even make a game out of giving them abath, as many Savannahs will thoroughly enjoy getting to play around in a shallow bathtub! Find out how much your Savannah loves water, and then go from there in creating water-based games to entertain your playful cat.

Final Thoughts

Savannahs have long been known to be one of the most playful and adventurous breeds. Throw in their excellent hunting skills and you have one very energetic and curious cat. Because of these personality traits, and because of their serval side, it’s vital that you keep your Savannah entertained through a variety of interactive and robotic toys.

However, you can also help your Savannah play around with other pets (both dogs and household cats), or give them a little water to splash around in. Indestructible dog toys can also be very beneficial for Savannah cats. At the end of the day, playing with your Savannah cat in a variety of different ways can easily help keep your cat happy and healthy.