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When Is A Savannah Cat Full Grown?

Savannah cats are definitely different from your average house cat, thanks to their wild serval parent or ancestor. As hybrids, Savannahs are similar to both domesticated cats and wild servals. This leaves owners wondering when their Savannah cat will be fully grown.

Savannahs cats are full-grown when they are about three years old. Once they hit three years, they are finally mature and the size that they will be as an adult cat. Other aspects of their appearance, such as their coat and their eyes, can also change during this three-year time frame.

Savannahs, in this regard, do differ from your average house cat. They are quite big animals, but they won’t actually get to their “full” size until they’re at least three years old. Below, we’ll discuss more about fully grown Savannahs and what happens when they’re fully mature.

When Are Savannah Cats Full Grown?

Because Savannah cats are hybrid pets — with both wild serval and domesticated cat genes — they can differ from your average house cat in many ways. You can see this in their personality and their larger size, and you can also see this in the time it takes for a Savannah cat to truly mature and stop growing.

A Savannah cat reaches their full adult size and maturation when they are about three years old. This is much longer than a domesticated cat, which stops growing once they’re about a year old. However, Savannahs are sometimes twice as big as regular house cats, so they have some more growing to do!

By the time a Savannah hits this three-year mark, they’ll stop growing and stay that size for the rest of their adult life. Sometimes, Savannahs may grow quickly and not seem much bigger when they’re three years old versus when they were two. Every Savannah grows at their own rate, so this can happen! However, once they’re three years old, they’ll usually stop growing.

A Savannah’s Growing Phase

It’s necessary to note that your Savannah will gradually grow over these three years of their life, but they will have huge growth spurts when they are younger (around the one-year mark). For the most part, a lot of their growth will happen in a one-and-a-half-year span, though it by no means indicates that your Savannah will stay this size forever.

Not until your Savannah is three years old can you be assured that your Savannah has finally matured and will stop growing. However, the early growing stages will see larger growth spurts from your cat, while you might just see gradual increases when they are two or three years old. There usually won’t be another big growth spurt when they’re almost three years old.

Every Savannah is different, so every cat has their own growing process and rate. Some cats just take longer to reach their full height than others.

What To Know About This Maturing Phase

It’s also important to note that this maturing phase, when your Savannah is fully mature at three years old, has nothing to do with your Savannah’s personality. It’s only really associated with how tall and heavy your Savannah is going to be. Personality-wise, your Savannah will have a clear and unique one much earlier on.

Obviously, all cats change over the years. Some mellow out when they get older. Some even get crazier! When it comes to your Savannah, you’ll know what your cat’s personality is from the minute you take them home. So, this three-year mark has nothing to do with their personality maturing in any way.

Savannahs are also incredibly smart. Don’t be worried that this maturing process has anything to do with your ability to train them in any way. You can start training your kitten the minute you bring them home if you want! Just remember your Savannah won’t stop physically growing until they are three years old.

Why Does This Matter?

When a Savannah cat stops growing is important for a variety of reasons. All owners should be aware that their cat will have a much longer growing timeframe than average kittens. Therefore, they’re not surprised when it seems like their Savannahs just won’t stop growing! Savannahs can get pretty big, so it’s also important to understand that they won’t stay small forever.

Plus, as an owner, you don’t want to grow worried that your cat is overeating or worry about their health when they’re just growing. Properly understanding that your Savannah will continue to grow in size until they’re three years old can save a lot of stress down the road.

It helps to be patient. Obviously, many people adopt Savannah cats because they want a big, energetic cat in their house. But it takes a bit of time for your Savannah to truly reach the size of adult Savannahs — so be patient! Their features will change, as will their size, but once they hit three years old, they will be fully mature and stop growing completely.

Understanding A Savannah’s Size

It’s also vital for Savannah owners to truly grasp just how big their cat is going to get. While your Savannah may already seem pretty big by the time you adopt them, they’re only going to get bigger. On average, Savannahs weigh anywhere from 12-25 pounds, but having a cat over 20 pounds tends to be rare. A 20-pound cat is still a very big cat!

In terms of height, Savannahs can grow to be about 18 inches tall if they are an earlier generation, such as an F1 or F2 Savannah. Earlier generation cats are those that are closer to their wild serval heritage. For example, an F1 Savannah has a serval cat as their parent, whereas all other generations only have a wild serval as their grandparent or earlier ancestor.

Generation is key to understanding just how big your Savannah will get. Early generations are always bigger, whereas later ones are closer in size to domesticated cats. However, even F3 Savannahs are bigger than regular house cats. Knowing that your Savannah, regardless of their generation, will become a big cat is essential for all Savannah owners to understand.

Other Things To Know About Savannah Cats

Savannah cats, much like other domesticated cats, look very different when they’re an adult, compared to when they were a kitten. For one, their fur will completely change (both patterns and overall color can differ as your Savannah continues to grow) and won’t stop changing until a Savannah is older than about 10 weeks old. This is just another part of their growing process.

A Savannah’s eyes can also change color and will almost certainly be a different color when they’re an adult versus when they were a kitten. For the most part, this eye color change will happen when a Savannah is between three and six months old.

Very often, Savannahs are adopted during these growth spurts, which may result in you bringing your Savannah home when they’re still in their awkward growing phase. This is okay! Just be patient and in a few weeks or months, your Savannah’s fur and eye color will soon be what they will be for the rest of their adult life!

Coat Growth

A Savannah’s fur or coat will change in different ways when they are less than a year old, and a lot of these major changes are directly tied to physical growth spurts that they are also going through. A Savannah kitten’s fur is very different when it is born compared to what it will be after a few weeks, and even more so compared to what it will look like when the cat is eight weeks old.

Savannahs go through different phases of coat and fur changes. When a Savannah is about 10 weeks old, they go through another huge growth spurt, and their coat will change yet again. During this phase, it can seem like their coat loses its vibrancy and color.

However, once this growth spurt is over, their coat fills back out again and returns back to its original vibrancy, though some of the colors may have changed (slightly) in the process. Earlier Savannah generations (such as F1 and F2s) usually exhibit a more noticeable change, but all generations have their own version.

Final Thoughts

Domesticated cats only take about 12 months to become an adult cat (and therefore stop growing in size), while Savannah cats usually take about 3 years. Every cat has their own aging process, just like every cat differs in their overall height and weight. However, understanding that it takes a Savannah three years to fully mature is essential for any Savannah owner.